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I've been buried in work and just realized the pool is down just wondering what's going on

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What does Peerplays gets the rake mean? - are token holders part of that?

Sorry missed that last bit.

More detailed information on that is going to be posted soon. To give the short version the rake just means fees. It is a term understood in wagering platform circles. The core token is based on the Fee Backed Asset, which means holders of that token will get a % of the fees. So to answer your question, yes.

eSports Tournament and Wagering Platform – Peerplays solves many of the online gaming industry’s problems with a universally accessible tournament and wagering platform built to capitalize on the unmatched security, speed and flexibility of the BitShares blockchain. Unlike traditional online gaming websites, there is no “house” in Peerplays. Instead, everyone who uses the network is matched against other real players from all around the world.
The tournament management tools are programmed directly onto the blockchain, so any 3rd party tournament hosting site can easily integrate with Peerplays through the BitShares API. And since BitShares is also a worldwide payment processing network, every game publisher, advertiser, tournament host or vendor that plugs into Peerplays gains shared access to the entire network of users while still enjoying the freedom of operating their own independent websites.

The Peerplays network will support live action eSports games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and Starcraft, as well as fully functional “on-chain” games such as poker and other casino card games. Similar to most online gaming platforms, Peerplays earns a profit from the “Rake” – a percentage of each jackpot which is deducted as a fee

Sure sounds like it uses BitShares?
What does Peerplays gets the rake mean? - are token holders part of that?

We had an old description posted on As mentioned in a previous post in this thread, we did originally attempt to design this to be built into Bitshares but had to later move it to it's own blockchain as we got further into it. It was back when we were designing it to be built into Bitshares earlier on that we posted this description on the site.

We have corrected it now to reflect the reality that Peerplays will NOT be built on top of the BitShares blockchain.

I apologies for the confusion.

Is there any way that peer plays could be shut down by regulators if gambling is deemed illegal in a user's area?

Would you say this is truly decentralized or more of a centralized solution that uses the blockchain?  If it is the latter, what advantage does doing this on a blockchain have vs just using a centralized server?

Those are some awesome questions and we are adding it to our list of questions to talk about Friday morning at the launch party!

Great idea, but is there any prototype/demo or  at least some schedule?
OP said there will be a testnet in next week?

No, we never said that. Perhaps confused with another project.

More details on schedules coming this week though.

Great idea, but is there any prototype/demo or  at least some schedule?

Yes, and those details are being released over the coming week.

We are way past the idea stage on this.

are you thinking to sharedrop on bts holders or ... play holders?

No, I am not thinking that at this time. We are bringing a lot of value to the Bitshares network in the liquidity Peerplays provides to the markets along with other technological improvements in the code that may be offered to the Bitshares community to use in the Bitshares blockchain. It's tremendous value by itself.

We are going to be most thankful to all of those who donate to this project because they believe in all benefits and innovations it will bring not just to Bitshares, but as a new blockchain in itself.  This is going to break into one of the most massive industries today that is growing faster than most can keep up with. The Peerplays blockchain will be perfectly positioned to provide value and grow along side Bitshares.

did you alreday start to code it and who is coding it?

the idea is good, everyone expected something like this von PLAY, but they disapeard.

one more question you should better explain before you launch

compared to Lisk the sold 85% to asset holders and kept only 8% for coredevs etc.

if i understand you right you will pay from the 70% asset sold also the marketing campaigns and keeping 30% to the founders and pay
your time with the donated bitcoins? this are just my assumptions so i think it would be good to outline it more.

Yes the starting elements for the Peerplays blockchain are already being coded. I guess I should mention that when we get to testnet the project will be open sourced, just in case some need to hear that

Yes we are well aware of what Play did, or rather didn't do. I don't know much about the Lisk team either, or the extend of their experience to evaluate their capacity to consider all the he various elements that are necessary to build a successful operation. Also take into consideration that not all blockchains are equal in their requirements.

