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General Discussion / Re: Now we are at the bottom.
« on: April 10, 2015, 06:59:32 pm »
I believe Stellar has recently been rewritten and is no longer (or soon won't be) a clone of Ripple.

WHOA now...didn't know this.

How has it changed?

Should we invest in Stellar instead then?  :P

General Discussion / Re: Want to right the ship? Here's how:
« on: April 10, 2015, 03:55:24 pm »
It's a hell of a lot better chance than what Adam would bring us through FollowMyVote.
There is really no way of telling and I have learned it is sometimes best to chill out with giving predictions.  FollowMyVote has the Pirate Party on board with them...which is a pretty cool little start. 
I do hope that he has a sharedropping model though when his token comes out.  Even if he sharedrops a large portion on a political party and less so to us.

What token? I thought the whole point of the merger was BTS shareholders own Follow My Vote??

Good question, I've never heard anything about FMV having its own "token"...I thought "VOTE" was its token...?

General Discussion / Re: What's happening with the price?
« on: April 10, 2015, 03:28:45 pm »
I think what you are seeing is the result of the Moonstone crowdfund in part.. there is a big sell pressure to convert to BTC.. that would impact the price pretty quick I think.

I'd believe that if moonstone was receiving massive amounts of donations...but so far only $7,000.

I'd say the rest of the price drop is due to other coins dropping, manipulation by people knowing/thinking a price drop is imminent due to moonstone, and just general panic over the lack of solid BTS progress/communication lately...

General Discussion / Re: What's happening with the price?
« on: April 10, 2015, 02:57:03 pm »
Not too worried about not reaching the moon. Just want to stop loosing my savings.

It's a foolish idea to put savings into a volatile currency. Use bitUSD instead if you want stability.

If BTS were to skyrocket like it (may) be destined to then it would be foolish not to have your savings in BTS. But I guess it depends on how much you're putting in/your age...I'm still pretty young and can afford to lose the "savings" I invested in BTS...I've got more savings in a 401k anyway.

BitUSD doesn't really have any possibility of making you a millionaire...

We're not alone guys.
Paypal now accepts Bitcoin and the prices are still crashing.

Hmm, I didn't even hear about that. Either it's not a very good acceptance of bitcoin by PayPal or people really don't care anymore...hence panic. Doesn't really look like adoption news can move markets anymore. Things are getting interesting...

General Discussion / Re: What's happening with the price?
« on: April 10, 2015, 02:32:51 pm »

I doubt the captain is in the same boat

It'd be nice to hear from the captain...silence is only making things worse IMO.

General Discussion / Re: What's happening with the price?
« on: April 10, 2015, 02:03:27 pm »

General Discussion / Re: [ALERT] Abnormal trading activities at BTC38
« on: April 10, 2015, 03:41:56 am »
Ugh, again with the BTC38 FUD. So damn tired of them having so much control over the price. Why the hell dont we have volume anywhere else?? I just dont get how we can have such an awesome decentralized system wrapped in the hands of a single centralized exchange...makes no sense.

General Discussion / Re: Moonstone Fundraiser Help Thread
« on: April 09, 2015, 05:23:11 pm »
What if we want to do multiple donations? Would you just send some more BTC at a later time to the same BTC address you generated when you first created the wallet?

Is there any way to check and see whether our donation was received and our wallet credited?

Is the "active key not being regenerated" problem fixed in 0.8.1, or will I have to wait for BTS 0.9.0 to finally release? I've still been unable to regain access to my funds since this issue started.

I think the issue I'm having is which is shown as closed, but I don't think it's been implemented in 0.8.1 yet...

General Discussion / Re: Moonstone Fundraiser Help Thread
« on: April 09, 2015, 01:14:11 pm »
I'm kind of confused as to the whole "buyback" model that's going on. Is it basically BitSapphire delegates that will need to get hired by the blockchain in order to pay back moonstone donations? What if BitSapphire can't get enough delegates elected? What are the reasonable odds of losing money in the whole deal as opposed to receiving a 15% ROI? Is there a risk of losing all investment if things don't work out as planned?

Basically, how much riskier is it to buy and hold moonstone IOUs as opposed to just hodling BTS?

General Discussion / Re: Staff Meeting Notes - Monday, April 6, 2015
« on: April 08, 2015, 02:06:08 pm »
This includes hours of off-camera interviews where Bytemaster has given them insights about what is coming later this year.  They are not allowed to disclose that information, of course, but they are free to tell you their general impressions and personal levels of interest in what is going on at Bytemaster Labs.

I'd love to hear/see/read about their impressions

I'd love to hear what is actually coming later this year. So much tease...

What Bitshares needs are optional user accounts linked to government id and verified by a DAC.

