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General Discussion / Any non spam posts I should read here?
« on: October 25, 2016, 03:06:47 am »
Have been off of here (once my favorite place on the net) for months.

Is there any non spam/ non scam/ non idiotic promotions/ etc content  I should read?.

Sorry but the scam wall of posts by Compuseeds, followed by other almost equally deceiving posts by Obits (and or their other 20th ICO project), with no quality in between, just makes me  to want to puke.

General Discussion / Liquidity award (Steem question)
« on: May 20, 2016, 03:32:11 pm »
Is liquidity award in steem paid in liquid steem or vests? (or maybe STMD and vests?)

General Discussion / Full Steam ahead. (Steem question)
« on: May 20, 2016, 01:24:23 am »
2 points before I start - no STEEM sub-forum?!  Steemit sucks for this kind of stuff, and STEEM has no q&a point, and other than the very fluid whitepaper no way to find real the second point is - Is this on purpose/ by design?

Anyway... the white paper finds it very useful to use BTC as a measuring stick/example... so

When will STEEM has 10% or less inflation for the first time (best case scenario + market cap measured per founders preferred method aka  all steems included)

2027?.... 2047?

That is the best I can I am not kidding and/or implying that is something bad.. not at all.


A new chapter in an old book - "Steam - 7 days to sweat equity"

 (sorry both with an 'e')

"Steem - 7 days to sweet equity"

"...9 is the golden number in this one... as we give ourselves 9x of anything ever created (aside from the very very beginning when we gave ourselves 50X but who will ever remember that?, right?)

... pyramid schemes be damned, we will just give ourselves 9x for anything anyone makes...

...why have  "sweat equity" when we can give ourselves "sweet equity" in a flash? (reversed or not) "

"Fallowing the "% of supply" fallacy Bitcoin just managed to increase its market cap from 6.4Mil to 60 Mil market cap ... now for every BTC one used to have, he now has an additional 9 BTC in vestBTC, due to a 'simple mistake / inovation' by donotflashMasterByte and his team (teem?)

Seems like,  a hot steam project called Seem, made all this a reality!

'vestBTC are notoriously hard to withdraw with 1/(5*12) monthly withdrawal rate, so the  vestBTC will not hit the market anytime soon' -according to flashesOfMasterByte.
 'And why would they ever be hitting the market ? they  increase by 225 BTC every 10 min (9*25 btc)',  explains donotflashMasterByte, lead developer of the project..."

General Discussion / Larimer...please explain this voting move for me
« on: March 29, 2016, 02:43:10 am »
Just when the first refund worker get within 400K bts from the last work - worker , those 2 accounts ( and garylarimer ) decided to do the most weird thing of all...
stopped voting/ having BM/angel as a proxy.

I really do not get the move... is it a pathetic way to 'show' that.... "those diluters do hurt development".

If not what the f**k is this move all about????

General Discussion / A case for Demurrage bitUSD (dUSD)
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:12:16 pm »
In the design of the current bitUSD a believe exists that the shorter is the one taking a loan. This is a very arguable hypothesis. He is indeed providing the collateral but he is doing that and also providing the product - a stable coin with a price equal to 1 dollar. Isn't it the  bitUSD user (the bitUSD long) who is actually taking the product with guaranteed stable price for which someone else risks something and provides collateral?

If we accept this to be the case indeed there is a excellent  possibility for a new bitUSD [ dUSD - DemurrageUSD] existing in parallel to the current bitUSD that provides interest to the shorter!

Below is one way this could be done.

-The dUSD : BTS market the sell buys always happen at the peg 1:1. dUSD buyer compete by offering interest rate to the shorter.
-The dUSD seller receives the rate for its individual sell (say 2%)
- This sell is added (volume * percent) to the long term interest rate paid to the dUSD shorts.(1)

-Every maintenance interval the current average rate is taken from the long positions amount and added [given to the shorts by reducing their short position dUSD owned back to the system]
-Every dUSD position closed reduces the interest by removing (volume* highest percent in (1) ) from the global weighted interest percent calculation.
- Forced settlement still exists and is even with very short wait time - 30 min - 1h.

Main benefit - much tighter peg!!!!
Shorts are highly incentivized to create dUSD and in fact actually get paid for the product they provide.
Shorts will not sell below the peg because the buyer can buy below the peg and immediately settle for a gain.

dUSD will not be used for long term saving but with tighter peg in the majority of cases will be excellent for trading. 5% interest is not a big deal if you need the dUSD for trade happening in from a few minutes upto several months.


