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中文(Chinese) / Re: Has anyone seen BitCube?
« on: October 07, 2016, 01:30:27 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Autobriding == Automatic bond market
« on: October 07, 2016, 01:19:30 pm »
One of the requested features is the bond market, which means that not only can you short BitAssets against the collateral (BTS), but you could also short BitGold against BitUSD, which is more intuitive than shorting gold against some volatile crypto token.

Idea: if we had liquidity on the cross markets via autobridging, then you could short BitGold into existence and immediately sell it for BitUSD. You would then still be short on Gold , but long on USD instead of long on BTS.

If autobridging were implemented you would get the "bond market" for free. Good idea?

We have talked about this more than once.  I love the idea, but am uncertain who would add this functionality.

General Discussion / Re: Where is BitShares headed?
« on: October 06, 2016, 10:57:54 pm »
How do we the community jump start this project?

The current state of visible development and activity around BitShares simply makes me sad.  I had become used to seeing constant development and excitement going from Protoshares > BtiShares > BitShares 2.0.  There was always something to look forward to, a roadmap, a better version etc...  Every since Dan and team departed to work on Steem we have not seen the community engagement this project deserves.

Looking around, you can see Satoshi had left Bitcoin and a world wide community has been pushing it ever since.  Glancing at Steem shows community development outside of the core team.  BitShares with it's very advanced blockchain technology should be attracting more development, what is holding this back?

Currently visible:
Xeroc always helping anyway he can.
Abitmore working on some blockchain code fixes
SVK working on the GUI
BitShares Munich with BlockPay and stealth.
Chronos working on videos
Stan always dropping interesting hints about things to come

Here is the feedback I am looking for:

1.  What developments or enhancements need to be done?  Let's prioritize a list.  (Be specific, is it a blockchain issue, gui issues, advertising issues etc...)
2.  With worker proposals at a standstill, how do we flip this around?

I'll start.

GUI Browser support:
-We need an active worker to make sure this works on all major browsers.  This is significantly important and I can not see why ALL proxies would not vote to make this happen.  This alone is worth having [member=11456]svk[/member] on the payroll.  SVK if this is something you can accomplish, how much do you need to make this happen?

GUI account creation:  I know this is openledger specific but that is all we have right now
-I try to monitor the chat box on openledger and often see users still do not understand the relationship between openledger and bitshares.  The comment "Your Web Browser is your Wallet" confuses people.  In the chat box they ask if this is hosted, why do they need to backup etc...  Something along the lines of "your web browser connects you to the bitshares blockchain via OpenLedger" could help clear this up.  "Your wallet never leaves your web browser" could also strengthen the security concerns.

GUI Market Organization:  I also see people confused on the now countless amount of markets available. 
-Perhaps adding a filtering option where users can only view BitAsset markets?
-Simple shapeshift style guided trades.  Have another tab at the top next to exchange, no graphs, just simple drop down boxes.  Version 1 could have simply your assets on the drop down box on the left and what you want to receive on the right if that trading pair exists.  Version 2 could automatically make multiple trades to get you what you want regardless of fee's/slippage.
-Is there a way to split the screen and have two markets open at once?  I often check liquidity in similar markets, ie BTS/Steem vs BTC/Steem to see where it makes sense to trade.

-Many users are asking how to run the bitshares blockchain locally.  I see some documentation from Xeroc however is there a way we can provide pre packaged installations?  We can mimic Bitcoin with their "core" compared to other wallet options.  Windows/OSX/Linux/Raspberry PI options would be great. is also interesting...

-Add worker proposal creation to the GUI.  We may want to recommend posting the proposal on steemit to create synergy and a single source of information.
-Is there a way for users to get notification of new worker proposals without having to constantly check?  A toggle switch for those interested in this would help.
-Can we add a data entry field where large proxies can put a reason why they vote approve/disapprove?  A small field with a link to their reasoning?

There is much we need to do, but i am certain we can cover it and ensure payment these days if we are smart, organized and work together to accomplish focused missions.

Beyond Bitcoin is now in the top 7 on  [member=31361]faddat[/member] is currently working on the underlying infrastructure to make front end uis.  Beyondbitcoin is paying for this to be built and it will remain open source (even for potential competition).  So with this said, I post the graphic below to show you where we are and how much bitshares can benefit from this. 

