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Technical Support / Re: Status on Bitshares ShapeShift
« on: March 01, 2016, 09:35:42 am »
give them the time they need for testing...

Yes... I understand... but we already have March right now :(

General Discussion / Re: How to improve voting participation.
« on: March 01, 2016, 09:06:18 am »
recently we talked with @JonnyBitcoin on slack... about the idea, to interview each person, every time when new worker proposal will be made. This could be organize in the form of public hangout with questions from host of the program and from audience.

I am going to sleep right now, but here there is still very nice view:


Technical Support / Re: Status on Bitshares ShapeShift
« on: March 01, 2016, 02:13:03 am »
@xeroc any updates?

Should be, but this is one another thing which we realize today. CMC seems to not have this pair at all. I tweeted their account ( but so far I cannot do anything more. Anyone here has another contact for them?

BTW.. interesting conversation was happend today on our slack:

riverhead [6:26] In the BTC Markets tab I don't see anything BitShares related UIA or otherwise.
krondix [6:26]  because BitShares does not have BTC, only BitBTC and OpenBTC
riverhead [6:26] OPEN.BTC is the same as POLONIEX.BTC and KRAKEN.BTC
riverhead [6:26] You deposit BTC and get OPEN.BTC with the expectation of being able to withdraw OPEN.BTC for BTC.
noisy [6:26] exactly
krondix [6:27] yes
riverhead [6:27]  However I do agree that BTC (bitBTC) is not BTC
krondix [6:27] what is BTC in BitShares then? OPEN. + METAEX. + TRADE. combined?
ihashfury [6:27] @Samupaha: in theory we could use "Quantitative easing" to devalue BTC with BTS
riverhead [6:28] Not exactly - but it can be gray sometimes. For example I use bitUSD via Coinomat to pay my credit card. It's not real USD but the difference is immaterial to me.
riverhead  [6:28] @krondix bitBTC is minted by putting away collateral. It is designed to track the value but is not an IUO for onchain BTC (edited)
riverhead  [6:29] The UIA.BTC is supposed to be a 1:1 IOU for onchain BTC
krondix [6:29] @Riverhead: I understand this, my question was different. If Polo.BTC is listed as BTC on cmc, and bitBTC is listed as bitBTC, what if any should be listed as BTC for BitShares?
jonnybitcoin [6:29] There should be different exchanges reported on CMClike openledger metaexchange and blocktrades and then a single combined figure for all exchanges running on bitshares
riverhead [6:30] Yup
riverhead [6:30] @krondix OPEN.BTC is the same as POLO.BTC since it's a 1:1 IOU. bitBTC is a derivative.
roadscape [6:31] Is it possible to issue an asset that's not tradeable on the DEX?
krondix [6:31] Polo.BTC is listed as BTC, Open.BTC as OpenBTC
riverhead [6:31] Ah, I see.
krondix [6:31] bitBTC as bitBTC
riverhead [6:31] Yes, they have it wrong

too bad that couldn't be maintained.

Why not? Actually I am going to keep most of my open orders :)

I think today went well.

theres still lots of depth on usd:btc

Yeah... this could give us additional information, how long Liquidity Event Effect could last. We will see. Maybe, even longer than we expecting right now? :)

General Discussion / How to improve voting participation.
« on: March 01, 2016, 12:01:28 am »
During last hangout with bytemaster one of the topic was "low participation of community in Voting".
If I am reading those stats correctly right now only small fraction of stake really votes:


Personally I think there are couples of reasons why people do not vote. I talked about that during hangout:

So in my opinion we should do something to encourage people to vote. Absolutely we should not pay them... but we should educate people about possibilities of choices.

We could use cryptofresh as provider of "short description of each proxy". We could also use blockchain as random generator, which will randomly pick featured proxy. Every 10 minutes featured proxy will changed... or every time when wallet will be opened.

Personally I am against to the idea of paying for advertisement time in the wallet. Everyone (even without big amount of money) should have equal rights to be promoted.

This is just the sketch which illustrate the whole idea. I have tried to keep this simple, but maybe some additionall link to forum should also be added. The most important thing is, If user will find good proxy for him, then he can vote with a single click of the button.

I am waiting for your feedback, comments and your ideas :)

I'm in for next Monday!!! I just need some instructions.

join us on :) We will help you :)

Technical Support / Re: Backup account
« on: February 29, 2016, 04:29:37 pm »
my name is Rainer and I am brand new member  of openleger !

actually.... you don't :P openledger is just wallet provider. But for sure you are new member of our Bitshares community :)

There are many wallet providers:

and another are under development:

General Discussion / Re: Marketing plan for Bitshares 2.1
« on: February 29, 2016, 04:23:58 pm »
Do you know what changing versions number is important? Because it is easier to describe evolving software with specific version number.

When someone will make a youtube video about bitshares... this review should mention about version of software which is reviewed. Later... in next few months... this will be very easy to people to judge... whether specific video is up to date, or not.

General Discussion / Re: Potential BitShares Road Map for 2016
« on: February 29, 2016, 03:28:50 pm »
- I can see adding sidechains for other major cryptos such as litecoin and peercoin.  Wouldn't it be possible now to trade amongst them as well?  Huge liquidity.

this may not by true... so do not take my words as final... but I think we could integrate with everycoin which has multisig. But... it will require to run full node of that client by all witnesses. So it would be difficult to run 20 full nodes of different coins. So (in my opinion) we should focus on:

* DOGE :)

I am curious how long after today this liquidity will stay...

it looks pretty awesome! :) I want to have situation like this... everyday! :) But you know what? Now we all know, that this is possible :)

General Discussion / Re: Potential BitShares Road Map for 2016
« on: February 29, 2016, 11:52:40 am »
Sidechains <-- OK, but i'm more a fan of supporting anything to do with the trading experience

@cylonmaker2053 this should be our priority. This will bring liquidity to all BTC:XYZ exchanges. Right now to trade with BTC you need 200% collateral, what makes, that less BTC circulate in the network... and people do not like that. With sidechain (first bitcoin, ethereum next) we will have exactly 100% collateral. This will give us very big boost... not mentioning about fame an all news services, because bitshares will be first cruptocurrency which is sidechain of bitcoin!

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