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I am working on the Website and currently thinking about the right design structure plus a way how to fund the front end developer. I first want to be 100% sure to get a voter in, because i don´t want to waste 160€ for a empty worker. I do not have spear funds fur such a deal. So before we think about a big rebranding, let us use what we have so far. Refaine our core values and talk to our core target group.

You should have posted this to STEEM.

And for the morons who think that the Steemit posters will lose value of their bitUSD (STEEM backed crypto dollars are the same thing) relative to USD as they go to cash it out on July 5th,  I have to laugh and realize that not even some of the BitShares faithful know that the concept of:

"the  value of 1 bitUSD can always be sold for $1 USD" is true

But for these people who are afraid that the value of bitUSD will fall relative to USD I will do you the favor and do your homework for you:

On July 5th the value of STEEMPOWER will fall as the STEEM backed dollars are pulled out of the system.  Sorry but the concept of smartcoins has been around now for years and when you act like it does not exist, it kind of makes me feel like a genius and realize that if the BitShares locals still have not learned what the heck a "smartcoin" is then...... (do the math)(early adopt much?)

How is the value of the bitUSD (SBD) going to hold it's value during this predictable exodous?  By barring the doors of the STEEMPOWER holders (and taking their money and giving it to the curators). 

Duh.. "smartcoins"  hello.  STEEM is a simplified fork of BitShares not a more complex one (no shorting/margin calls etc).  Wake up class, life is passing you by.


STEEM - It's just a BitShares fundraiser

As far as branding goes.  Let's keep the "BitShares" brand of smartcoins, but since our DEX is so kick ass performancewise, I do believe that we should start calling it:

"The DEX"

It is after all the first and only place that I know of where you can create and trade smartcoins (those things that many around here still fail to admit the existance of!)

Where is the best discussion of how the STEEMIT dollars work without the long/short mechanism?

I don´t think that BitShares needs a rebranding either. The brand is good, a lot of our target people (Financial professionals) know about BitShares but they have problems to understand all of their features. What really is missing, in my point of view, is an easy "get started tutorial" for the BitShares Platform.

Ronny is already working on great material for how to open an account, how to fund it and how to start trading, great!!

Additionally we need 101 tutorials for BitShares 2.0 again, especially since we have a feature freeze and the value and content of a tutorial will   be valid at least for a year plus.

Getting started with BitShares is not easy, MPA, UIA, FBA, Multi Sig, Backups, DPOS, Smartcontracts, Program languages, and many more just raise many questions for beginners. When we want to make our beloved platform more open we should start here. Tutorials and an updated website.

I am working on the Website and currently thinking about the right design structure plus a way how to fund the front end developer. I first want to be 100% sure to get a voter in, because i don´t want to waste 160€ for a empty worker. I do not have spear funds fur such a deal. So before we think about a big rebranding, let us use what we have so far. Refaine our core values and talk to our core target group.

 I meet Gavin Wood from Ethercore yesterday on a conference and I liked the way how he presented ETH infront of +250 software developers at the Developer Conference in Munich. Very simple and clean, without talking about the following core buzzwords.

So what can we learn from him? Should we now go to banking conferences and present them the DEX? Should we go to day trader conferences and present the DEX? Bitcoin Trading conferences? It is hard to define who our core audience is. The BitShares Graphene code is actually a trading engine software for Exchanges. Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken are runing on Alphapoint or a selfbuilt software. They could switch to Graphene, but might loose control. So who do we talk to? It is not the regular Java script coder, he is gone with Ethereum. Thats their play ground. Where is ours?

I would love to discuss our target group way more than we do. We have tons of projects on the line with BitShares Munich and we profit from a stabile feature set. Let us all continue to attract more businesses like OpenLedger and BitShares Munich, Compufeed, etc.  to this great platform and increase volume.

This is a good post. I end up talking to crypto-currency enthuasists.  I think that market is not going to go anywhere.  When the original architect decided to make a "better bitcoin" and make an API that is not backwards compatible, it was etched into stone.  In general those guys have a negative image of BitShares in mind. These are the only people I encounter who know of BitShares and almost universally have a bad image of it.  I won't list all the stuff that caused it, but suffice to say the negative impression exists. Those who don't have a bad image usually had an interest in a sub-project like the PLAY project.

