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Lot's of users which don't even bring liquidity to their main pairs ?

The result will be the same as biki

Spending $20k for mirrored offers which has no real volume.

What real daily volume do you expect to achieve on mxc for bitshares that would justify to spend $20k on promotion ?

A cost use Bill

As I've said, worst case, we're paying some money for promotion. Hard for me to tell whether it worth doing.

Worst case you are spending $20k to promote not our exchange.
Are there any other offers right now? Doing something is better than doing nothing.

That's a crap answer and a farce for everyone who voted for refund400k  or which worker have been closed because of refund400k.

What was the main argument ?Being ineffective ?

Despite disagreements, appreciate your integrity.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Proxy:B-DEX
« on: December 19, 2019, 06:09:52 am »
chill everyone.

I believe it was just a mistake/misunderstanding. Votes have been reinstated.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Decentralized 2019 Recap
« on: November 25, 2019, 10:23:24 am »
Did you get any input why companies are not using bitshares till now ?

I heard there was a lot of talk crypto now need to move to fully comply ?Is that correct ?

Probably not the best place to get a "non-biased" opinion as it's primarily institutional/pro-full compliance  but yeah, obviously compliance is important.

Noone however thinks that the regulation to comply with is proper at the moment. So it's a very volatile/murky area. More of a case of getting involved in the discussions which will ultimately lead to the appropriate regulations.

As far as BitShares is concerned, main feeling is due to complete lack of awareness rather than anything else.

3/6 multisig...

Would need to have lost 4 keys to lose access.

Not saying it's not possible...but I find it unlikely. Easy for zb to dismiss if we can contact them.

think USDT too

I suggest you look up what "up to" and "budget worker" means.

True spent amounts visible at:

I just need to know how much have spent from the reserve pool, we have spent out almost 8M bitcny, and we have other worker cost,this is not small numbers, so i didn't think we not spent money on the development.

Unspent funds as usual will be burnt back to the chain. Escrowed funds are just that, escrowed. They have not been spent on development.

True number of funds paid to devs is absolutely crucial in evaluating tehir performance and efficiency.

Stakeholder Proposals / Decentralized 2019 Recap
« on: November 07, 2019, 01:48:55 pm »

Following our positive and successful experience sponsoring Decentralized 2018, where we had a chance to see the size and quality of the conference as well as the recognisability and status of the speakers and attendees, this year we decided to have a much larger presence.

After discussing with the organisers and the community, and keeping in mind the severe brand recognition and brand equity problems prevalent at BitShares, I negotiated an event partnership package that included quite a lot of perks for us and built a budget worker with a MAXIMUM possible spend of 200k USD (110k USD event partnership + 90k USD attendance and promotional costs). The original proposal can be found here:

The idea was to make a big splash and cause a lot of noise at the conference and to use this as a sort of launch platform for subsequent marketing actions as well as provide us with a wealth of marketable material.

Due to the bear-market during Q2 and Q3 of 2019 and the shift in voting power, the worker was voted in and out at various times and underfunded. During that time, I made conscious efforts and spent a lot of time in discussions to reach a compromise with voters in cutting down the worker budget and still getting the partnership to go ahead successfully. I also arranged for BBF to escrow the worker retrospectively which saved us >20% VAT costs paying only a 5% escrow fee instead.

In the end, we managed to pull it off with a total cost of ~ 120-125k USD (some accounting still pending) which is 40% less than originally budgeted. Admittedly some of the "wow" factor was lost compared to my original plan but I still believe it was a great success.


Original proposal was for 25 people to attend including committee members, proxies, worker and community representatives, businesses that have built on BitShares as well as the BBF.
Due to the limited budget (and lack of interest by certain parts of the community) this was eventually cut down to:

BBF: Mrs. Annemieke Dirkes
Proxy/Committee: Dr. Fabian Schuh (xer0c)
Committee member/Witness/UI Team: Mr. Alex Megalokonomos (clockwork - myself)
UI Team/Marketing workec: Dr. Stefan Schiessl
OpenLedger: Ronny Boesing
BitSpark: George Harrap and Bohdan Varshchuk
Everprove: Zoltan Toth and Zoltan Patko Milos Preocanin (Digital Lucifer)
Rossul UI & Russian community: Denis from GrapheneLab

The worker would provide the above with event invites as well as flight/accommodation reimbursement (except for myself, being based in Athens)

On top of that, invites would be provided to:

Core Team: Ryan R. Fox, Nathan Hourt, John Jones, Christopher Sandborn, Michel Santos
Academic Research: Dr. Philip Brown

While the core team worker would cover flights and accommodation for them.

