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General Discussion / Re: Poll: Dilution or No Dilution
« on: November 01, 2014, 07:20:00 pm »
This decision has been made, no need to start talking about it again.

Yup, beating a dead horse...

We foresee BitShares DNS DAC accepting some BitAssets from the main BitShares DAC, such as BitUSD as payment for offered services, adding liquidity to the main BitShares DAC.

This is apparently not possible, and was one of the biggest reasons for the merger.

+5% this is getting silly now.
I prefer the word ridiculous, but +5%

1. If the DNS DAC is withdrawing from the merger, they should not be share dropped in the BTS merger.
2. Stop changing things on a whim.
3. This is another thing I HATE about the merger.. it is an incredibly bad practice to release a cryptocurrency, snapshot it, then move to a new chain and deem the old tokens as being extinct. There are many dynamics of why this is bad and I don't care to spend hours explaining it as I feel like it should be common sense.
4. As mentioned previously, there is nothing stopping other DACs from implementing your features. This is another reason for the merger. Other DACs were going to copy BTSX's bitasset feature, there is nothing stopping BTS from doing the same.
5. I thought Toast was doing the DNS DAC, what is Bitcoiners/Toast's relation to the project? This just adds another layer of confusion..
6. Bitshares is starting to look more like a circus than a company. I am not here for entertainment. I am not surprised people are selling BTSX, I am very close to doing so myself. Please don't push me over that line that I am hovering around.

Dang CoinHoarder, laying down the law. But I agree completely. This is a terrible idea right now, when BTS is already awash in mass panic dumping and confusion. All this does is hurt the brand as a whole.

I almost wish there were some way to destroy the old tokens that are getting airdropped BTS...they're getting airdropped for a reason, and competing with the old tokens is not in anyone's best interest.

Well the idea has merits, but it may not be the right time to do it.
Call it KeyID or call it DNS as a third party DAC but please don't associated with the original Bitshares DNS. Right now Is is already confusing as is it and will hurt your DAC and it will hurt Bitshare too.

Actually third parties DAC forked from Bithsare toolkit is what we want   because this was the original vision of I3,  so KeyID and PTS DPOS are welcomed, but probably this is the worst moment because it will only add more to the panic and confusion.
Please keep working on this and when the time comes we all be all ready to welcome you  KeyID.  So keep on doing the good job bitcoinerS, you got toast support this is great.

 +5% The merger is necessary to alleviate confusion, and random changes like this only further confuse...

General Discussion / Re: Proposal: No more proposals
« on: November 01, 2014, 05:22:01 pm »
I am in favor of this proposal. Let us implement it immediately!


605 will this in effect be competing with the SuperDAC's implementation of DNS? Sounds confusing to me...

General Discussion / Re: BTSX reaches 50% LTC Market cap!
« on: November 01, 2014, 10:45:01 am »
I wouldnt blindly blame the chinese ..

Not blindly, I'm watching the BTC38 exchange BTSX/CNY. Over 6 million dumped in the last couple hours. They're always leading the price drops, and BTER follows shortly thereafter.

General Discussion / Will we go below DOGE???
« on: November 01, 2014, 10:35:24 am »
If this ridiculous dumping continues its path, BTS may slip to the number 5 spot...overtaken by DOGE.

Sad state of crypto...

I have to believe things will even out after Nov. 5th and everything's concrete again, but still it's tough to watch.

General Discussion / Re: BTSX reaches 50% LTC Market cap!
« on: November 01, 2014, 10:17:24 am »
fuck it.

lol agreed. The Chinese dumping is absolutely insane right now...very tough to watch.

Things have to look up after Nov. 5th....right??

General Discussion / Re: Please don't rebrand BTSX to just BitShares
« on: October 31, 2014, 06:31:50 pm »
BitShares - the worlds first decentralized autonomous cooperative governed entirely by the stakeholders to facilitate an efficient and profitable businesses. 

BitShares X has too many syllables and does not roll off the tong.   It is confusing to everyone I tell about it.

BitShares is simple, unified, and captures what it is without extra overhead or the need to explain more.  It is easy to say, spell, and use.  It parallels Bitcoin nicely. 

X sounds eXtreme or "over hyped" or "advanced" or some other feeling that people don't get or like.

This. Exactly this. The X has to go.

This thread has been very enlightening and points out how different messages reach different audiences. 

I never intended this thread to completely change everything...

BTS will be marketed according to how the marketers feel it will be best and I am deferring to their judgement.

Good discussion everyone.

Good to hear. While these may be some great ideas, they may not necessarily be the most marketable. Hope the marketing guys know what they're doing.

I think we have established the expectation and tradition of honoring those who provided the foundation.  People will do what is in their own best interest and that remains.

Every new DAC needs to have an initial allocation and the fairness of that allocation will greatly impact its performance.

So I am highly in favor of recommending people recognize any or all DACs based upon the toolkit, AGS, or PTS.  Ultimately the success or failure of that DAC will depend upon gaining users and with SEC crack downs you are not going to see many more IPO style fund raisers because they are risky.

So in my opinion it makes sense for all future dacs to snapshot an existing DAC with 100% and then pay supporters via delegate pay to grow it.

Alright, that sounds good. Will there be a way to snapshot BTS shares that are in "vesting" status, or will these not really be considered shares as they haven't been claimed yet?

...what's a matoni?

Nevermind, found an article on coindesk...interesting.

I think we are all upset by the price drop of BTS, and as a result we are getting angry with each other.   

Lets all not take too personally things that we said to each other today, given that we are actually just venting frustrations about the share price.

lol there's probably more truth to this than many of us realize...

General Discussion / Re: Longtime Investor - I am out
« on: October 30, 2014, 06:42:02 pm »
Well I just find that they naturally have reaction. I don't know if it is a self fulfilling prophecy. What I do know is that they provide me with low risk high reward entries.
Can you please let us know where do you think the price is going to go next and why?
Thanks  :)

I think we've hit the bottom just now...but I'm a shit trader lol. I'd like to imagine the snapshot coming up quick will re-spark some interest...and a lot of big guns are being prepared for November and December from the sounds of it. Selling now really is like leaving right before take off IMO.

 +5%...good stuff.

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