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I totally agree with @JonnyBitcoin

I even posted similar idea here:

When you will ask Americans which currency is the most stable for them, they will answer - USD
When you will ask Chinese which currency is the most stable for them, they will answer - CNY

This is obvious, right?

So why we are selling and buying things here with BTS? This thread is of course related to @tonyk 's thread: bitSHARES - As True Shares and Not a Currency!

When I came to bitshares, I was convinced, that bitshares has great value for companies, because there is no risk at all, when you use it as derivative asset. This is great explained here:

So... the question is, why we pay witnesses with BTS? We should ask each of them which bitAsset they prefer and give them...

General Discussion / Re: Is Bitshares still growing?
« on: July 13, 2016, 02:16:46 pm »
Steem is helping BTS.  And I believe in Bytemaster.  He had to work on other projects for a while because he had no choice, but eventually he will help BTS as well. 

I would love to believe in that, but right now we have to help us first. Bytemaster just set a bar, and we now know how much graphene-based technology can be worth.

Also, I think it would be good to have more than a faith of his will, that he some day will help us.

* testing: for better quality

@xeroc can you also deploy it on testnet?

Everyone was so exited when BM announced that he have an idea for solving problem with fees. I have prepared a quick recap what happens when:

On Feb 5 @bytemaster during hangout described whole idea starting with words: "Could we imagine a scenario where the blockchain had no fees, at all?"
On Feb 8 @-banano- created a topic Will this community be surpporting BM's "zero fee" proposal to get micropayment? where 74 (93.7%) forum members agreed that this is a good idea.
On Feb 10 @bytemaster posted on his blog: How to build a Decentralized Application without Fees
On Feb 14 @abit created post: Rate Limited Free Transactions Feature Implemented

On March 1 @abit created a ticket #603 on cryptonomex/graphene github - Implement simple rate limited free transaction feature.
On March 8 @abit created a Pull Request #612 - "Implement rate limited free transactions feature #603"

On March 2 @abit first time (according to my knowledge) mentioned in comment of #603: "We need a BSIP document for this feature."

What happen next?

Today is April 25.

Rate Limited Free Transactions are still not a part of bitshares.

Some time ago I asked on dev slack of graphene:

This feature stucked somewhere and it seems that right now no one is finalizing a work on that.

I created this blog post in good faith, that this will help us:

- describe what is needed to finish that job (what are the blocker? Missing BSIP? Testing? Code Review? Something else????)
- develop a plan (with described steps) how to do that
- prepare a schedule for those steps with deadlines

We have to do something with that. I have a feeling that most of work is already done. It would be stupid and totally ineffective to abandon that work and this idea right now.

any updates?

General Discussion / Re: BTS Promotional Ideas, Memes, Etc.
« on: April 10, 2016, 12:27:58 pm »

I thought that this cannot be so easily simplify. The reason why I thought that is the fact that on normal betting site people are betting against
bookmaker. The problem is... that on blockchain people bet against each other. So, there is not way of defining two values which can be used for those two buttons. Right?

Not really..

Of course we always will have a chicken and egg problem, but if order book is not empty, we should have equivalent of "best price" button on coinbase.

This buttons should use taker strategy, and should check what price they can offer for specific amount of money. Actually we already have something similar implemented. Where?

The problem with empty books should be handled by PM smartcoin issuer. Yes, he should be a bookmaker, and some people even understand that:

We got great coverage about our Prediction Market feature.... and that is bad thing, because our prediction market is terrible.

Our core developer spent 20 minutes describing how this works... and as people say in youtube coments:

This is obvious that no one would spent this amount of time to investigate how this works... and if someone will not be sure, simply will be too afraid to use it.

Amanda also didn't decide create her own prediction market smartcion... i guess... mostly because of price. I am sure, that if that would cost her only let say 100 BTS, she would create that asset.

My thoughts:

- short selling is too complicated for average Joe. I would like to just have to buttons - [BET A] or [BET not A]
- prediction smartcoins should be cheaper. Why? Because very often they will be live only... for example one week (because next football match is in next sunday). Right now there is no way to reuse those smartcoins after they are "decided".

Having "feature" like that makes us more harm than profit. Don't believe me? Go to youtube and read people comments.

I am not writing this because I want to complain. I am writing this because I believe that together we can design better look and feel for that feature.

General Discussion / Re: MakerX - new bitshares frontend in town
« on: March 30, 2016, 02:26:10 pm »
There are still few things to remove on (like permissions, membership, etc)

Also title of page should be corrected:

I suggest to not use names bitUSD and bitCNY (in dropdowns). Those smartcoins are available in wallet as USD and CNY. Do not confuse people even more.

I take a different view on this. In my opinion, the symbols in the wallet should have been BitUSD and BitCNY and not USD and CNY. They are not equivalent to USD or CNY (not exchangeable 1-1 in practice), so I think this is a much greater source of potential confusion. And in fact, all discussions of them on this forum refer to them as BitUSD and BitCNY. I actually originally thought that all Bit Asset symbols would be prefixed with Bit, but somewhere along the way this got lost during implementation.

THE MOST important thing is consistency. So they can be called superUSD, superCNY... or just plain symbols $... but they have to be called everywhere exactly the same.

with rate limited free transactions, dividends with sharebits also can be free, so I also do not see a reason to spent an extra time for something what will be used by couple of people.

General Discussion / Re: MakerX - new bitshares frontend in town
« on: March 30, 2016, 12:48:33 pm »
I can't easily check it myself without nuking my wallet I think

You can always use private mode in your browser (or even create profiles in Chrome ;))

But for me, default view is:

General Discussion / Re: MakerX - new bitshares frontend in town
« on: March 30, 2016, 12:46:34 pm »
you should remove "find markets", because i can find the not wanted market here and could try to trade.

Yeah... and there user will be able to find market MKR:BTC (that is MKR:bitBTC) which will be suprisingly different from showed by default MKR:BTC (that is MKR:OPEN.BTC)

Further things to improve:

From newbie perspective, there should not be a message like that:

The fact that faucet is needed to create new user account is implementation detail - should be hidden in that case (can be available in power user wallet)

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