However, I realize that i have to look at other demographics that still have potential. BitShares to me speaks of the idea of sharedropping and a toolkit, but there is no reason people would think that. It also works for the DEX.

So who is BitShares targeting?  Probably not people who know much about BitShares. So what value is there in rebranding? Probably not enough to make it worthwhile.  It is hard to get quality people to help out, and most of them don't want to go through changing names and logos again. That was done with BitSharesX, as if the X made any difference or got away from something specific. sigh.

You just need faith. Dan and Stan bringing faith based blockchain solutions to the masses.

God bless us. Chuckle.

It is stunning how much you young ladies are sounding almost EXACTLY like the nattering ninnies who were laughing at me for spending $5 "real" dollars to buy "virtual" Bitcoins in 2011.


Haha... I would just like to inform you that there are other blockchain projects.

I hope you guys get paid. I just don't want some naive nattering Nancy to go into that and invest their time under some wrong assumption. The problem is that Steem is just an iffy thing in many ways but I am not going to pick it apart.

You just need faith. Dan and Stan bringing faith based blockchain solutions to the masses.

God bless us. Chuckle.

Technical Support / Re: Open Ledger won't let me trade
« on: June 03, 2016, 06:03:03 pm »

The market told me my fee was .14 BTS and I have a balance of 90.I guess I'll sell some of my OPEN.BTC and acquire more BTS under the assumption that the .14 fee is wrong.

If you missed it, Dan has not abandoned Bitshares, but has just moved the experimentation to another blockchain and has suggested in other posts when the results of those experiments yield positive results, then those things can be considered for introduction/inclusion into our current blockchain. Many of the features do revolve around new ways to provide liquidity to the markets.

I've known Dan long enough to be able to make my own judgement.
For me he did abandon BitShares (in different aspects: mentally, as a stake-holder and as a leader) and I am quite happy about that.
Without him there would be no BTS but now, as he's gone, BTS has a better chance to evolve and succeed.
With him "leading" we were stuck in a limbo.

Unfortunately it is hard to imagine a scenario where Dan is going to want to work on BitShares.  Maybe if the market cap grows and the hiring sentiment changes. I sorta get the feeling he doesn't enjoy coding that much.

The name thing is sort of funny. As big as they were embracing that whole concept, when it came down to it that was no share-dropping. So the idea of BitShares has very little positive traction and doesn't really fit the project particularly well. A complete rebrand would be good although thats a lot of artwork and editting. You'll have "bitshares" mentioned all over the place etc.

Technical Support / Re: Open Ledger won't let me trade
« on: June 02, 2016, 11:13:37 pm »

I am trying to buy open.dgd then see if I can actually acquire DGD. I have open.btc but when I go to buy open.dgd (I have about 5x the order and 300x the BTS it lists as the fee.) it tells me "Insufficient funds to pay fee." Is this "fee pool" thing the issue?

It is very frustrating.  I fluctuate between being like "Geez Gamey, maybe if you had used this great looking exchange you wouldn't be such a negative nancy" to "The fees and spreads are killing me and I can't even acquire a trivial amount of the token that started me down this path." 

General Discussion / Re: Merger of STEEM and BTS
« on: June 02, 2016, 04:53:12 am »
This discussion on Steemit would have been worth $1500 by now.

I sometimes read STEEM in STEALTH mode.

Too bad they didn't sharedrop. shrug. Honestly, if I sign up for it, it will be 100% lock to fail. That is a near proven law. Is that really what you want?

I wish I was kidding.

General Discussion / Re: Merger of STEEM and BTS
« on: June 02, 2016, 04:12:24 am »
For the record, steemit currently uses the same ranking algorithm as Reddit.  Rich whales do not dictate what you see.  Just who gets paid. 

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

THank you for the clarification.  Although I'm sure you guys are sick of me, it is never my intention to spread bad information.

That is far far more reasonable. Not sure where I got the wrong thing in my head.

Technical Support / Re: brainkey in wallet is currently broken.
« on: June 02, 2016, 03:10:00 am »
It still doesn't work. It appears that perhaps someone tried to fix it as the problem has changed. I can now type things into the box, (no errors) but when I click on the Create Wallet button on the bottom, nothing happens.  It would appear that whatever code that is supposed to enable that button is not tied into the brainkey verification properly.