I would hope by now most here have learned that it takes more than just coders to make a successful network, which is why our team is comprised of experienced business operators, gaming industry insiders, marketers, content specialists, and coders. While the blockchain is at the heart of it all, it doesn't do much good without a head hands and feet to carry it forward so to speak.

As stated at the bottom of the OP, there is more info coming this week. We just wanted to have the Bitshares community have a chance to hear it here first.

I'm excited that you are anxious to want to get at all that information and you are concerned about it. Shows you care and want to see this succeed I think. :)

Will the bitassets used in peerplays be backed by BTS (i.e. originate on the BTS blockchain)?

The asset tokens used in Peerplays will be sidechain tokens represented by the real assets in Bitshares.

So technically the answer to your question is no, but in practical terms, the answer is yes. :)

What were some of the main reasons that prevented you from building this on bitshares?

I would be much more willing to invest in some of these projects if everyone wasn't a fork of bts... Also the "donation" word was used by Dan a lot to basically free himself of any obligation to his early investors.  I would say most ags investors were not thrilled with the final outcome.

We actually attempted to design this within Bitshares originally. However, the further we got into the design and the functions and requirements of the network, the more challenging it became attempting to have it coexist within Bitshares network in it's entirety. The transactions in this network are going to be very high, and would end up competing with transactions in the DEX. Then there are the numerous hardforks with each game, and the voting which is potentially to become an issue within Bitshares.

Our solution that developed out of this though was sidechains. Through this innovation we are going to have a robust sidechain implementation for graphene that can be applied to Bitshares. The Peerplays network is not going to operate it's own exchange. Instead it will simply connect out to Bitshares via sidechain to make it seamless for players to move in/out into whatever token they choose. There are a few other innovative features we designed which could also be applied to Bitshares as well. However, all that is subject to voter approval of course.

This is not a fork of Bitshares, but a fork of graphene. The new functions we designed are completely different from what Bitshares has.

With all this in mind, there are numerous benefits to Bitshares including MASSIVE liquidity to the bitAsset markets.

So in the end, Bitshares is still gaining all the benefits of the volume and liquidity that Peerplays will bring, without having to deal with the operations of the Peerplays blockchain.

In regards to the investors donations stuff. This is a donations crowdfund, and we are going to keep within the parameters of how that needs to be operated as stated by current regulatory requirements in Canada. It really is no different than most crypto crowdfunds with the parameters they must operate in. Even the Lisk crowdfund was a donations crowdfund. This whole thing is running through our Canadian corporation. So as far as liabilities go we are subject to those laws, which should give those looking to participate in supporting this project more confidence in my estimation. We are very thankful to everyone who donates to this crowdfund in support of this awesome project!

Hope this helped answered your questions.

I have some questions regarding this [ANN].  I haven't listened to today's BB Hangout so if these questions were discussed already I apologize in advance.

So what's the Total and Final Supply of the Peerplay tokens suppose to be?  You've already listed in the ANN 200,000 tokens and then another 500,000 tokens over the 25 day "AGS Style" auction, for a total of 700,000 tokens.  Is this the max?

A: As it shows on the Bitshares network, there is only a total of 1M supply of these tokens. There will never be more than 1M Peerplay tokens on the Bitshares network. 300,000 of the 700,000 will be held by founders and contributors involved.

Question two- How did you come up with the $500,000 USD valuation for Phase One and Two?  Or am I misunderstanding and doing the math wrong? 

A: This was based on a budget for a variety of things including further development, legal, network, and promotion. More information will become available on this over the coming week.

Question three- If the math for question two is correct,  is it safe you're expecting the AGS donation to average around $1.25 Million USD?

A: No, actually much more. By the time we launch the auction, we will actually have a working blockchain testnet and MVP. Those that donate earlier on are getting our PEERPLAY token on the Bitshares network at a significantly lower cost since at present we do not have a working testnet yet ready to present. What we are building has never been done before. Everyone is going to lose their minds after they see this!
I know you said more details will be released around May 6th so thanks in advance for giving any insight, as much as you can anyway!!