General Discussion / What are BTCPLUS, COMPUCEEDS ?
« on: March 08, 2016, 05:32:24 am »
as per title


Technical Support / lightwallet closing itself on start up
« on: March 01, 2016, 07:06:37 am »

The light wallet refuses to run... closes itself.

Ubuntu 14.0 something....

Technical Support / Import back up... not working for me
« on: February 25, 2016, 04:01:46 am »
6 days ago...

Ubuntu Chrome, trying to restore a wallet backup. Clicking on Restore (default wallet)
Code: [Select]
ConstraintError app.js:53:16847
AbortError app.js:53:16847
---- transaction error ----> DOMError { name: "ConstraintError", message: "A mutation operation in the transac…" } app.js:53:18538

abort { target: IDBTransaction, isTrusted: true, currentTarget: IDBTransaction, eventPhase: 2, bubbles: true, cancelable: false, defaultPrevented: false, timeStamp: 1455822497354740, originalTarget: IDBTransaction, explicitOriginalTarget: IDBTransaction, NONE: 0 } app.js:82:27284

Unhandled promise rejection abort { target: IDBTransaction, isTrusted: true, eventPhase: 0, bubbles: true, cancelable: false, defaultPrevented: false, timeStamp: 1455822497354740, originalTarget: IDBTransaction, explicitOriginalTarget: IDBTransaction, NONE: 0, CAPTURING_PHASE: 1 } app.js:2:1789

still the same

Here is rough draft of of how dShares emerges and separates itself from BTS and how it gets initial funding and kick starts itself. I am not married for this proposal, but I do see most of its elements either desirable or the best possible compromise I have thought of.

Distribution of the new shares:
70% to the active BTS shareholders. Active defined as having their shares in their own account (outside of exchanges).
30% crowd fund/kick starter contributors.

Small is beautiful
While I do not see why dShares will not equal or hopefully bigger market cap in the future. I think starting small compact and reasonable is good thing for a start-up co-op. For that reason and to remove as much speculative value from current BTS price I find an initial estimate of  dShares value at 1/7th of BTS a good starting point. This should also give a nice return and incentive for participation for those part taking in the kick starter.

Development fund
All money from the kikstarter sales will go into a (community -and-) contributors to the crowd fund  multi signature account. The funds will be used to pay for development of the features outlined in the "bitSHARES as shares thread", and will continue to pay for any additional feature until it is exhausted.

BitAssets are our main innovation - we should have started using the long-long ago[I mean for both chains

-Kickstarter token will be offered for sale in a period of (say 30 days)
-in dSharesKickstarter/ bitUSD; dSharesKickstarter/ bitCNY and dSharesKickstarter/ TCNY markets ONLY.
-each day 1/30 of the dSharesKikstarter will  be sold to bidders offering the min price or above.
i-f not enough interest exist the unsold shares will carry to the next day(s) and if remaining shares exist on the last day to the dev. fund itself.
-The min price will be 1/7 of BTS price in USD at the start of the funding (alternatively some other prior day)

Some other general explanation clarification:

Community lead crowd funding
If it is not clear my ideas is about the following - 15-20 community volunteers (proxies, committee members etc are strongly encouraged to come forward)  start as controlling multi sig account where the crowd funding money go to. As major donors start to become more clear (say 3 times in the 30 day period) those initial volunteers are replaced by the top 15-20 contributor to the fund. At day 31 all community members controlling the account are replaced by the top 20 contributors.

Distribution to the Active community
I suggest [not married to this part, but find it beneficial] to cap the share-drop amount on exchanges to 10mil BTS. The excess of their holding will be spread to the community that seems to participate - and show it with at least withdrawing its funds from exchanges into his own account. BTW, IF no money are withdrawn and the things remain as of today, everyone will have about equal share in the dShares than is his share of total supply  in BTS.

Min price and currency of the crowd funding
The min price is set low for several reasons one of them being - would be contributor can create say bitCNY and use those for the crowd funding. Even if his short is liquidated and he loses all of the collateral (very very unlikely, as this means near blackswan for this BTS bitAsset), the min price grantees said person 7/2 returns if/when dShares price reaches parity with BTS.
That is to say - while I realize that many bitAsset does not exist as of now, the willing participant will be able to create them for themselves. Preferably with more than the min collateral required.

Slow maturation of the share drop
Even less married to this part, but might be highly beneficial [feedback please]
what else? I do not know, but should be more... I will save the next post just in case.

