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General Discussion / Where was that budget doc on AGS donations
« on: August 09, 2016, 03:03:34 pm »
I believe there was a budget document/page published somewhere about what was funded, donations received, VC received etc.
Struggling to find this.

I am looking to use it to try and work out a tangible value for the work completed thus far.

Technical Support / what do people think of this patent
« on: June 15, 2016, 09:37:58 pm »

In short it aims to patent the concept of UIAs

EDIT: Is there any prior art before 2012-08-16 which talks about users generating their own tokens on a blockchain system. Im sure their must be.

Technical Support / Is it possible to destroy some of your UIA?
« on: May 17, 2016, 05:07:18 pm »
I was looking at how the fees worked on UIAs.
I see that a token can get transferred back to the issuer through transaction fees paid.

However, what if the issuer wants to take the token out of existence on receiving it.
Or simply remove tokens the issuer issued to himself thereby reducing the number of issued tokens.

Is this possible to do?

EDIT: I see the option to 'reserve asset'. Is this the equivalent of burning/destroying it?

Technical Support / parent.child asset creation fee
« on: May 12, 2016, 02:32:40 pm »
are there any asset creation fees for creating a child asset under the parent UIA.
If so, is the fee the same as creating a parent UIA.

IDentabit / is Brownie.PTS being used as an IDentabit sharedrop target
« on: September 07, 2015, 04:47:27 pm »
I have not been following this very well.
Can anyone point me to a thread where this was discussed?
What was the outcome?

Does anyone know.
Will the pricing for 2.0 be similar to that of account name registration (dependable on name length, use of digits etc).

EDIT: thanks for the feedback, the information has been used in compiling a report  :)

Hi guys,

I am looking to set up a fund raiser of sorts for the start up I work for.
Below are a few of the technical things we would need help with.
If you are interested please quote in bitUSD the amount you would expect in remuneration.

Please understand that I am just getting a feel for costing and whether or not we move forward with this is dependable on a number of factors.

We would want someone with a decent Bitshares community reputation.

For now, just ball park quotes/scientific wild ass guesses are fine (more accurate estimates can be requested at a later stage). The work is to be done after Bitshares 2.0 release.

Thanks!   :D

1. Arbitrage trading bots that place and manage orders based on external price feeds from JSE OR NASDAQ. Basically we would like bots that would be able to manage trade orders based on external price feed data.

2. Bitshares client with control over the MPAs and UIAs that are displayed (this would be a nice-to-have and not an essential).

3. Assistance with issuance of UIAs.

4. Assistance with setting up dynamic account permissions and maintaining a secure wallet, cold storage of funds.

Random Discussion / Its a car being pulled by a horse
« on: July 25, 2015, 12:41:46 pm »
A 'next generation bitcoin exchange'

Its related to Bitcoin yet every statement on their web front page is related to trust and centralized problems. The only way forward is a decentralized exchange otherwise counterparty risk will always be a problem.

"Gemini operates fully in the United States. We work exclusively with American banks; your dollars never leave the country." Excellent

"Keeping your money safe is our top priority. We have assembled the nation's top security experts and financial engineers to make sure Gemini stays secure." ummm.. heard of the blockchain.

"We are working with federal and state governments to launch in full compliance with all Bitcoin regulations and consumer protection laws." aaaahh sounds scary  :o

Technical Support / Can we do these things
« on: July 20, 2015, 12:20:28 pm »
Can I purchase bitUSD and share drop it on users in proportion to how much of a particular UIA they have (akin to providing dividends)?

Alternatively, can I share drop a second UIA on users in proportion to how much of a particular other UIA they have (more indirect way of providing dividends)?

Also can I halt markets/prevent trading of a UIA I control (e.g if I want to do a share split I may want to prevent people from trading for an hour while the split is executed)?

boom! 3 questions, who has the answers  8)

Would it be possible to create an 'in client' app store where users can purchase additional features to incorporate into their wallet.

EDIT: E.g a developer could create a purchasable feature which links exchanges to your wallet or includes a news feed on the side of the wallet.
EDIT: examples would include features that need to be hard coded into the blockchain. They can then be activated for a user if they pay a certain fee into the developers account.

Users would then purchase the feature for their individual wallet.

This would create incentive for developers to build features for Bitshares as they would be compensated.

Technical Support / This is how to compete with credit cards
« on: July 10, 2015, 04:44:15 pm »
1. I start up a service where I issue a UIA for dollar deposits  :)

2. I set up a transaction fee of 1%  :)

3. People can now make transfers to each other using the UIA (just like paypal)  :D

However, no one users my service because users have to pay 1% whereas if they pay via credit card they pay often pay 0% (the merchant pays 3%)  :'(

Bitshares offers a feature where you can allow the receiver (the merchant) to pay the transaction fee  ???

Now merchant pays 1% instead of 3% and users have a cool payment app (which merchants would inventive users to use)  8)

General Discussion / Thoughts on the effect of a Greece default
« on: July 07, 2015, 10:12:12 pm »
What do people think the effect on crypto would be if Greece defaults.

Apparently there has already been a bit of a global sell off.

I have no idea how this would effect a global market, anyone have ideas?

I have made an attempt at comparing fundamentals of Bitshares and Bitcoin when viewing both cryptocurrencies as DACs.

The maths and thinking involved is explained in this paper I wrote (which is largely based on Daniel and Stan Larimer's ideas). Can be found here:

I have done this in an open Google spread sheet for anyone to change and edit:

Here is another copy of the same which I have made un-editable in case the above breaks.

I have made some serious SWAGs when it came to Bitshares, but hopefully it can give us a wild ball park. SWAGs obtained from An awesome website, but could not extract data from it the way I could for Maybe soon  :)

Please feel free to edit and leave your comments regarding maths errors I may have made or thoughts on differing philosophies regarding how to calculate the metrics.

My main findings:

Annual share inflation (YTD):   10.52%
Price/EPS (P/E ratio):   -7.8
Return on Equity:   -12.8%
Operating expense ratio (expenses/earnings):   278.4

Annual share inflation (annualized): 1.275%
Price/EPS (P/E ratio):   -12.0
Return on Equity   -8.3
Operating expense ratio (expenses/earnings)   13.9

This could be an interesting way for us to monitor Bitshares for profitability, and in the future an interesting way to compare DACs for investment purposes.

Technical Support / Separation of UIA issuance and control
« on: July 06, 2015, 10:36:38 am »
The separation of UIA issuance and the control of the assets could be a potentially very useful feature.

For legal purposes, a company may not want to issue an asset but may still want to gain the benefit of UIAs.

To enable this, UIAs should be able to be issued with a feature which allows for anyone who has purchased 100% of the assets to modify the parameters and receive transaction fees from that asset (essentially takes over all 'ownership rights') (This feature can also be disabled).

This will allow people to issue UIAs for people to purchase and take over in the open market, in the same way you go out and buy a shelf-company.

A company can then buy a shelf-UIA, change the name, number of tokens, fees etc and resell the UIAs with the new properties. The company is therefore no longer in the business of issuing assets/depository receipts/shares etc but is instead only engaging in the business of buying and selling UIAs.

The company can then function in a ‘post-contract society' manner, and there are no legal rights conferred between the UIA issuer and the buyer. Market forces, and an understanding of the companies mission by users, will determine pricing.

(the company and the third party UIA issuer could even be controlled by the same person, so as to avoid the third party UIA issuer from taken on any potential risk).

Let me know if this is already discussed somewhere else.

So lets say I want to host a betting game for the next soccer match with Arsenal vs Man united.

So I issue a market pegged asset called 'Ars vs ManU'
I then function as the delegate and produce a price feed according to the outcome of the game.

I can allow people to bet that ManU will win or loose.
People can go long if they think ManU will win and Short if they think ManU will loose.
So if I price the asset at 1bitUSD to 1gameCoin. If the score is '1Ars : ManU 2' and ManU has won the match. I would change the price feed to 2bitUSD to 1gameCoin. So those who went long double their money. Vice-verse if ManU looses.

Have I got the basic idea or am I missing it.

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