Remaining free invites were given to:
Paul Martello: onceponatime - BEOS Proxy representative
Daniel Schwartz: liondani - witness/long-time community member
Vasilis Bokos: BEOS lawyer - participant in the BitShares-hosted panel discussion at the conference
Cass - long-time community member. BitShares logo creator
Eric Gu: Metaverse

All of which made their own arrangements for accommodation and flights.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, due to unforeseen circumstances, bad weather/cancelled flights and last minute problems (some of them personal/family health related) we had a slew of last minute changes.

Thus, the final attendance was just:

Annemieke Dirkes
Dr. Fabian Schuh
Alex Megalokonomos
Dr. Stefan Schiessl
Ronny Boesing
George Harrap
Bohdan Varshchuk
Paul Martello
Daniel Schwartz
Vasilis Bokos
Eric Gu

The last-minute schedule changes of the participants also led to changes in the speakers nominated by BitShares as follows:

Keynote Address
"Becoming Sufficiently Decentralized"
Dr. Fabian Schuh (Blockchain Projects BV, BitShares Proxy/Committee)
(fill-in for original speaker Ryan R. Fox)
Session Latest Trends in Crypto and Blockchain
"From Smart Contracts to Decentralized Companies"
Dr. Fabian Schuh (Blockchain Projects BV, BitShares Proxy/Committee)
(replacement for "Bridging the Gap: Creating a Financial Smart Contracting Platform to Take Us Into the Future" by Nathan Hourt - BitShares Core Team)

Session Industrial Applications I
"What is BitShares?"
Dr. Stefan Schiessl (Blockchain Projects BV, BitShares UI Team)
(replacement for "Trustless and immutable contract and document certification" by Zoltan Toth - Everprove)

Session Fintech & Tegtech I
"Stablecoins Usage in Remittances"
George Harrap (BitSpark, BitShares Gateway)

Session Latest Trends in Crypto and Blockchain
"A Legally Compliant Blockchain: From Permissioned to Decentralized"
Ronny Boesing (OpenLedger Aps, BitShares Gateway)

Panel Discussion - Regulatory Aspects
Moderator: Annemieke Dirkes (Blockchain Projects BV, BBF)
Aymeric Bruneau (GSX Group, Gibraltar Stock Exchange)
Jonathan Galea (Blockchain Advisory Ltd , BitMalta)
Vassilios P. Bokos (V. Bokos Attorney & Associates, BEOS lawyer, Advisor to the Hellenic Parliament)
Jaguar-Adva Gal (Jaguar Lawyers Firm)

Academic Track
"Incentives for Crypto-Collateralized Digital Assets"
Dr. Philip Brown (University of Colorado, BitShares Research Team)

At this point I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Fabian Schuh and Dr. Stefan Schiessl for stepping up literally at the last minute and preparing presentations within just a few hours while already at the conference, and Dr. Philip Brown to agree to a remote presentation of his paper.

The conference

The actual conference was a huge success and in its 3rd year has really become one of the largest if not the largest blockchain-focused conferences in Europe. As event partners, BitShares branding was EVERYWHERE at the conference overshadowing other  sponsors such as: PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Oracle, Microsoft, Accenture, Eurobank,, Consensys, the Canadian government and a host of others.

Total attendance exceeded 1500 people, while the speakers' list contained many extremely important and influential names in the blockchain world.

The authors of 4 out of the 8 papers cited/referenced in Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin white paper were present: 

Scott Stornetta (The father of blockchain who first described a blockchain in his seminal 1991 paper: "How to time-stamp a digital document")
David Chaum (Renowned cryptographer who first proposed all but one element of the bitcoin protocol in his 1982 paper:  "Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups")

as well as other influential figures such as:

Ian Grigg (Financial Cryptographer - Inventor of the Ricardian Contract - original EOS team member),
Dr. Adam Back (hashcash inventor, CEO of Blockstream),
Eva Kaili (Chair of the Science and Technology Options Assessment body of the European Parliament),
Perianne Boring (Founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce),
Garick Hileman (Head of Research at,
Antony Lewis (Director of Digital Assets at R3/Corda),
Silvio Schembri (Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation of Malta),
Tone Vays (well-known trader and Bitcoin advocate)
and many others.