I need a group of people I trust to help me upvote quality content on steemit using my whale account by focusing on upvoting and curating content on this tag.  I also am looking for people who will write quality content about projects that will help bitshares if alliances are formed.  For those of you who have been doing bitshares based news for a long time, I ask you to please consider posting to steemit and adding the #beyondbitcoin tag, and also contacting me to gain voting power using my whale account.  In this way I don't have to spend all my time upvoting...and can help build further connections for the bitshares community. 

If you have worked with bitshares in the past, it is highly likely I know what you have done already, but pm me with some of the projects you have worked on that are bitshares centric if at all possible using my account here on bitsharestalk.

For those who may get upset I am so inactive on bitsharestalk and so active on steemit.  I hope you will understand that the value of steemit is that it is the perfect place to help tell bitshares story while also helping it grow.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from and helping you.  Remember, synergy is when communities come together.  Before I couldn't pay volunteers.  Now I can upvote them...and we have a whole bitshares community to upvote eachother.  Help me Help you.  I cannot do it alone (though I will stubbornly try ;) ). 

If you can help Faddat developing the beyondbitcoin website w/ mumble integration and a nice little set of cool tools for our community, please pm me here on the forums as well.  I have approx 5k SBD to have this done right and faddat seems to think the backend is nearly finished...
I will also have a beyondbitcoin witness for steem and will be asking for one on bitshares, and will pay from those to help build the front end that beyondbitcoin needs. 

Finally...and most importantly.   I am working on helping people to pass tokens to one another using bitshares on steem and other platforms with the help of some people.  I formally am asking for testers to give me a pm as well.

BitShares whales on steemit, please contact me if you would like to support upvoting the development of tools for community organization and incentivization. 

中文(Chinese) / Re: Has anyone seen BitCube?
« on: October 02, 2016, 08:00:13 pm »
Please go to Singapore to find him.  +5% +5% +5%

lol...i just hope he is ok.
he is one of the nicest people i've met in a long time....

中文(Chinese) / Has anyone seen BitCube?
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:35:12 am »
We are getting to the point where we will be working on a new and improved version of sharebits and I really want to try to get him here with me so he can be part of it.  He has helped me alot so if anyone can help me help him, I would greatly appreciate it.  Hope everything is ok with him and nothing bad happened to him...  :-\

What about the licensing?
oh~~~,it comes to LICENSE.As a very earlier ptser,agser,and btser,i knew something.At firs,any body who use BTS should sharedrop at least 20% to btser,but BM splited BTS into two parts,and modified the license of the Graphene to be MIT, so steem can use the Graphene for free,and then there is nothing to do with btser.So,let't talk about licensing,there is no LICENSE about steem,maybe.

But first, BitShares2.0 had to launch with a licence so that everyone in the crypto world would ignore it completely.  Then, much later, when nobody was watching, quietly removed the license, making it open source so that they could legally clone it, modify it, then release it again as closed source.  What is to stop a Graphene dev from cloning BTS, modifying it to compete with FB, then sharedropping a measly 5% on the BTS community like PeerPlays did to preserve their integrity and trust within the community.

Yeh I still have a hard time understanding exactly how it is that more devs in the space do not realize that they could use graphene and sharedrop to pretty much instantly get into the hangouts which are growing to become a pretty formidable little grassroots hangout series for investors in blockchain technology.  Probably everyone in steem who is a whale would upvote their RSVPs...and that is just thinking of what I personally know we could offer.  Then you have experience of so many community members with bitshares...which is worth gold in and of itself.

I am also sure they would get deals from people like [member=11]dannotestein[/member], [member=23432]ccedk[/member], [member=19864]BunkerChain Labs[/member] ...and I can't even imagine how many others in the chinese community would help them.  The amount of experience and value between East and West together is so beautiful...why the heck wouldn't devs want to sharedrop at least 5%?  Not sure honestly.  Maybe legal considerations...its the only thing I can think of that seems rational at this point.

General Discussion / Re: [Video] Bitshares Inflation Rate
« on: September 17, 2016, 04:15:14 pm »
excellent as always man  8)

General Discussion / Re: Latest Beyond Bitcoin Hangout up on Steemit!
« on: August 31, 2016, 06:53:15 am »
I think how you do your custom logos for each show is very cool.

