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I also have some asset locked. Because The active key was not generated.
Have you notified the devs via github about this?

Pretty sure the active key bug was fixed some weeks ago and was originally scheduled to come with 0.7.0 (before it was renamed 0.8.0). My problem is also due to the active key not being generated. All we can do is wait for the next release. It really sucks.

Yes, a release or at least some kind of confirmation from the dev team that the release is in process/coming soon/delayed etc is needed pretty badly right about now. Hell all my BTS are still locked up in the current 0.7.0 due to a bug that's supposed to be fixed in 0.8.0. Been waiting about a month already.

Ethereum may turn out to be awesome...or it could very well flop out the gate. No one knows just how things in this crypto world will turn out, and I think you're overestimating "the inevitable onslaught of ethereum" here just a bit.

i buy on every dip and transfer most of it to bitassets, done.

...isn't buying then transferring to stable bitassets the same as...not buying? Well I guess it supports the system, but still. If you're transferring large amounts to bitassets then it doesn't really matter when you buy BTS, on the dips or otherwise, right?

This means if you haven't stored in BitUSD or BitGLD you may actually be losing money right now with the hope and gamble that Bitshares will remain competitive.

I'm pretty sure there's a very, very large number of us who have already lost money. lol I'm already down like what, 68% on my BTS. Anyone who bought after the markets first opened for trade is officially losing money at this price.

At this point, for me personally, it's a hodl or crash/burn situation. There's a good chance the bottom is right around $16 mil, but hell that's only like 16% from the current price. I ain't about to play the market at this point, considering all the losses I've already weathered. I'll just keep hodling and pray for a miracle I guess.

Some awesome new development/news/anything right about now would be nice, though  :P.

Random Discussion / Re: I have lost faith inBTS completely
« on: March 21, 2015, 01:14:50 pm »
Just because someone posted a negative opinion doesn't mean it doesn't add value.  This kind of opinion should be taken seriously instead of sweeping it under the rug... Frankly I'm starting to agree with the OP.  There is absolutely no utility for bitshares.  We all thought we could issue equity with it, but have now realized it's a regulatory nightmare.  We also thought that we would get a bitshares fiat gateway, but that is also a painful journey down the regulatory rabbit hole. Investors are realizing that these things can only be done by people with deep pockets and a tolerance for going to prison... Maybe someone will try it, but frankly I don't think it's worth the orange jump suit risk.

And another thing, everyone has such a hard on for bitUSD and MPAs.  Why?  I don't see how it's all that revolutionary... Yeah yeah I get how its backed by 3x collateral ot whatever, but that is suffocating and make shooting difficult and asymetricly risky compared to buying bitUSD.  You can see all this buy the super low interest rates being offered by shorts over the last months and buy the dying market cap of bit assets.

Agree with lil_jay on this one. Basically nothing is going the way it was planned/promised. No stable client, no 1.0, no real marketing push, no secret sauce, no real VOTE features, no Overstock-equity integration, no fiat gateways, no debit card, no infomercials, no "funnels", the list goes on, and on, and on, and on.

That is why people are losing faith. Basically everything appears to have just been a bunch of smoke and mirrors so far. And it's important that this be expressed so the devs/community can know where improvements need to be made.

We have perhaps one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in the world here, but that won't amount to anything unless devs are able to actually keep their promises and meet deadlines to keep adoption from going extinct. Speaking of deadlines, what the hell is up with the Github 0.8.0 milestone? It's had those 3 final issues holding it back for like 2 weeks now (when it was originally 0.7.0), and is again past due by a day. Madness.

General Discussion / Re: Nearing Bottom
« on: March 21, 2015, 10:27:54 am »
Curious to see if our all-time-low of 0.045 CNY holds...ugh.

Quite a bit of panic going on it seems.


Darn, broke the all-time-low with a massive sell of...29 BTS at 0.044.


General Discussion / Re: Nearing Bottom
« on: March 20, 2015, 03:52:00 pm »
Selling 3M BTS at btc38 would take us down 6%.  Buying 3M shares would take us up 20%.

The is the first time in quite a while that the bid/ask has been bullish.  There were more asks than bids for quite a while there.  More evidence that we have finally found a support level.  (Of course, it needs to continue to hold!)

Well now buying 3 million shares would only take us up to 0.053. Not sure where all that sell pressure suddenly came from. Maybe the same guy with millions in buy orders around 0.048-0.049? Superwhale? lol

General Discussion / Re: Can we have a mumble this friday?
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:37:10 am »

I thought the newsletter was helpful, but i think a BM mumble for an hour would be really helpful. I dont see why its such an issue ... anyone can free up an hour and its fine for him to avoid commenting on something its still in the works, so to speak. Its hardly a trap.

I vote for a 1 hour session.

Agreed. It feels like there are a lot of "loose ends" right now that could definitely use a mumble to tie up.

Paycoin is ahead of us again.


Wow, it's on big volume too. Have you heard any news/press release?

I've been watching it. Apparently they're opening "beta invites" for their new storefront coinstand that will take your XPY for $20 toward any purchase you want, up to $1,000.

Apparently people still believe this BS. lol.

...aaand we're back to #4. All is right again in the world. That was fast.

Sorry, maybe it's not a good time to say too much right now.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you've already said too much. Vague/panic-inducing statements are a lot worse than straight-up facts.

btc38 still not prove they have enough balance, we need to be ready to face some bad situation
If you're "not saying anything for sure", why are you being so alarmist?

Do exchanges normally prove they have enough balance on hand of any asset they're holding? Why should we expect them to prove it for BTS?

It sounds like all of this is a bunch of unneeded panic over a rumor. These situations need to be considered by the devs, but until it's obvious this is what's going on there's no need to stir up the community.

I'd imagine a large portion of this rumor is being driven by those with buy orders around the 0.05 CNY level. Apparently it's working.

If you're "not saying anything for sure", why are you being so alarmist?

General Discussion / Re: Nearing Bottom
« on: March 18, 2015, 01:35:25 pm »
Hope that bottom comes in sooner than later...things are looking downright brutal on BTC38.

General Discussion / Re: exchange is a big bomb!
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:58:48 pm »
What's the actual cause of this concern from the Chinese side? Do you suspect BTC38 does this with all their coins or is it specific to BTS? If so, why?? And is there any kind of proof involved here?

Same questions here. Did something happen recently to cause people to suspect this? Or has this been a potential problem all along and people are just now realizing it?

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