Yes, we also talked about that in Mumble. Highly recommend you give it a listen. Kencode was on fire after we were done. :)

Great questions! Answered above in big orange! :)

how do I make money?

In the explainer video we talk about the numerous opportunities this network is going to provide. From referring other users, to hosting your own tournaments. The network core token holders also will be given direct profit shares of all the fees generated within the network. Basically the same as the FBA.

For the crowdfund we are accepting donations from those that love what this project is going to accomplish, and we are providing a PEERPLAYS Bitshares token in return for those donations. We are very thankful to all those who choose to support and donate to this project. :)


Keep Up with Everything:

Crowdfund Ends May 14th 2017 - Click Here for Details

The Peerplays Team is proud to present one of the first Decentralized Applications (DAPPs) which runs on Peerplays. The first ever global betting exchange:

Original Post from May 5th 2016 below

What is Peerplays?

The World’s First Decentralized Tournament Management and Wagering Platform
Built Entirely on the Blockchain

Guaranteed Provably Fair Gaming
Peerplays’ provably fair gaming system is 100% open source and built directly onto the blockchain. You never have to worry about cheaters or unfair house odds, because all games take place between real players are matched with each other through a series of on-chain smart contracts. On Peerplays, you can place wagers and win huge jackpots by using these very same smart contracts.

Lightning Fast Speed and Network Capacity
Peerplays is built on Graphene, the fastest decentralized blockchain technology in the world. Graphene has been successfully tested to handle over 100,000 transactions per second with average block times of under 3 seconds.

On-Chain Games
Casino card games are adjudicated by smart contracts as part of the native blockchain code, and Peerplays’ player matching algorithm creates a trustless on-chain gaming environment. Since Graphene is incredibly fast, it allows for the broadcast and revealing of blinded proofs at the frequency necessary to facilitate real-time gameplay.

Fee-Backed Assets
The core tokens of Peerplays are integrated into a fee-sharing program called Fee Backed Assets or “FBA”. This means the blockchain automatically distributes a percentage of the fees from every jackpot for every game on the entire network to the holders of Peerplays core tokens.

Digital Asset Exchange
You can create your own tokens, buy and sell gateway tokens for popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, wager with price-stable SmartCoins from the BitShares platform from a growing number of reputable gateway services. You also have the opportunity to provide your own profitable gateway services for in-game assets from all your favorite RPGs.

Stakeholder Voting
Peerplays leverages the power of stakeholder voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way. All network parameters, from fee schedules to block intervals and transaction sizes, can be fine tuned by elected delegates chosen by you and fellow stakeholders.

Blockchain Guaranteed Referral Program
The Peerplays blockchain automatically pays you a percentage of the revenue earned by each new account you refer for the lifetime of that account. This means you earn “kickbacks” from everyone you refer. Gaming partners can earn even more by getting all their users to sign up for a Peerplays account.

The Peerplays blockchain can sponsor large tournament jackpots by allocating a small percentage of every network fee into a smart contract-secured virtual account called the Mega-Jackpot Fund. Mega-Jackpot tournament events are automatically scheduled, and then funds are unlocked by the smart contract and instantly transferred to the tournament winners.

PowerUp Points
You can earn PowerUp tokens every time you play in a Peerplays tournament. They are the player rewards points of the Peerplays network, and are distributed according to win-loss records and amounts wagered, among other factors. PowerUp is the only token accepted as the buy-in fee for Mega-Jackpot tournaments, so they will be in high demand during Mega-Jackpot sign up periods. They are tradeable on the digital asset exchange.

Gaming Partner Support
As a gaming partner, you can connect your server through the Peerplays API and take advantage of the decentralized network for processing wagers and jackpots. You can also customize tournament structures, fee schedules, and fund collection & distribution methods in order to maximize your profit potential. Whether you are a game publisher, advertiser, tournament host or vendor, if you plug into Peerplays you will gain shared access to the entire network of users while still enjoying the freedom of operating your own independent website.

Crowdfund Details

Escrow & Funds Manager Bunkerchain Labs Inc.

