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There are too many new features to post them all here that easily. This thread seems to be the best resource:,16744.0.html

General Discussion / Re: Burning is Still Alive and Well
« on: June 10, 2015, 01:22:32 pm »
1. There is no more BTS burning. No more dividends

....Anyway this matter is easily fixable – by setting 3 way split instead of the proposed 2 way (80%/20% for referral program/ future spending’s fund), by just adding % to be burnt

Of course there is another way to do this, another way which allows actually even more aggressively  removing/burning of BTS

Thanks for listening to the feed back from the community BM!  +5%


 +5% +5% +5%

Burn baby burn!

I would 100% support bitassets being backed by BTC (assuming sidechains are legit). BitShares is a platform that goes far beyond bitassets and this would be a great way to partner with another crypto and leverage their network effect. We would both win if this were implemented.

Hmm...I'm failing to see how we would both win in this scenario. Literally what value would BTS have if it wasn't backing bitassets? Sounds to me like it would have a quick drop to zero, while bitcoin reaps all the hard work of the BTS devs...

Am I missing something?

General Discussion / Re: Referral Program Status
« on: June 08, 2015, 07:31:09 pm »
Ha, sweet! I think I have exactly one referral made! I'll takes it.

Thanks BM!

General Discussion / Re: COUNTDOWN TO ANN RUMOURS!
« on: June 08, 2015, 06:18:18 pm »
And now the dumping can begin, since they didn't announce a partnership with apple pay, overstock, and the NASDAQ all at once, so someone is going to be disappointed. :P

According to Stan's summer announcement thread:,16447

Accouncement 2 is around the corner. And from the sounds of it there's even more to announce throughout the summer. Don't give up hope for an Apple Pay/OverStock/Nasdaq mega-DAC-partnership announcement just yet.  :)

Technical Support / Re: Announcing BitShares 2.0
« on: June 08, 2015, 06:07:22 pm »
Lol I like how we just skip right over the dreaded 1.0 and hit 2.0.


Its a correction of the fact that all these coins went up 100% in two weeks. 

It feels like some of you guys have never seen crypto markets before.  Things move quickly both up and down. 
As soon as something thats going up fast runs out of momentum it goes down at least part of the way.  I thought BTS would get to .06 CNY before it happened, not .052.  At least I managed to sell some at .046 and buy back 10% lower.

This. Every other rationale is nonsense. Markets pump, markets correct. How it works.

Hmmm....what's the fastest way to get my hands on some BTS? I tried trading with Shapeshift...and if the block explorer is correct, that apparently did not work and I lost about $5 in BTC (probably should have tested with a lower amount). Any suggestions?

Definitely metaexchange. Prices are real good and the experience is always great. Nice and fast delivery too.


*buys more BTS*


Technical Support / Wallet shows nothing in "recent transactions"
« on: May 28, 2015, 01:56:16 pm »
Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to see what my latest purchases etc were. Any ideas why this would be empty? I've made a lot of purchases lately that I receive fine and all that, but there's no history for me to look at...

Why are people talking about BitUSD having a premium value? Isn't the whole point that BitUSD is supposed to closely match USD? Therefore having any value above or below $1 is bad, right?

Doesn't work that way. bitUSD at present is a premium that costs quite a bit more than $1.

Doesn't look like it on BTER.. and in my opinion that makes bitusd less valuable if  it's price is sundown different than USD.. while point is they are supposed to match.


First of all, most people don't really trust BTER anymore after the whole hacking situation. Second, external exchanges will always suffer liquidity-wise compared to the internal BTS exchange (where we want trading to happen). Third and most obvious, BitUSD 2.0 hasn't been released yet...

General Discussion / Re: Who let the Doges out?
« on: May 27, 2015, 05:44:22 pm »
Doge volume is $613,062 at BTC38 alone, or 64% of total. That's nuts. BTC38 in general just seems to be pumping lately. Chinese interest in crypto resparking? I dunno. Either way it seems to be pulling BTS along with it.

Hoping BTS can break out on it's own accord come June.  :D

I do not think we will see BTS under 2000 ever again.

We will if BM goes ahead with his current BitAssets 2.0 plan.

You've probably answered this elsewhere sumantso, but would you mind explaining why you think this?

sumantso's basic concern seems to be that liquidity will suffer under the proposed BitAsset 2.0 plan due to the BitUSD market being lopsided in favor of merchants with an endless BitUSD premium, making it costly for anyone to spend BitUSD over traditional fiat/credit card options. I share the same concern, and haven't really seen anything from BM to quell these fears...

But when I think about it, it's kind of the same as bitcoin. Everyone pays a fee to buy bitcoin, so why would people want to buy bitcoin just to spend it (and lose some cash value in the process)? So people will be disinclined to spend BitUSD...kind of like they are now disinclined to spend bitcoin. But how can a currency work if people aren't incentivized to spend it? Also, many buy bitcoin as an investment...BitUSD isn't much of an investment if it's tied to an inflationary asset. So why do I want BitUSD that costs more than a dollar? Just thinking aloud here; I'm no economics expert...

I'll happily use lending once we got it in our core. not gonna pay 15% fees for it

 +5%. Keep that shti in-house!

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