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Wall street bailouts led to the biggest rally in the us stock market in history... I know many of you are zero hedge tinfoil hat people and think it's rigged, but you are rich if you bought stocks when the banks were bailed out.

Wrong.  You would be rich if you had bought bitcoin when the banks were bailed out.  You would not have even tripled your money in stocks.  Google the greatest stock market rallies in history.  This one is not it.

Not here to argue what the greatest investment in the world was from 2008 onward... Just saying the bailouts led to a huge rally in stocks and maybe a bailout here would lead to a similar result.

Well I will down vote a bailout delegate and I am sure others will to.

Exactly, we can always do that.

来自我的 M040 上的 Tapatalk

I haven't looked too in-depth at voting, but I thought the rules were that you could only "approve" a delegate that you like, and it wasn't possible to "downvote" delegates you don't agree with...?

But yea, it's fairly obvious a delegate specifically for this wouldn't gain very wide approval. But that's the beauty of BitShares -- the delegate can be made and the shareholders can come to a consensus with their voting power. If the widespread consensus is against any kind of bailout, that will be shown through votes. Sounds fair to me.

Technical Support / Re: Restoring wallet backup throws assert exception
« on: February 18, 2015, 07:35:54 pm »
I'm trying to restore a backup copy of my wallet made on 0.6.0 on one computer to another computer with a fresh install of 0.6.0, and I get the following exception:

Any tips?

Please confirm whether this issue has been fixed in 0.6.1:

This is still a problem.

Actually, this problem was fixed for me in 0.6.1. My backup came in just fine.

General Discussion / Re: Operation DarkNet
« on: February 18, 2015, 03:55:00 pm »
 +5% for drugs and gambling. There really is no greater way to fuel organic growth than through these avenues, and thus they should be of huge focus. I can't wait until the day the first market/gambling site implements BitUSD. We need to make this happen.

Debauchery FTW.

I for one find Newmine's frankness refreshing.


I disagree with him that delegate pay is dragging the project down. The price is going down simply because we havent given people an obvious reason why they should care about our product yet.

If I go to, it still does not show any charts of a BitUSD:BitBTC / whatever market with any depth. If people see something claiming to be a decentralized exchange, its just a bold claim - they want to see proof that people are actually exchanging stuff with it.

Why cant look like this:

Also agreed.  +5%

The way we are doing it now... with equity that they earn through their delegate positions.  If they do a good job and grow the ecosystem they will be payed higher than almost every other developer once the market cap gets bigger.  I would like to know if all the dev's are working full time or if this is a part time gig for them... judging by the github milestones, hardly any progress has been made in the last week.

Agreed, I've been watching those milestones like a hawk and it seems lately only more issues get added instead of closed, and 0.9.0 has already been pushed back like a month and a half into early March...which probably means May.

Not looking good. We need a high market cap to secure top talent, but we need top talent to produce something tangible to get the high market cap. Where the hell's the light wallet anyway?

General Discussion / Re: BTS long term support
« on: February 14, 2015, 04:45:09 pm »
Man, so even though bitcoin is picking back up apparently we're gonna head back down anyway. What a joke.

General Discussion / Re: SOLD ALL MY BTC for this "alt"...
« on: February 14, 2015, 04:35:10 pm »
100% BTS bought way too high...currently 39.3% of original value.

Whatever -- hodling.

General Discussion / Re: BTS long term support
« on: February 14, 2015, 03:52:40 am »
I love how btc38 simply does not care what happen at bter. :P 

They are like: sooner or later you will stop being silly and come back to our price.

Yea, this is ridiculous that the prices are so far off from each other now. I don't get it. And the volume at btc38 has shriveled to nothing -- $59,000 at bter and $24,000 at btc38! Very strange.

General Discussion / Re: BTS long term support
« on: February 13, 2015, 07:33:22 pm »
What in the hell is going on?

Yea, that's kind of ridiculous. Wayyyy less than the BTC38 price. Hope it doesn't cause a panic.

General Discussion / Re: BTS long term support
« on: February 13, 2015, 06:25:49 pm »
Devs are not top holders. 

So where were the BTS being sold? There were quite a few million+ drops on BTC38 over the past week, but can the devs convert from CNY -- USD? If the sales were for BTC, there were still a lot of other dumpers in the BTS/CNY market...

And how are the devs not top holders? I thought you alone had like 90 million or something like that.

There has been the sustained selling pressure of some what for quite a while now (I think specifically someone big started selling in the Jan 20-25 range.  This bitshares whale has been slowly selling off a couple million a day since then. 


The positive things we have been doing just havent been enough to stem the tide of this big seller, who simply does not seem to care that the price he is getting is now very low.  There is no reason for the bulls to try and drive it up as long as this guy is still determined to sell BTS, it makes much more sense for them to just but up low bids and let him desperation-sell into them, because the seller seems very desperate. 

Eventually this bear will either run out of BTS, or run out of desire to sell / need to sell, and the dumps will decrease, and the bulls who right now are getting their orders filled by placing lowball bids will stop getting filled and will have to start bidding the price up if they want more.

lol this is hilarious to read in the context that BM was the bearwhale all along.

General Discussion / Re: BTS long term support
« on: February 13, 2015, 04:07:36 pm »
The team as a whole owes $100,000 in taxes and has had to sell 10m bts recently.

A small whale right there.

So I have you to thank for that cheap BTS? Thanks BM! I knew you loved me.  :-*

General Discussion / Should we make an official ann thread on bitcointalk?
« on: February 13, 2015, 03:07:24 pm »
This comment from someone at bitcointalk got me thinking:

main problem with bitshares is : it's too complicated.
it's my own opinion, but i wanted to invest in it few days ago and tried to get more informations.... but i resigned
there isn't an official ann thread here, i couldn't find any clear coin specifications,
i was lost between what is bitshares, bitsharesX, pts, etc. etc..etc.... 
WTF so complicated?  is that coin only for the tech nerds? 
make it simple... or at least keep it complicated for the insiders, but build a simple cover for newcomers that aren't such tech-hardcore
this stuff exist already? cool.... please post the link and i will check again cuz i'm still interested

I feel like it is kind of important to have an official bitcointalk thread of some kind going, with concise info as to the specs, features, etc. Like it or not a lot of people solely get their info from there and refuse to take the time to venture out to other sites (bitsharestalk) for their info. I know, because I used to be this way. Should this be considered?

General Discussion / Re: Proposed market pegged asset overhaul
« on: February 12, 2015, 07:06:44 pm »
Soo...what becomes of  +5%? I don't follow all the technical stuff too well but what I'm hearing is interest may be phased out why would I want to bank with BTS when I could bank with a bank and at least get 0.1% interest or whatever it's down to now?

General Discussion / Re: New Wallet is Coming Along Nicely 0.6.1
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:31:40 pm »
When is the light wallet estimated to lunch? I thought it would have been launched on Monday

Yep... There should be better communication on this stuff.

Seriously, I feel like I have no idea what's going on at any given time. Then out of the blue: *woosh* another proposal of some kind to further blur the lines of what the hell's actually happening.

General Discussion / Re: Will Darkcoin pass Bitshares today or tomorrow?
« on: February 11, 2015, 07:33:57 pm »
who wants to wait 10 sec? when you can wait 3 sec...

Who wants to wait 3 sec? when you can wait 1 sec...

There comes a point of diminishing usefulness.

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