The share-drop on BTS matures slowly (coin-days approach for say 3 years) This is about only the audibility to sell those dShares. For all other purposes - voting, use as collateral, getting credit toward fees, receiving dividends those are absolutely active/normal shares
Some  benefits for BTS that comes to mind
1.Some part of the BTS currently held on exchanges will be withdrawn from.
2. More new bitAssets will be created and a use case for them as well.
3.First truly community lead crowd funding (the transition to funders' owned kickstart  fund is cool and unique IMHO)


General Discussion / dShares Name discussion
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:53:39 pm »
Per Title

General Discussion / bitSHARES - As True Shares and Not a Currency!
« on: February 10, 2016, 10:44:31 pm »
1. bitSHARES (or dShares if BM is stubborn and we have to make a separate chain) are NON - send-able digital shares in a decentralized exchange co-op.
a. unlike other money like digital tokens they cannot be send to other account. Those digital shares can only be bought/sold, and they can only be bought in one place - the co-ops own decentralized exchange.
b. they are true shares in a business entity - regularly (monthly/quarterly) all proceeds of the co-op [which are in bitUSD only.More on this later] are split between all accounts having more then a system-wise min. number of shares.
c. as a consequence the only things potentially available to trade on centralized exchanges are bitAssets.
e. to become a own of the co-op you have to by bitUSD for USD and with to purchase shares in the DEX.

2. -[ short summery of some of the differences (and nuances) compared  with current system.]
a.  bitUSD are created by the system and loaned anyone upon providing an asset as collateral. The amount of collateral needed should be 1.75 - 2 times bigger than the loan. In the most common case the collateral will be the shares in the co-op itself. The value of this collateral is determined by the last trading price of such shares in the in-house DEX itself. feed needed - all the prices are already there on the DEX
c. perfect peg all the time - what is changing is the value (price) of the bitShares' shares themselves, the bitUSD stays at 1 USD.
d. calling the bitUSD loans/force sell of the collateral.
Whenever a trade in the DEX occurs, with such a price that the collateral will have a value smaller than 1.75 times the loan the collateral is put up for sale
- the starting price is the price that triggered this forced liquidation. If the collateral is not sold at that price, each 15min (15*60/3 blocks) the price is decreased by 1% until it is sold.

3. The 'core' token of the system is bitUSD - this means among other things -all fees* are paid in it;
-workers(and witnesses) are paid in it also; the system pays the worker and issues 2x new bitShares; those new bitShares are put for sale on the market for the stakeholders to buy; the same rules as the collateral liquidation rules are followed - starting with the last observed real trade price and decreasing 1% every 15min.
- the regular dividends are paid from the fees collected (in bitUSD) in bitUSD.
-This also means that the users of the system (DEX here mainly for now), are not forced to be BTS holders at all. They just buy bitUSD for USD (with say 0.3% cut for the fiat bridge) and trade on the DEX exchange for whatever they like. [but it is a carrot instead of a stick approach - see under fees* below]

4. BitAsset should use bitUSD (instead of co-op's shares) as primary collateral.[Subject to debate - but seems pretty logical]

*fees in the new bitShares are fully in agreement with the recent 'no fees based on ownership of stake in the co-op' approach. For those that feel forced into buying into BTS by this - they just pay the non-member fees in bitUSD and trade freely on the DEX

- Clear distinction of the SHARES from money and tokes and more close resemblance to shares (and probably partnership based ownership of an entity)
- This new way should lead to significant slow down of the velocity of the asset [note to myself: should elaborate more on that]
- Virtually perfect peg - all that is moving is the price of the co-ops shares, really.
- Instant no feed, but pure DEX(market) based pricing of the bitAssets.


Assuming in one week PM assets can be cleared to reuse. [some input and info from [member=120]xeroc[/member]  will be highly appreciated]

example is for BTC binary option series, but the same applies to every market (currency, index whatever)

The committee buys:
BTC_Monday1percent, BTC_Monday2percent, BTC_Monday3percent etc..
BTC_ Tuesday1percent, BTC_ Tuesday2percent, BTC_ Tuesday3percent

and so on for each day of the week

those are PM (aka binary option) assets, the backing asset is bitUSD.

The witnesses are set to be the one settling the asset. They publish once a day the price at close (the price is taken from whatever the contract states at time 3:00PM Eastern or whatever)
The contract is a call binary option with strike: 1% (2%, 3% as per the name of the asset) percent above yesterdays close..

SVK displays them in the GUY as real prices (using the last publish close price) , not percent above yesterday's close.(!!!Optional!!! and does the borrow sell in one step aka hides the borrow step  from GUI view)

You have the first BTS killer app (well maybe the first of many) . Overtaking over the binary option markets.

Technical Support / is the witness thing running under win?
« on: January 25, 2016, 04:26:17 am »
as per thread title - anybody able to run the latest witness node under windows and if 'yes', how?


[member=20744]cube[/member] ...[member=94]pc[/member]  ?

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