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What I dont like is our people here n on steem saying their ship went down that bitshares n steem is we really need it? I really dont rhink so, this just make people that lost some money a lit more angry....if we could support the guys with bitshares expertise would be a much better aproach, if dan could advise them in some way would be good, they need to respect bitshares as a benchmark....not like dash monero haters gona hate

100% agreed.  But damn man...come on, that tank post is hilarious enough to almost be worth it.

Included in the grant is the cost of purchasing the tank, demilitarizing the tank, getting a permit from the ATF to import it, costs of importing, black market remilitarizing, and shipping to park across the street from the Bitshares office with a giant NuBits flag

General Discussion / Re: At least BTS outlasted NuShares
« on: June 10, 2016, 10:31:24 am »
I hope the steem guys learn something from this...
Is that comparison fair?

Afaik SteemUSD are always liquid and still pay you interest ..

It is fair to make the comparison in the same way it is fair to make the comparison to BitShares smartcoins. But I think the critical difference is that there are hard-coded safeguards in Steem to prevent users from making reckless decisions that lead to a dangerous debt-to-equity ratio. As far as I am aware, there is no limit to how many NuBits can be printed other than self-enforced community policy. In Steem, hard-coded features continually drive the debt-to-equity ratio towards a very conservative equilibrium value of approximately 2%. And conversions only work in one direction: the blockchain can convert SD to STEEM for you, but it will not convert STEEM to SD at a user's request.

So this comes with the disadvantage that there may potentially be a much smaller supply of SD than the demand for it. If this is still true despite dropping interest rates to 0%, then SD will have a large premium over the dollar. This is nothing new to the BitShares community. Even with the shorting-to-existence ability, BitUSD has experienced premiums over the USD as well. But with stronger limits to the supply of SD, I wonder how it will manifest in SD's ability to maintain the peg.

Anyway, that and the fact that it would force all token holders effectively into a short position, is why I am against using the Steem Dollar mechanism for BitShares smartcoins (at least as the primary mechanism for the peg, I think it is fine as a last resort insurance mechanism similar to what MakerDao is doing with the Dai, but again not via printing BTS but instead with some other token whose holders have chosen to take on that risk).

Really do have to say wackou is spot on wackou[/member]/re-fuzzyvest-beyond-bitcoin-bitshares-allstar-awards--w-hangouts-20160608t103851398z]describing you and why you are a bitshares leader

General Discussion / Re: [Poll] On my Worker Proposal
« on: June 10, 2016, 02:32:34 am »
You need a bridge
This is key. Otherwise, whatevercoin can't get onto the chain, unless I'm missing something obvious (SmartCoin peg?). [member=602]fuzzy[/member] do you have a bridge in mind for this worker proposal?
Only one available at presen that we should consider imo. Blocktrades started here and could offer to be part of a "deal". Heck we could add metaexchange to the list as well if they were keeping the shop open.

General Discussion / Re: [Poll] On my Worker Proposal
« on: June 09, 2016, 09:59:26 pm »
Does Poloniex pay a reward to get coins on its platform? The opposite: altcoins pay for the privilege of being added to the exchange.

So, this worker seems backward to me, at first glance.

Try not to compare us to polo.  Their users would all be here already using our exchange if the comparison was which case we wouldn't need to bootstrap it.

Also look at DAO...they are giving out money to own large stakes in various crypto projects and help build them. If they keep doing that and eventually come out with their own exchange (which could come from graphene toolkit free of charge) most of these projects would trade there in a heartbeat.  They would gain a larger userbase in leaps and bounds....these are the reasons I see concern.  Unleess of course something is going on about which I am completely which case id love to know about it.

General Discussion / Re: [Poll] On my Worker Proposal
« on: June 09, 2016, 09:56:39 pm »
If blocktarades and metaexchange are such big money makers, I'm stuck wondering why metaexchange is closing operations.

As for bitasset versions of peoples tokens, and why they would want it...they will prefer them over UIAs simply because the perception for most is that our exchanges UIAs like open.* are IOUs (which they are) but presented in a more honest way...that also just tends be terrible for A) usability B) perception

Lets ask a differenr questiin here to both of you.  Why do we not have anywhere near the options of most exchanges?  Sometimes we have to dish out funding to help get things started.  And if we make people pay initially for everything before we even have a respectible market presence, we are giving them just one more reason to go with (or build) a competitor.

What happens if in the coming months a comptetitor comes out with a cloned version of bitshares with a better ui and offers free listing of tokens over x marketcapmarketcap, for instance?

I think your argumebnts against assume we are living in a vaccuum where we have all the time in the world...I promise we dont

General Discussion / [Poll] On my Worker Proposal
« on: June 09, 2016, 05:24:10 pm »
Would you vote on a worker proposal that pays monthly X amount, 90% (of X) to pay for various coins' to be added to BitShares?  10% goes to pay for my efforts and any tools to make them easier that I may need. 

So for example:
BitShares community offers deals on their own particular services that are connected to bitshares, then I go to Gridcoin, NXT, DAO and many others to bring them onto our exchange. I do a hangout with them.  Maybe blockcktrades adds their coin for a lower price...etc, but all service providers are paid from this worker.  I am paid for putting it all together in a package and handing it out in outreach efforts. 

As I see it, most of the money paid out would either go into the hands of obvious longs, or would go directly back into paying bitshares this would actually cost much less to do (and could bring large volume to bitshares).


You now are among the first to have an opportunity to represent bitshares project of your choice.  Remember, the highest upvoted projects/topics will be given highest priority for coverage at Friday's hangout!

And post projects/topics you wish covered/represented

I don't have a steem account so posting here instead .. for some time now I've been pondering the best way to help out, see what can be done to bring bitshares to a wider audience.. so count me in!

Well one way to help out would be to post some names of people you appreciate for helping bitshares.  I am reaching out to other communities too, so if bitshares has 4 people and some other community has lots of activity compared to us it will only make bitshares look second rate.  So what everyone who wants to help can do is post the names and efforts of others in bitshares who you consider "leaders" of bitshares.

I currently have the following community members posted to the BitShares Allstar thread:  Xeroc, Fuzzy, Tuck-Fheman, KenCode.  That is 4.  I am thinking we have at least 20‚Ķlikely many more.  If we can get 10 I will be pumped. 

General Discussion / Because BitShares has an Amazing Community...
« on: June 08, 2016, 07:18:14 am »

We have gone through quite alot in the past 2 1/2 years.  The ups and downs sometimes can make it difficult to focus on all we have accomplished, and and make it far too easy to overlook those in our community who form the essence of BitShares.  We all have a role in the growth and development of the chain, but these people are truly the ones making headway and showing their leadership qualities and loyalty to the vision the BitShares DAC Toolkit (both 1.0 and 2.0). 

So as BM begins doing what he has always said he was going to do -- Build DACs to trade on the BitShares Flagship DEX -- I am reaching out to our community to begin focusing more highlighting the efforts of all those individuals in BitShares who will steer this DAC through both the calm and the storms.  It is important that we show off our community members and the work they have done to make BitShares what it is today. 

Please post to this Steemit link

And just a warning--I am going to be doing similar initiatives for other communities whose coins can trade on our DEX.  So don't let them show us up!  Let's make the BitShares Allstar thread the most active of all future Beyond Bitcoin Allstar threads! 
Let's show them what is beneath the surface...

General Discussion / Re: Transaction counts of other chains
« on: June 04, 2016, 08:48:03 pm »

Litecoin is flat because its just a coin, whilst Ethereum is already at 40-60k transactions per day, whilst we can barely make 5K: (turn on limit order create & cancel)

Q: What smart contract is Ethereum actually being used for to generate such a high transaction count per day?

Steem this speedy so I can upvote well thought out answers and at least try to reward the posters for answering :)

General Discussion / Re: IS BTS dead?
« on: June 04, 2016, 10:57:09 am »
So I guess the question at this point is: is funding beyond bitcoin's future expansion worth making an account on steemit and upvoting content?  Or should I start charging people to join?  Sell adspace (which doesn't work so well when you have chosen to primarily help bitshares as opposed to the entire crypto ecosystem)?

It's your choice to make, fuzzy.
I'm just giving you feedback that you might lose some audience because for various reasons some of us prefer this forum to steemit.

Are we now in the Beyond Bitshares phase?

Welllll you see there are special benefits to volunteering with he fastest and most scalable DEX on a blockchain...
We are in a unique position to go "beyond bitshares" while actually being more focused on it than ever before. Wth amI talking about?

Well lets just say solarcoin is thinking about making their own "solardex" with most trade pairs having solarcoin as a primary token. And of course trade options with bitassets..because why? Because bitshares...So I guess the answer is yes, and no. :)

General Discussion / Re: IS BTS dead?
« on: June 03, 2016, 10:05:49 am »
I will post this to steemit myself this time, but will ask you to consider going to the #beyondbitcoin tag on to participate in these discussions and upvote those topics you feel most important.

[member=602]fuzzy[/member] , what about people who opt not to have anything to do with facebook (or reddit) and also do not feel comfortable to give away their phone number? (AFAIK this will be the future third option to verify your identity on steemit).

We are testing this at present and might have to move away from it, but the short answer is:  Steemit offers me for the first time the ability to start funding this operation and everything I have to do every week to make sure it happens...If people ask questions and participate on steemit, I don't have to worry about going out and trying to sell ad space and other things I personally dislike having to deal with when listening to podcasts. 

So I guess the question at this point is: is funding beyond bitcoin's future expansion worth making an account on steemit and upvoting content?  Or should I start charging people to join?  Sell adspace (which doesn't work so well when you have chosen to primarily help bitshares as opposed to the entire crypto ecosystem)?

With this said...I suppose I could let people send me their questions and post them myself---but then I will be the one earning from upvotes on those topics.  I guess it is up to you what you plan on doing, but I would love to hear your thoughts on my reasoning and any potential ways of making what i'm doing more efficient(less work = more accomplished) and paying to continue and hopefully expand beyond bitcoin further in the future.

General Discussion / Re: IS BTS dead?
« on: June 03, 2016, 05:20:35 am »
Just as a reminder. Go to click on the left sidebar and click "buy steem" you will be not be redirected to Openledger but to Bittrex. So, the creator of BitShares is not linking and supporting his own plattform.

[member=5]bytemaster[/member] [member=602]fuzzy[/member] [member=6]Stan[/member]

Please can you tell us or bring this up on the next mumble, why is it we're using Bittrex and not Openledger? I'm sure there is a good reason and may have missed on some other thread.


+5% * infinity

I will always try to post one of these ^^ posts within 24-48 hours of the last hangout so people can begin posting the topics/projects they wish to cover or have covered during hangouts.  This way we can reward everyone who participates and also let the community upvote the content they feel is most qualified for coverage.
I will post this to steemit myself this time, but will ask you to consider going to the #beyondbitcoin tag on to participate in these discussions and upvote those topics you feel most important.


General Discussion / Re: Chronos Crypto Videos - Voting Update
« on: May 31, 2016, 06:25:17 am »
This would be a great candidate to be posted in the link at the hangout RSVP ;),22572.0.html

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