The BitShares team made a large impression at the conference with the highlight being Dr. Fabian Schuh's keynote speech on the path to decentralisation and discussions on "decentralizing liability" which was a key theme throughout the conference. All other BitShares-hosted talks were well received as well with George Harrap's talk being extensively discussed.

Dr. Philip Brown's presentation showed that his research can provide some unexpected insights and improvements into our bitAsset mechanisms and we should not let the opportunity pass us by.

Outside our own talks, the BitShares team split their time to attend as many of the other speaker's talks as possible and do some heavy networking. We had some excellent discussions with Scott Stornetta, David Chaum, Ian Grigg, Adam Back and others in technical and governance matters while Mrs. Annemieke Dirkes dealt with regulatory, compliance and liability conversations with government officials and advisors.

We also spent a lot of time explaining and showcasing the BitShares platform to attendees at our booth where we found that a large percentage of people had either never heard of BitShares or thought it was a "dead" project. The net effect of our partnership at the conference was that we made a "We're here and still going strong" statement to both crypto influencers AND enthusiasts and definitely gave some more top-of-mind awareness to the BitShares brand.

I believe it is up to us to continue building on this event and market ourselves better in the future, thus ensuring this was not a one-off thing and remaining in people's minds which will help build the BitShares brand and give more weight to everything we do.

After the conference

We are currently waiting for all talks and audiovisual material from the conference to be released by the organisers so we can share the presentations with the community.

There is also a first recap publication by the University of Nicosia available here:

Our status as event partners allows us to use ALL talks (even generic ones not by the BitShares team) as marketable content since we "powered" the conference which should help our social media presence.

I have already posted a (well-received) twitter thread recap after the conference: and plan to post more stuff as material becomes available.

In the meantime, the community can search the #decentralized19 hashtag on twitter to get a glimpse of everything that happened at the conference.

We are also waiting for the production company to provide our very own 5 min. BitShares focused/branded video from the conference which will be a key marketing element.

Finally, now that the conference is over, I will follow-up on taking advantage of our IFF subscription (part of the partnership package - more details here: for further networking and marketing purposes.

Thanks for your support,


P.S. Here are some limited images from the conference. I'll post more as I get them.

So you're saying that by not developing what investors want they won't invest? So why would they invest if there is no development to develop that which they want?

I agree with OP, a lack of development will lead to stagnation and decaying software quality. If HackTheDex runs out of funding then there are always external security groups who pay much more for zero days & wouldn't hesitate to use them.

The combination of hackthedex and bitshares-ui development resolved multiple critical vulnerabilities in the last year which had they fallen into the wrong hands could have led to ransomware & worms speading through the network with precision and minimal input by the victim.

It looks like you want to argue for something and want prove your opinion is right, that's very interesting.

So you're saying that by not developing what investors want they won't invest? So why would they invest if there is no development to develop that which they want?

I think you can do some deeper thinking about your words, and consider why, why, why.

and sombody can tell me where the development fund come from of these coin, BTC,LTC?

and how old is BTS?

The reserve pool belongs to the holder of bts, how to use it determined by votes, the holder is very clearly know what they do, every penny needs to count, they will fund what they think should develop,not who order them.
Oh, maybe you are one holder of bts and didn't get what your want, this just show you didn't hold enough bts to express your opinion.

Do you want to be stronger?hold more bts.

This is a wildly inaccurate estimate, way over 2x the real amount of funding.

If you think the number is a wildly inaccurate estimate, en, can I trouble you to statistics the accurate amount.

I suggest you look up what "up to" and "budget worker" means.