Thanks man :)

You're "it should be obvious why" may just be about Steemit being low in energy (mostly because of the Anarchist takeover, and ironic hierarchical nature of it) and STEEM being low in value, but in case you are indicating disappointment in STEEM and Steemit as a whole, I want to point out 2 things.

1 Look at Bitcoin charts from when it was Between $1 and $10. Then wait until Christmas and watch what STEEM does.

2 Wait for Steemit's alpha (actual) launch, and watch what STEEM does.

Who are you talking about and with respect to what?

Freebie / Re: Minecraft/test Bitshares Island.
« on: August 31, 2016, 06:46:15 am »
[member=602]fuzzy[/member] talked about this in the Beyond Bitcoin Hangout, and I like to know more. On this island everyone would be buying and selling using Blockpay. Land contracts will be done with BitLand. Elections done with FollowMyVote. You will be watching SollywoodTV and listing to Muse radio .  PeerPlays would run the island's cosino. If Solarcoin/ElectriCChain joins the Graphene family, then their the power plant. We need a full more players to fill in this blockchain island.

Well what is possible really comes down to how much support I get in steemit as much of what is earned from my work on the hangouts will be directed toward things like this. 

With that said, however, bitshares island will be a minecraft style island where people can build and play.  What else is able to be added on depends on what is always depended on---support.   I am planning to begin reaching out to other communities to help get them both coverage and traded on the BitShares DEX, so this is my top priority, but if the community believes in bitshares island and wishes to support our efforts (and potentially see many other functionalies added) I advise they spread both our Hangout RSVP threads and Hangout Threads from steemit across other social platforms (aka forums, reddit, fb, twitter, steem...etc). 

General Discussion / Latest Beyond Bitcoin Hangout up on Steemit!
« on: August 28, 2016, 06:07:32 am »

Hey everyone.  I am going to try to start posting these to the bitshares forums again in addition to steemit because...well it should be obvious why.  So Please consider upvoting and listening in on our latest hangout Here

And most importantly of all...consider recruiting people from cryptocurrency projects you trust and believe in to join and RSVP Here for coverage on our hangouts! If it helps bitshares it will make me even happier!  If you do, you will split the SBD earned among the top 3 projects recruiters.  Currently this amount is around 220 $BD.

Covered this hangout:
#1 Chris of Blockpay
#2 Brindleswan talks bitshares
#3 Jewels Project ICO
#4 SteemPress Podcast

And remember, the more you help me the more I can help all of us!

General Discussion / Re: Peerplays Announcement - BTS Snapshot Date
« on: August 18, 2016, 05:35:48 pm »
According to peerplays, the actual sharedrop will happen after September 16, but snapshop will be taken randomly from September 1-16.


General Discussion / Re: Code Academy Learning Path?
« on: August 12, 2016, 05:17:03 am »
JetBrains recently released a new version of PyCharm Edu.  PyCharm is a fantastic Python IDE, and the Edu edition is a free version loaded up with Python courses and exercises to get you up-to-speed.

Because PyCharm Edu is built on top of a real working Python IDE, you also get the benefits of code inspection, pop-up documentation, and more.  It's like Code Academy on steroids.  You can also browse and download new lessons directly from PyCharm Edu.

Here's a video of PyCharm Edu in action:

You can download PyCharm Edu here:

Disclaimer:  I haven't used PyCharm Edu, but I am a professional Python developer and have used several IDEs over the past several years, and I can attest to the exceptional quality of JetBrains products.  If PyCharm Edu is built on top of the PyCharm IDE (it is), then I'm confident that it is really good.

You are a badass man...can i upvote you?  wait... :(

I am reaching out to get the attention (hopefully) of those in steem who are considered whales. 

If you are a person in both the bitshares and steemit communities, I would like to ask for assistance with a project that I cannot post to the bts forums, but that I want support with. 

If you are a steem dolphin or whale...or know how to reach one, please ask them to PM me (fuzzy) on these forums with their personal info.  when this happens, i need to set up a team o help push the project through.  Thanks for your time and please consider helping. 

General Discussion / Re: The History of Bitshares.
« on: July 27, 2016, 05:28:42 am »
165 episodes of our history in beyond bitcoin hangouts...but it will be comprehensive to the max.
If you have 350(ish) hours you can listen to all of it.  I suspect this is a bit TOO in depth though :P

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