To be clear - This is not a problem with the backend. I am not importing any keys or anything special.  I just cleared my cookies on firefox and it did not change anything. It accepts the brainkey and the text under it changes, but clicking on the button does not appear to start up the next step.

General Discussion / Re: Merger of STEEM and BTS
« on: June 02, 2016, 02:40:35 am »

Yes Reddit historically hasn't had more advertising and censorship due to fear of negative user reaction.

A well known case study was apparently Digg, a Reddit predecessor which went from a $200 million valuation in 2008 to being sold in 2012 for $500 000 after a negative reaction to an advertiser friendly redesign and censorship.

Protesting at the removal of the upcoming news page, the default setting of "My News", deleted favourites, the apparent front page domination of a handful of publishers, and the removal of the "bury" button (for voting down stories), Digg users flooded the front page with links to rival aggregators and pleaded with chief executive Kevin Rose to turn back the clock.

Since 2015 Reddit has introduced a lot more censorship to make their site more advertiser friendly, more prominent advertising and a much larger advertising team but this has resulted in negative reactions that have driven traffic to competitors.

In February, 2015, following accusations of censorship on Reddit, a surge of Reddit users created accounts on Voat.[18]
In early June, 2015, after Reddit banned five of its subreddits for harassment—the largest of which had around 150,000 subscribers[19][20]—many users of Reddit began to create accounts on Voat.[21] The influx of new participants temporarily overloaded the site, causing downtime.

Even with recent changes I think Reddit are only projected to make $20 million in revenue in 2016 and may still be in the red and given that the highest valuation they've raised funds at is $500 million it's hard to justify Steem's $30 million valuation imo especially as they have a no/low revenue model and have additional costs of paying content curators, creators and sometimes voters. Plus they're also paying to acquire users at the moment. So I personally think their users might have a low/no/even negative value in terms of how serious investors will value them. 

There's a similar product based on Ethereum coming soon which I haven't looked into much...

the project gradually evolved into something more interconnected and social that could be compared to a decentralized Medium or Reddit.

They plan for users to earn ETH from content creation.

Moreover, the votes are bundled with ETH micro transactions so if your content is good you’ll make ETH from it – in a way, mining with your mind.

I have a feeling being based on ETH and being launched in a more transparent and crypto-currency community perceived fair way they've definitely got a good shot at gaining some initial traction & I'll be interested in looking at the business model regards how revenue for content creators etc. is created.

I remember Digg. I was one of the user's they lost. Aggregators are probably the most harmful addictions I've ever had in my life.Aggregators have been a consumer of far too much time that has been lost learning things of questionable value. I no longer remember the specifics of what Digg changed, but the new site lost me too. Thats a problem, aggregator sites have no _real_ community. Even sites that have a real community can have huge shifts in usage when the owner does something widely despised. Still, I would have expected Reddit to have a bit more ads.  Oh yea they do have the sponsored item at the top. Thats all I remember. VC money is a wonderful thing. I'm not sure how their expenses are so high ...

It makes sense that Reddit is treading carefully. It is also kinda funny that they can't make any money.  In a way that makes me happy. If one site is going to be so dominant, lets at least force them to give us an A+ user experience and not a bunch of dodgy ads.

I think an ETH based solution will have much more appeal but they're going to be screwed if they pay for storing content on the ETH blockchain. There needs to be a FACTOM style service for ETH that is closely integrated to ETH, but even that likely wouldn't scale. IMO Steemit is low-hanging yet poorly chosen fruit for a blockchain.

General Discussion / Re: Merger of STEEM and BTS
« on: June 02, 2016, 12:50:36 am »
You are right. you don't want to take their STEEM, we just make their STEEM worthless to them by destroying its utility (prompting them to dump it).  Terrific social/economic incentive (they will never see the endgame approaching in an expanding economy)(suckers!).  So let's have a poll to agree on the the maximum amount of STEEM that can be used for voting.

