Author Topic: "No block source available" error message  (Read 56904 times)

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Re: "No block source available" error message
« Reply #90 on: March 12, 2015, 05:36:49 pm »
Also - from what I remember the whole premise of PTS was that you could get other "drived" assets/chains from it.
I haven't "redeemed" any of my PTS since I bought them.

What other cryptocurrencies am I entitled to for my PTS, and how do I claim them?

The BitShares-client and the PTS-DPOS client allow importing your old wallet.dat. You'll automatically receive shares for the PTS in your old PTS addresses.

There are other DACs in the works (Play, Music), but they don't have a client yet. The Music sharedrop will be made on the BitShares blockchain, so importing your keys there will automatically give you NOTES when they're ready.

How about BitShares BTS? You may be able to get some depending on how old your PTS are! | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads