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I understand.

Not only you, but also many of us have contributed and invested a lot without getting much back.

However, the chain still needs more contributions and engagements to move forward. In this sense, I would prefer allocating more resources to the ones who are actively contributing, but give less weight on contributions in the past.

By the way, IMHO it's a waste of resources if everyone piles on providing the same services, especially when our resources are limited. The law of diminishing marginal utility applies. It is best for everyone to find a position that is not easily replaced by others.
I understand. Seems that it's your show now, hope you guys can get BTS back on track.

I can help out with the feeds.
Any update please? I've added you as a feed producer but you've never published feeds?
I am out of active witness rotation. Hard to plan and jump on anything if my witness gets voted in on random few days out of a year.
I voted for you after 5.0 launch because I wished that you could participate more in the ecosystem.

I removed votes from you a few days ago because I hadn't heard from you in a week since you replied here that you can help out.

BTW if I am correct, you are not running any service except a block producer for the blockchain at this moment. No API node, no seed node, no price feeds, no other contribution that I can see. If you start to participate more I would like to support you, otherwise I am sorry.

Anyway, thanks for your contributions in the past.

For the last 2 years I was voted in for a total of 2 months and I provided all services till June of this year. Now on v 5.0 I was voted in for a total of 7 days before I was voted out again. Quite honestly if I stay voted in I will start bringing back the services but it will not happen in 1 day, otherwise I will just turn the rest of the servers off - which is unfortunate because I think BTS might be heading back into the right direction again.   

I can help out with the feeds.
Any update please? I've added you as a feed producer but you've never published feeds?
I am out of active witness rotation. Hard to plan and jump on anything if my witness gets voted in on random few days out of a year.

I can help out with the feeds.

You are all  making bitshares more and more irrelevant with your 'solutions' and hostile takeovers. Soon there will be no turning back...

We will find a good solution to exclude the missuse of votes from custodian accounts which don't own them being used in the interest of individuals only instead of bitshares.

Example ZB = Voting based on one individual own point of view (being also used for inside deals supporting non bitshares people)
BEOS = Bought voting power which is against DPOS and consensus to force the bitshares community to accept and pay for BEOS integration.Massivly supporting inside deals (non active members on bitshares for committee and witnesses) and even scam workers.

CN-Vote has been created because a smart chinese group created a counter party to the massive abuse of BEOS for "buying" votes and its bad voting behavior to approve all workers and flooding the market with BTS from reserve pool.

Both examples showed for a very long time that votes from custodian accounts are not able to vote for the best interest of
bitshares and its community but only vote based on selfish interest destroying the community,stopping real progress , making a lot of big supporters leave or replace them with non active members on bitshares for their own personal benefit.See witnesses.
People vote as they please. Some might not like your voting, does that mean you will be excluded too?

I am against that. Because who is to decide who gets excluded and who doesn't? That's just another way to manipulate the votes.

5% is too low, let's make new rules:
- Force settlement  100%
- Price feed can never be lower than the last price feed
- if you try to transfer your bitAsset, it will be automatically send it to the issuer
- if you try to sell it, it will also go to the issuer
- if you do nothing with it for 10 days ... well, it will also go to the issuer
- and when you get more bitshares you have to go buy bitAssets before you do anything else...


In the orginal Bitshares, or the new one now, how often was a delegate producing feeds, and how often would the Bitshares Exchange read the median of those feeds?
That depends on the witness. On the average it is every 10-20 minutes but GDEX produces his every 2.

General Discussion / Re: Review of BAIP2
« on: March 31, 2020, 02:56:09 am »
if you are too stupid to understand what is shorting attack/ death spiral, I don't know how to explain to you.

What made bitshares have ANY value from the beginning was the notion of decentralized oracle market pegged assets that could be traded on a decentralized exchange platform.  THAT was the niche value proposition.   Your bullshit has poisoned the decentralized oracle well and killed market pegged assets and HENCE bitshares has no value because it is no longer a place where you can trust the value of the witness supported decentralized smart coins.   

No trustworthy decentralized oracle = 
Witnesses are not trustworthy =
No unique niche value proposition =
Bitshares is a shitcoin in a sea of other shitcoins =


and there is not a bsip or baip in the world related to protecting your long lost debt position from fictitious "shorting attacks" that will EVER save it.  Not a price feed moving average, not a settlement fee, not a pegging the price to the core token, not MSSR = 1, not MCR = 1; all you do is devalue the core token further.

You are a loser.  Your debt is worthless.   You've killed a blockchain that talented developers have spent close to a decade building. 

You and everything you stand for is a disgrace, fraud, and scam. 
Anyone with a half bit of sense knows it.

Expect from this day forward anything you post in the English speaking world will be responded to with this quote:


If you report bitcrab to SEC
you may be eligible for up to 10%
of any money recovered as a reward!

Eventually, someone will grow fed up with you enough to deal with .gov and you can finally enjoy your concrete box, orange jumpsuit, and daily serving of pickle ends and reconstituted potatoes... that you so clearly crave. 

Until then... please do everyone a favor and go lick a used N95.
Amen to that!

General Discussion / Re: Hello 👋
« on: March 30, 2020, 11:20:35 pm »
if using the global settlement to crash all the debtors, then the confidence and liquidity will lost very quickly, no one want to come in again.

if using the BSIP71 or lock the feed price, the devalue of bitasset will become very seriously, the market will lost confidence very quickly too, and will harm the benifit of the holder of bitasset, they will leave very quickly.

You think anyone has any confidence left in bitassets to lose? It's entirely gone now mate, people are already unlikely to return. bitCNY & bitUSD have already been SEVERELY devalued, upwards of 71% as mentioned above, there is ZERO benefit to the asset holder from this, thus there can be no confidence in these dead scam coins any more. BSIP76 proponents chose this future, it cannot be forgotten. IMO they should lose the 'bit' prefix for being confirmed scam assets.
Good point. ScamCNY and ScamUSD should be more of their true reflection. I'm not sure why people even buy them anymore. But the good thing, nobody has to buy them if they don't want to. Unfortunate.

General Discussion / Re: Hello 👋
« on: March 25, 2020, 01:53:51 pm »
Lol @Bytemaster, you probably don't even read these... but I think Bitshares promised to be a DEX but in reality it is just a blockchain interface for a CEX. And now some faulty DPOS fundamentals (like borrowed votes through bitAssets) are making the chain almost worthless, sad really. Only RUDEX and @litepresence are holding it up.

General Discussion / Re: ANN: HONEST Market Pegged Assets
« on: February 02, 2020, 05:19:27 am »
Been following your work for some time. I can support this. We definitely need to break away from price setting.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] sahkan-bitshares
« on: December 12, 2019, 01:26:58 am »

Can you please update your HERTZ price feed to use a real USD price feed reference? bitUSD hasn't been accurate for months now, so your feeds whilst regularly published are about 40% off.


I am using real USD pricing. I will take a look at the script. I keep getting voted in and out so hard to keep a steady pace atm.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Poll] BSIP76:Set bitUSD feed threshold
« on: November 20, 2019, 03:09:17 am »
A full month later, we're in the same position.

BTS worth $0.024193 looking at CMC, last feed price is 28.98571 BTS/bitUSD aka $0.03449, so (1-(0.024193/0.03449))*100 = 29.85% below the correct feed price.
Both BitCNY and BitUSD are no longer witness fed SmartCoins, but I can think of at least one S letter word that we could use for the name of this new type of ....Coin.

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