And while we are at it, let's all discuss exactly how much value in personal property that people should be allowed to use (they can own whatever they want)

You're right, the marketing pitch for slavery will only be successful if we use doublespeak rhetoric (just don't refer to them as controls or restrictions, but rather "freedom guarantees" or "free speech zones")

"Liberty Mandates!" - bend over and get your Liberty
You should post this to STEEM, I'm sure that the wales will give you money for such progressive ideas.

(don't worry, Maduro is just being jokingly sarcastic)

Once we agree on how much STEEM we should steal from the rich, then everyone will suddenly leave Reddit in a mass Exodus and flock to STEEM to post about Bernie Sanders

You dropped this.   -->   /s

Uhhhm, it has nothing to do with those economics.  It has all to do with longterm adoption though. When a post's value is stake weighted, then those without any stake will not find any real value in reading there over Reddit except if being paid. It will be a huge turn off to lots (it is for me). If you want your reading controlled by whomever invested in the DAC then thats cool, but I am pretty sure most people will disagree with your stance.  You however live in some weird bubble where your values are purely ideological and no basis in reality. That is also cool, SATAN.

Just to try and explain it a bit further since your eyes get full of STEEM and you can't read straight.  I am not arguing about taking anyone's property. Nor do I think the allocation of STEEM is unfair in any way what so ever. All I am doing is pointing out that most people prefer to have their reading selected by a 1:1 democracy or at least like-minded people. STEEMIT will have neither and this will hurt long term adoption if I understand it correctly.

I already brought this up once in my reference on Monarchy to try to make a point, so I'll continue with that.  You're the kind of fool who would gleefully bow down before the King and his knights, because anything else would be property confiscation.  You would live your life as a noble serf though. Full of liberty to own property, just no way in hell of ever acquiring it. <thumbs up> winning!

I honestly don't care that much.  I don't go around posting in STEEMIT threads on bitcointalk. I do post on here though and that sentence was but one small statement of my opinion. 

General Discussion / Re: Merger of STEEM and BTS
« on: June 01, 2016, 10:19:08 pm »
gamey is right, restristricting the ability of large shareholders to vote should be our number one priority right now

and I am not just talking about Steemit whales

Rich people should have their property confiscated so that they have less influence on the voting public and then the world becomes fair again (finally).

 Lets have a vote to find the cutoff point for this property confiscation initiative

Once we agree on how much STEEM we should steal from the rich, then everyone will suddenly leave Reddit in a mass Exodus and flock to STEEM to post about Bernie Sanders

I said nothing of the sort but I do believe that a healthy capitalistic society has to have something to keep it healthy and not a third-world type country (lots of wealth owned by very few) or old school Monarchy. I don't believe that people who inherit money deserve it to near the extent that people who earn it through endeavors. Outside of that, I have no particular beliefs.

Regardless, this example is more about controlling what is read. It is like state-owned media. It is great for those who own the media, but ends up just screwing over everyone else. In America, you can still say what you want through whatever medium. If you like Russian style media, then Steemit style messaging would be your thing.

Having big stake-holders control what info is disseminated has little to do with economics in a direct sense, but please continue on with your idiotic babbling.  Thank you.

Technical Support / Re: brainkey in wallet is currently broken.
« on: June 01, 2016, 10:09:09 pm »
Brankey restoration worked for me only on chrome

When?  I would be willing to think I made a mistake, but it first failed on Chrome/linux. 

So I go to my Windows machine and get the same problem in both Firefox and Chrome.

Technical Support / brainkey in wallet is currently broken.
« on: June 01, 2016, 09:43:59 pm »

So at one point I made an account. I guess I didn't "backup" the web-cache because I'd never heard of backing up a cache ever. I thought it would back it up so I didn't rely on the web-service, when it actually backs up my web-cache.

 I think I understand it now.  Your username + password is not sufficient if you clear the web-cache?  Is that true?

Regardless I decided to go with the brainkey.  So after digging the pictures of the brainkey off my phone  I try to restore via brainkey. In both chrome and firefox, windows and linux, I get "key.normalize_brain_key is not a function app.js 102"  That is firefox on windows.

On Chrome I get
vendors.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: key.normalize_brain_key is not a function

It should be real easy to replicate this bug, just go to create account and keep clicking through until you get to the brainkey option at the bottom.

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