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Interesting... Bitshares should make stocks even easier to trade than Robinhood (or ETF's that is).

General Discussion / Re: What is the focus of BitShares now?
« on: August 23, 2015, 05:24:35 am »
Ideally we even start with liquid markets :D
+5% +5% +5%
you seem confident. more than me.

General Discussion / Re: What is the focus of BitShares now?
« on: August 20, 2015, 04:28:04 am »
the focus is  gateways and improvement to BitAssets in 2.0 along with development of light-wallet/apps (that can be profitable!!) that allow people to utilize the blockchain in specific ways. it may be as simple as a  bitcoin/bitshares hybrid wallet, that allows you to hold bitcoin as well as USD that has no counter-party risk, and without requiring identification. LimeWallet is doing this I think...

And the market index and oil bitAssets will have a lot of potential with 2.0 and if we can get a gateway to issue them on ripple.

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] LimeWallet - Beta
« on: August 09, 2015, 07:36:06 pm »
that's good  +5% +5% +5% bitcoin wallet that doesn't require identity verification, that can convert to bitUSD that can't be frozen. Serves a niche market.  +5% +5% +5% Only if bitUSD market had liquidity...

General Discussion / Re: Very disappointing BTS performance
« on: August 08, 2015, 04:00:09 am »
On the upside the external timing is better and perhaps more serious interests will see and understand BitShares2.0 utility.
Hopefully the marketing of that will be as good as the product and not just the hype that is easy to see through. CounterParty[Symbiont]; Overstock; and even Ethereum are doing useful work stimulating the interest of big money, so hopefully BitShares will have a product that appeals to them and perhaps talks their language, so some of them will make use of it; perhaps APIs and CLIs beat GUIs for that?
The downside to BitShares I wonder is the voting and DPoS, which has never seemed compelling to me; just an arbitrary means to an end. Still, if it works in a way that is responsive to the user, then there every chance it'll capitalise on what is at core a really good prospect.

tldr; buy while it's cheap!

The beginning of a bull market must come from a place where people are scared to buy more .
In fact , the old saying is "if those who want to buy more still there , then those who want it down won't stop . "

I never heard that saying. And it doesn't make any sense?

It is logical: demand increase --> price increase. And Not what you propose!!

The best thing is that it could draw attention to Bitshares and gain us more investors and potential future users. Also there would be high demand for IOU's of BitAssets like BitOil, And BitAssets that are fixed to stock market indices, by traders that use the ripple platform. However currently there is not incentive to short these (hence any supply) but that should change once 2.0 is out. In many ways Bitshares will be a competitor to Ripple esp. once we have a comparable web wallet / client. but also we can use their platform to advertise the value proposition of BitAssets and to get potential partners interested in us.

Right now BTC is the only crypto-currency on ripple ledger with significant volume, and actually I think there is only one other than Stellar which has one gateway. I wouldn't expect BTS IOU's issued on the ledger to generate much trading volume... So I'm not sure it's worth it ATM.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: July 16, 2015, 11:14:06 pm »

What's the deal with all these claims?

Definitely doesn't make bitshares look good if he's a scam artist. No idea but someone should address those comments as new investors are looking at Bitshares as well as Banx

he is a scam artist. but to give BanxCapital credit, they did purchase a crypto-exchange that they rebranded and is now hosted at possibly the one productive thing they have done with investor funds... possibly. So I suppose you can't consider BanxCapital 100% ponzi scheme since at least a small fraction of their investor's money is NOT going toward dividend payments or public relations. And they say they are going to integrate their exchange with BitShares 2.0 which has the potential to bring over some users.

And I also don't think Banx has anything to do with the bitshares sell off.

General Discussion / Re: SWIFT Institute want to pay BTS 15.000 Euros
« on: July 14, 2015, 10:52:09 pm »
it's not easy .
Said proposal would require experience in the security industry .
Bitshares has needed such expert to come onboard since BitAssets...

General Discussion / Re: Peercoin? What's going on with it?
« on: July 10, 2015, 03:44:40 am »
the same thing that happened last year?

theoretically nothing is stopping gateways from issuing IOU's that are not backed. but this action would be very objectionable!

, the bank has forked the open-source Ripple protocol, stripped it from its internal XRP currency, and is considering deploying it along whole supply chains of trade networks.
I can't tell if this means it has its own token, or if it's not using one at all. It's possible not to use one right? transaction fees could be paid in IOU's. Instead of for instance xrp being burned to enrich xrp holders, the IOU denominated fees would be paid directly to the trusted transaction validator nodes that come to consensus on the ripple protocol.

BanxCapital claims BanxMint made over 400 btc in profit. Approximately $100,000.

How did it make $100,000 this year? By selling physical bitcoins at 100 to 200 dollars markup. Really? I don't believe that.

banx is a ponzi scheme. the 'banx share' token use to be on blockchain. It was great when it was only traded on the Banx Capital central exchange, because they manipulated the trading, and made it seem like it only goes up in value. But since its an altcoin on a blockchain, another exchange finally hosted it, and the prices diverged. So banx shares was then migrated off the blockchain to Banx Capitals private accounting book. Now no one is allowed to sell the banx shares they own, only to buy from on the central exchange. In the period it went to 10 million market cap. wow!

Why do people want to buy 'banx shares' which they cannot sell? It pays dividends, if you get on a mailing list. and Banx Capital claim banx share owners are part of an IPO, and that eventually you can sell your banx shares.

There is no actual profit in the company. dividends, to those who are paid, is paid from funds of share purchasers. And a PR operation is funded as well.

Banx Capital says they are going to use bitshares technology... to convince people to buy more banx shares lol. that's all. they have no real business.

Yes a few months ago they finally set up a working crypto currency exchange. it has no volume I don't think? Banx Capital has no expertise and just enough skill to con people over on

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Short Order Refactoring
« on: June 16, 2015, 04:13:27 pm »
this does mean users can more easily effectively short below the peg. I think it's generally a good idea.

General Discussion / Re: Privatizing BitAssets
« on: June 11, 2015, 01:19:19 am »
I've just read the original post by BM. I think private gateways, much easier, and provide much the same service as private bitAssets for currencies anyways. Either is not devoid of counterparty risk. Maybe private bitAssets for unit that tracks an index like I've seen suggested. Since for gateways to make that unit they'd have to take shares in that publicly traded fund/stock as deposit which seems ridiculous to think at the moment.
Also about private gateways, certainly we realize private gatways that issue bitcoin IOU has less counterparty risk than fiat gateways. There is not the risk of government regulation, seizure. but I wonder what the most trustworthy bitcoin gateway looks like. If it is very trustworthy, maybe these bitcoin IOU's would be used to collateralize a private bitAsset (or bitIndex). Since surely there is more demand to go long bitcoin, even at 30 days, than there is to go long bitshares.

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