True spent amounts visible at:

Since BM left, the development of BTS is mainly undertaken by some workers. These workers are very import to BTS, and the active gratitude towards work of these workers is very appreciated by us. But on the other hand, these workers have already paid a considerable amount of money, The BTS reserve pool is used to pay workers. Now, the current situation is that, although the volume and activity on the BTS chain is not bad, but the BTS market value ranking is from the highest fourth place to the lower 50th in the past few years, and BTS technology is no longer so attractive compared with other competitors. While BTS is no longer a hot cryptocurrency and BTS investors are not getting any returns, BTS worker is certainly a much hotter business than before. The expenditure of the BTS system exceeds most of the other cryptocurrency, the BTS workers have been paid more than 40 million CNY(6 million USD) last year and nearly 27 million CNY (4 million USD)this year (THANK for refound400k). A Nobel Prize is only about 6 million RMB, and ten Nobel prizes can be awarded with the expenses of BTS in these two years. Development needs to be paid, translation needs to be paid, marketing needs to be paid, meetings need to be paid, papers need to be paid, documents need to be paid, and these expenses are more and more. In the past two years, nearly 200 million BTS token were sold in the market to pay wages for workers. At the current rate of expenditure, the remaining reserve funds may be spent out in three or four years, so the expenses budget must be controlled and adjusted. BTS workers are actually a business now, but lack of management of workers, such as the same work needs to introduce multiple workers to compete, workload evaluation and project acceptance etc. Therefore, it is suggested that, until the management of relevant workers is improved, other workers will be deactivated for a period of time except for necessary worker such as network maintenance, core bug fixing, which will be funded. There may be some BTS holders who are worried about the negative impact on the BTS system introduced by suspending some workers. In fact, lots of the open source softwares on github are developed free by developers, and these softwares are also very successful. Even if BTS spending is reduced, we also believe that developers who love BTS will be willing to join the development. However, The wages of all workers are actually paid by all BTS holders, therefore BTS holders have right to vote on Refund workers to return the pay of other workers to the reserve pool, and introduce a threshold how much votes a worker needs to be active.

those numbers are completely wrong :/

General Discussion / Re: D*Match betting in chain
« on: October 21, 2019, 01:51:11 pm »
Hello, Elias here.
I wish to experiment how long can i reach in develop a betting app with BitShares prediction markets.


There is almost nothing definitive but the tech:
  • UI will be a mobile app, with Cordova, MobileUI, Javascript and Brython
  • Development backend server with Python, UVIcorn, Starlette, FastAPI(
  • Backend will facilitate the managing of markets


* Transparent betting app.
* Node companion server to avoid bloating core-api.
* Manager for betting setups, storing status in asset description.
* Hierarchical dependency of prediction market assets to allow multi-choice bets.

Work notes

* My work is based on design aproach "bi-directional top-down", being "top" the user experience and "down" the tech ground.
* Multiple programing patterns. Although i always begin with procedural with gradual refactor to oop when the code matures.
* Python centric. Always can be a time for C migration, although not in my interest.
* Aside note: Too wide opened mind and prone to break things. Thus bad core developer.

Short introduction of me:
* Member of community since 2017. Fall in love with a mature project that just works.
* My first personal project failed by not being able to get in sync with the blockchain and unclear goals.
* The second project (monotoken (smartasset wallet)) failed for not being according to locals laws.
* This is my third project.   :D

This post will be refreshed periocally in order to reflect status.

* Foundation for API tech
* Foundation for UI tech

Good stuff!

Great to see more devs jumping in to make use of all the tools we have

Thanks abit, I had PM'd Thule. The RC contains the referral and market fee fix.

I estimate we are one to two weeks away from the RC for the next big release.
I thought the proposal scam fix was in the RC (by default do not show proposed txs tab). No?

Anything currently merged to develop branch should be viewable at the develop. url.

This RC was a backport essentially of the market fee sharing fix to not delay Thule any longer.

The real RC still has review/merges and testing to be done.

General Discussion / Re: Many "Create Proposal"
« on: October 03, 2019, 02:49:01 pm »
Well, that is certainly scary.. For everyone... Must have worked a bunch of times on some poor souls...
Any info on how this works? It's possible that an unrelated account propose to have added permission onto another account? That sucks and it should be ONLY the other way around... Parent accounts must be able to allow child accounts in, but child accounts should not be able to ask parent accounts to control them...

Client is updated. Says Bitshares.190424 and that an update is available, but it always says that even though I have the latest, so that is annoying. Wondering why...

Having that said, the Create Proposals are still visible in my Activity, don't see a difference with the new client. I never caught a proposal when it was still active, so that must be why.

Beside that, what can we do about those scum accounts? Support BSIP #154? BSIP #2658?

Thanks again!

Latest release is : 3.1.190618.1

General Discussion / Re: Many "Create Proposal"
« on: October 03, 2019, 05:45:38 am »
It's a scam attempt. Do not click approve. If using latest client or reference web wallet, warnings should be clear

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