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Hello. My name is Earl and I need your help.

Recently I've started to worry. For all I know the BitShares rocket may never reach escape velocity, but what if it does? I realized I wouldn't be ready. I want to be on-board the rocket, and I want to bring with me some animals. Thinking of different animals is only my second best skill, so I need your help making a list.

Also, I need two on-ramps. One is for getting the animals onto the BitShares rocket, the other is for getting more BTS with BTC or fiat. Any suggestions? I've been away and am unaware of current options you see..

Anyway, back to the animals. I've already gathered my favorite animals:
  • Silent Lamb
  • Mothman
  • American Weirdwolf (I found it in Plaster, Paris)
  • Dog Soldier
  • Blob
  • Giraffe (should fit in the rocket's central shaft)
  • Human Centipede
  • Donny Rabbit

I've already thought of these ones for the list:
  • Elk
  • Dingo
  • Aphid
  • Man-at-Sea-atee
  • Triceratops
  • Water Bear (Tardigrade)
  • Slow Loris
  • Human
  • Larimer
  • Potato
  • Water Boatman
  • Anopheles Mosquito (could we eat these?)
  • Zooko

I'm not counting viruses as animals, and I don't want to take any benthic crawlers because I think they're too mentally attached to the Earth to want to come with us.
Can you think of any more?
Does anyone want to help me? (Or tell me to shut up?)
By the way, centipedes only have one pair of legs on a body segment, whereas millipedes have two. And can we paint the rocket blue with pink extremities?


Random Discussion / Re: Ban The Beave!
« on: March 20, 2017, 08:18:47 pm » "the hadrian"
I'm sorry I was nowhere to be seen back in December. I missed your cry for help "the beaver".
If you're still lurking feel free to come back as "the coypu" and try again..

General Discussion / Re: Any non spam posts I should read here?
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:05:57 pm »
Hi @mf-tzo . Every now and then I wonder about brownies too. I have a fair few of them, but am not hodling my breath expecting anything to come from them. Sometimes I wonder if I would even find out if @bytemaster did decide to do something with them. He's not posted on this forum since May, and I'm not interested in Steem...
I wish there were an alert I could sign up to in case there's any brownie news/action.

By the way, if I wanted to keep up to date with what Dan Larimer is up to nowadays, is it the Stem platform I'd need to go to? Does he still blog?

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: AGS/PTS donator - How do I get my MUSE?
« on: July 15, 2016, 04:50:46 pm »
You need to download the wallet specifically for Muse. I did try this myself some months ago, and had no success in claiming my tokens, so perhaps I'll go back and have another try.

If I remember it correctly, a couple of month ago BM said that he didn't forget the people helping him and someday he would buy back the brownies he gave to express his gratitude to the persons who beleive in his view and support it without asking for anything in return.

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He never made any guarantees and I'm sure he's stated that there is no obligation on his part with Brownies. I think he insinuated that if circumstances are ever suitably aligned that he could do something like this ^^

@bytemaster - If you ever do this how/where would you announce it?


The idea needn't be to give away loads of value 'for free'! Bytemaster could offer discounts/bonuses to Brownie holders on goods/tokens/services (probably, but not necessarily in exchange for the Brownies). The idea is to entice Brownie holders to contribute something further to any given project (even if it's just user adoption), but to be allowed to gain something more cheaply than non Brownie holders. There is a lot of potential here for the arrangement to be mutually beneficial, although there's always scope in this space for it to piss people off on both sides of the fence...

Failing that, bytemaster could sell signed photos in exchange for Brownies! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!

I still haven't seen it! An experiment to what?

General Discussion / Re: 224,201 BROWNIE.PTS up for donations
« on: May 06, 2016, 01:22:16 pm »

If I cut out some of that transaction ID it says:


Also, I wonder if bytemaster has plans for brownies in the near future...

Random Discussion / Re: Article on problem solving.
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:53:00 pm »

I looked at the answer.  I always think there is some hack/cheat.  I wonder how long it would have taken me to get it.. lol.

Ha ha! Now you'll never know how long it would've taken you. Do you think it's a good puzzle?

steem it !

Maybe I will post it on Steemit once it's up and running. I can't remember where I got it from now - I'd have to search it. I can't even remember the answer, so I'm gonna think about it now!

Funny, no one mentions the other bombshell today... hint:  it ends in "3.0".

I kind of half listened to the mumble and I didn't hear anything about this. Anyone know what Stan's alluding to here?

My version from what I remember:

  • Learn from Steem
  • Create a DEX using lessons learned, and sharedrop on BitShares (sharedrop proportions would take into account development costs which have to be paid for).
  • Get best of both worlds. Good things from Steem like no transaction fees, paid liquidity providers and witnesses. Also get the ability to create other assets by shorting into existence.
  • This is BitShares 3.0. Market would sort out competition between BiShares 2.0 and 3.0

Is thi about right anyone?

Random Discussion / Re: FYI reddit deletes warrant canary
« on: April 16, 2016, 11:54:37 am »
The world we live in  ::)

Thinking long term, BitShares needs to become less reliant on bytemaster (or any individual). It's been clearly stated months ago, and I don't recall hearing anyone disagree. Perhaps if it's going to happen it's best when the market cap is relatively low because there's less value to be destroyed with the perceived disruption. If BitShares survives this in the short term (which it should), then it's down to the community and entrepreneurs to gradually build on what we have. It'll be a long game, but we could end up with something very well established and integrated into many people's daily lives. Ultimately we all know how good this tool can be once the world is ready to use it. These things historically take many years to click into place, mostly for obvious reasons...


Just looking at the illustration...
Are you saying bytemaster a lichen, or is he Mosses?  :P (this is very funny because the illustration says "Mosses", but I've accidentally on purpose mistaken it for Moses! Ha!)
Couldn't resist...

We are on our own from now on.

Hmm... not quite what he said. He was explaining where he was intending to focus his effort at the moment (Steem). This doesn't preclude him from doing significant work on/with BitShares if circumstances suit. I believe one of his main points was that he intends to do whatever best suits his aim of securing life, liberty and property for all. He can't continue to pour him personal funds into BitShares because it's not sustainable. Also, if Steem succeeds it should help BitShares. I hope this is a fair summary.

Does anyone think there will be a sharedrop on BitShares? This may be something to consider if you're weighing up your options. I missed part of the mumble session, so I don't know if this is likely or if it was mentioned...

Are you able to indicate at what time on Saturday this is likely to happen?
It's in the subject line :-) 7-9pm UTC time

 :-[ Thanks for not ripping me to pieces! Ha!

Are you able to indicate at what time on Saturday this is likely to happen?

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