Contributions are accepted in Bitcoin (BTC) and bitUSD (BitShares) at as of May 6, 2016 at 15:00 UTC (10 am EST). (the crowdfund is now LIVE!)

A total of 1,000,000 tokens have been issued as User-Issued Assets (UIA) on the BitShares blockchain (symbol: “PEERPLAYS”), and will be distributed according to the following schedule:

200,000 - Initial 2 tier crowdfund
500,000 - Auction style crowdfund, 1 month before the launch of Peerplays blockchain (TBD)
300,000 - Bounties, rewards, ongoing development & contributors

BunkerChain Labs inc. will be accepting contributions for the remaining development of the Peerplays blockchain, and distributing 200,000 TOKENS in 2 tiers.

The first distribution began on May 6, and will end after all tokens for Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been distributed.

Phase 1: 100,000 tokens - @ $2.00 contribution/each
Phase 2: 100,000 tokens @ $3.00 contribution/each

The funds collected from the crowdfund will be used for continuing development, advertising, promotional, administrative and legal consulting fees. Development includes completion and delivery of the on-chain Tournament Management Platform, the on-chain wagering system, the automatic profit sharing distribution system, and the world’s first games built directly onto the blockchain itself.

After the Peerplays platform has been launched on a public test net for a period of open beta, Bunkerchain Labs will be conducting a 2nd fundraiser consisting of an “auction style” fundraising drive, during which the remaining 500,000 tokens will be distributed. This second crowdfund and distribution will begin approximately 1 month prior to the launch of the Peerplays blockchain.

For more information regarding allocations and milestones visit: Peerplays Milestones & Allocations

The Peerplays Team

At Peerplays, we believe that running a successful project requires more than just a talented group of coders - which is why our team is comprised of experienced business operators, gaming industry insiders, marketing professionals, content specialists, and of course our very own rockstar coders.

Jonathan Baha’i
Blockchain Solutions Consultant

Jonathan Baha’i is an entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience in the high performance server hosting and telecommunications industry, and is the founder and President of BunkerChain Labs inc.

From as early as 1997, he has worked independently to bring innovation and vision to all his ventures. This has included the establishment a regional ISP, and founding Hiccup Data Solutions, a SMB remote backup data protection service provider. In 2003 he worked to bring wireless mesh network infrastructure to western Africa. In 2006, he founded Serverbalance Data Solutions, an early pioneer and active contributing developer of Xen virtualization.

In 2012, he acquired a Nuclear Bunker data center in Nova Scotia, Canada, and founded Data Security Node Inc. For the past four years, he has been dedicated to developing the nuclear hardened data center and building blockchain-based solutions for businesses and private enterprises.

Daniel Notestein
Blockchain Development Consultant

Daniel L. Notestein is president of SynaptiCAD Sales Inc., where he is the chief architect for SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro, VeriLogger Pro, and TestBencher Pro products. Notestein entered the electrical engineering program of Virginia Tech at the age of 16 and graduated in four years with a BS degree in electrical engineering and minors in computer science and math. Notestein also received an MS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington while working full time as a digital design engineer at Texas Instruments.

Notestein's industry experience includes 27 years of hardware and software development. At Texas Instruments he worked as both a software design engineer and a hardware design engineer. His software experience there includes the development of CommNet, a distributed database and telecommunications system used by the USAF. CommNet contains over 18,000 lines of source code and was designed and coded in an eight month period. His hardware experience there includes board and system level simulation of embedded processor radar systems and board and IC level testing. Notestein also worked at Burr Brown Corporation, where he was project leader for the design of a custom VXI-based test system for high-performance analog ICs. In addition to his system level work, Notestein was also responsible for designing several high-speed data acquisition and control boards that operated in the system.

In November 1991, Notestein began development of TDP together with his business partner, Donna Mitchell. He left Burr Brown in 1992 to work full time on software development at SynaptiCAD.