This would make KYC/AML trivial and open the fiat floodgates. I think the dev team already has this in their sights and the tech forms part of the VOTE platform.

What Bitshares also needs is completely anonymous, secure and untraceable accounts.

This would change the world:

Step 1: Fiat value migrates to BTS via kyc/aml compliant gateways.

Step 2. Fiat value stays in BTS (via bitAssets) and never leaves... when folks want something to hold in their hands cryptosmith and other services allows direct conversion to tangible assets (bitGold -> gold).

Step 3. Everyone suddenly realizes their wealth is sovereign unto themselves.

Step 4. Change the world.

Am I the only one outside of the core devs that understands BTS, VOTE and DNS are the holy trinity?

Together these things form and incomprehensibly powerful tool that can change the course of human history.

Separate they are a passing novelty in a far flung and rarely visited corner of the internet.

The devs, particularly BM, are hunting much bigger game than most folks think.

Bitshares is not about bitAssets or banking...

All of this. Obviously these are ambitious goals, but it's exactly where BTS needs to position itself and exactly how BTS will absolutely explode. All of this is possible. Thank you OldMan for your wise words. You help remind me why I'm here in the first place.

(Are you really that old? Hah.)

General Discussion / Re: Shuffle Bounty $200 BitUSD
« on: April 07, 2015, 02:44:31 pm »
IF(Order = out_of_whack,organize,else "$200 BitUSD" GET)

end IF

so, if I am trying to short some bitCNY into existence, why is nobody buying them?

Because the price of BTS is too low , people don't want to sell BTS for BitCNY at this point .
They want BitCNY , they also don't want to trade their BTS for it .

So you need to wait for someone who is willing to dump their BTS for BitCNY at this point , but not likely because the price is really low , everybody I know refuse to do so .

If they want BitCNY but don't want to pay BTS for it...why not buy more cheap BTS and immediately convert it? I don't see the problem.

Gotta pay something to get BitCNY lol.

But yes, a funnel transforming CNY directly to BitCNY is so unbelievably needed.

It all ties up together.

Vote and DNS would have had funding from paid delegates and the remainder of the post 2/28/14 AGS donations.  We could not fairly honor those later donors by spending their money improving BTSX, so we had to work on VOTE and DNS.  Fair is fair.  So without the merger, BTSX, VOTE and DNS would all have had competing BitAssets splitting the market depth.  And BTSX would have not had ongoing funding like VOTE and DNS.  They would be what BitShares is today (self-funding with all the talent working as their delegates).

Without revealing the still-potent, still secret Vote "secret sauce", the astute student has been given lots of opportunities to read between the lines:,15180.msg196071.html#msg196071

One could also argue that the decline is because we stopped promising.  Without constant reminding, people tend to forget that we are still committed to the grand vision and working on it without talking more about it till it's done.
As for underdelivering, go back and look at what we were promising when the AGS program started.  We have WAY overdelivered since those days.

We are in a transition period where we are moving from talking about great stuff months in advance to talking about it only once its delivered.  This naturally causes a multi-month lull in excitement until things that were once out on the horizon move into our rear view mirror.

But nothing stops those of you with good memories from talking about it.   :)

I'm sorry but you're doing it again, hinting at something great on the horizon without providing anything of substance to back it up. We've been made promises like that for the last 6 months at least and personally I'm getting tired of it. The VOTE video in that comment has a grand total of 260 views, at least three of which are mine.. I don't like being all negative but considering the negative impact the merger of VOTE has had, as well as the major financial "donation" made to AK through the merger, I really don't think we got a good deal..

I have to add that I also feel you're rewriting history when you present the merger as something nice and orderly like that, at least to me it felt more like a knee-jerk reaction to a market panic caused by an offhand remark by Bytemaster. An important part of the original vision died in that knee-jerk reaction, the idea of a multitude of DACs fiercely competing or peacefully coexisting, focusing on different niches in a darwinian environment where only the strongest would survive. I for one loved that vision and was sad to see it disappear.

Now I'm not saying we have a bad product or that you haven't delivered with Bitshares, I love Bitshares and use the client almost every day and generally think it's an amazing product. But claims such as the alleged VOTE secret sauce and how DNS was super-easy and would be implemented in no time at all are where I think you over-promised.

 +5%. Enough with the teasing, we need concrete details/clear vision. Constantly being told to "think bigger" and that "things are happening" simply doesn't instill confidence, since we've seen for months now that these things may very well not be true.

I know I never would have bought so many BTS around October-November last year if I would've known so many promises were just hot air. Really irksome and truly feels like I've been lied to. Still hodling BTS because I've got nothing better to hold at this point (and all my BTS are stuck in a 0.8.0 glitch, still waiting on that fix in 0.9.0 for over a month now. Ugh). Just sucks.

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