Dr. Fabian Schuh
Advisor and Developer

Fabian is an entrepreneur and fervent blockchain advocate who came in contact with crypto currencies in early 2011 and was fascinated by their autonomous nature and implications for value transfer. As an alumni of FAU Erlangen (Germany), where he earned his Doctorate in engineering, he worked on communications and information theory. As an enthusiast of blockchain-based technologies and autonomous systems, he became excited about the concept of Distributed Autonomous Companies (DACs) and joined the team around Daniel Larimer and the BitShares DAC where he shares his passion about the technological possibilities of the blockchain, smart contracts in financial services, trustless voting, and public trading.

Michael P. Maloney
Communications Specialist

Michael is a written and audio communications specialist with a penchant for DAC design. He studied applied psychology at the University of Denver in 1999, and worked for 12 years as a structural architect and freelance editor. In 2013, he discovered BitShares and became passionate about blockchain technology and its many exciting potentials. He now applies his skills towards fostering a greater awareness of the movement by working as a writer and content editor for various blockchain-based initiatives.

Peerplays is being lead by BunkerChain Labs Inc. from inside our 64,000 sq. ft. cold war era nuclear bunker in Debert, Nova Scotia. Acquired in 2012, the bunker is now dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-based technologies.

Jonathan and Michael will be available for a live Q & A session on Friday morning at 10am Eastern during the weekly BitShares community hangout which takes place on a Mumble server hosted by Justin Fondriest. Information on how to participate in the hangout can be found at

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will be updating the Peerplays website with much more information as we launch the crowdfund. We have a very limited amount of tokens available for this fundraiser, so please visit the site and enter your email address so we can send you a reminder on Friday morning when the sale goes live.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this project, and those who will be supporting us going forward. We are happy to be able to extend this crowdfund opportunity to the bitcointalk community and we are looking forward to moving into this next phase of development together.

- The Peerplays Team

*** Major Update ***

Added May 13, 2016

*** FAQ Update ***

Added May 18, 2016

Now you can also get updates at

*** Major Update ***

Added June 13, 2016

Important Updates

Added December 02, 2016


Added December 09, 2016





Added January 13, 2017





Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

Added February 16, 2017

US$4 Million Bet on Peerplays Blockchain, Before Crowdsale



Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

Added February 21, 2017

The Peerplays Bulletin

The following document contains many important details about Peerplays, including an outline of the Primary Crowdfund, the finalized token allocations, sneak previews of our development plans, an analysis of the industry, and an overview of the PBSA.



Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

Added February 27, 2017

Official Peerplays Telegram Group Opened

If you are a user of Telegram it is now easier to chat about Peerplays at our official Telegram group.

Simply go to and join and share with friends!

We also offer our Rocketchat at

Added March 08, 2017

Peerplays In The News

Added March 27, 2017

Introducing Our First PeerPlays Crowdfund Contest!

Want to win $500 in Bitcoin?

To Enter, create an original piece promoting any aspect of PeerPlays and upload your content to Steemit. Share your graphic, opinion piece, or other original creation (original Steemit link) to your Facebook & Twitter accounts!

The winner will be determined by the total resteems on Steemit, the $ amount on Steemit (get the whales singing!), total likes and shares on Facebook, and total likes and retweets on Twitter. The winner will receive $500 in Bitcoin!

You must use the following hashtags on all platforms to ensure your likes and tweets are properly counted: #PeerPlays #Crowdfund and #Winning .

Your content will be pushed through our social media channels - so have some fun!

Contest starts Tuesday, March 28 2017 @ 10:00 UTC and runs for 72 hours - at the end of the 72 hours, the winner will be determined and announced on Friday during the Beyond Bitcoin Show!

Got what it takes to win the coin? Then get creating!


Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.


What do you mean what happens? 

The answer is.

Steem market cap is now larger than BitShares. 

Thats what happens.

Seriously, what are you getting at ??

Haha yeah  +5%

Actually the question shouldn't be if.. but when. I am almost certain it will pass it within the next few months if not sooner. Just look at all the other projects that are floating in the top 10.. it shouldn't be a surprise.

Yes... you don't want to miss this.  ;D

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