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Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Questions about Notes
« on: July 17, 2015, 05:16:16 pm »
Hi Ander!

Thanks for the questions, I will use those as a sort of FAQ about MUSE/Notes.

Unfortunately I don't have an answer to those questions yet. With Graphene's announcement, many things have changed - subscriptions and referrals for example.

BitShares 2.0's business model is more financial in nature and is a sort of a product that would undercut E-Trade and Questrade, etc.
We on the otherhand are based in music, royalties, tradable VIP passes, etc.

Our user base might be pre-teens and teens that want to trade around OneDirection tokens vs Bieber tokens. Not the type of thing a young kid would pay a blockchain subscription for.

For this reason we are still looking into how to implement Graphene and it's new features to MUSE. So no answers are possible yet!

Any suggestions from this incredibly smart community is welcome of course. We will factor in all feedback whether we implement it or not at Genesis.

Pulled this from the the rethink music report.

You can download the whole thing here


Damn nice find sir!
Have you read the entire 30 page report yet?
I've just downloaded it and will begin reading it shortly.

I'm confident we will release our working model first (using Graphene!) and ours will be an open system. I think The kobalt/berklee system will be centralized (even if they use a blockchain)
Nevertheless, this lit a fire under our asses (although I havent even read it yet!)
Thanks for that!

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Why is it so silent???
« on: July 17, 2015, 03:53:43 pm »
p.s never loads (firefox, javascript on)

Thanks for the feedback. It is being dealt with. And FYI a music attorney is drafting our Terms & Agreements which he will then pass off to our crypto attorney. This site is the first of it's kind so we can't merely copy others T&A!

Regarding infographics. Not yet, this is what we are working on right now - in parallel with a bzillion other things of course haha - the marketing. We are developing our brand to make it more palatable to the masses.
This means terminology, videos, infographics and a comprehensive FAQ to the landing pages.

I know everyone wants 100000 artist to jump on board NOW, but we need to make sure everything is ready, bug free, user friendly, robust, secured, etc. First impressions are important!

 “The reason I’m not doing it," Wallach says, "is because I don’t want to spend a decade on it.”

We are 18 months in and very close!

Good article. Thanks for sharing oco.

It really sums up what we heard at MIDEM quite nicely. The even mention the Kobalt Music Group. They are trying to be the one global rights database. Many have tried.... many have failed... many weren't P2P blockchains though.

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Why is it so silent???
« on: July 08, 2015, 04:07:17 pm »
That is correct.
We are using Graphene (:

Another update will come in July. But not the BIG one so don't get too exited! Just a basic "what we are up to" and "where we are at" type of update.

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Is it PeerTracks or Peertracks?
« on: June 30, 2015, 07:30:39 pm »
It is unfortunate that the guys at peertracks have close to zero presence in this forum :( @cob

When we launch our first version we won't be so secretive.

PeerTracks is the way we have been typing it.

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Rename to Muse
« on: June 25, 2015, 05:45:00 pm »
Guys feel free to through in ideas.
Less problems, more solutions  :D

So give tell me what you think a good Blockchain name is.

Tell me what you think a good unit name is.

I'm not saying we are changing it! Just open to genios ideas from a smart community that's all (:

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: BitShares Music and/or NOTE logo. Any ideas?
« on: June 16, 2015, 08:20:29 pm »
Anything in or out of this thread!

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: BitShares Music and/or NOTE logo. Any ideas?
« on: June 16, 2015, 08:02:55 pm »
What's your guys' top 5?

We need to pick one to represent the Note on exchanges!

Muse/SoundDAC / Road map
« on: June 16, 2015, 07:21:37 pm »
Hi everyone!

I updated the forums yesterday with a 30 000 foot view of the inner workings of PeerTracks. A few of you had time to read through it and even comment on it. Well, our legal team urged us to take it down, as it was “suicide at a time like this!”
After having been at MIDEM and getting our name out there, more then a couple of our competitors must be watching us very closely… especially their tech/innovation departments.

I thought I’d turn this into good news and get you guys a general road map for the few months to come! Legal team is fine with us disclosing our road map, just not details on the functionality of it all.

We are currently testing and will be launching a consumer-facing product very soon!

That’s right, despite all the hurdles we’ve face since early 2014, we finally have the finish line in sight.
Like everyone else in this space, Bitcoin’s drop in price hit us hard. BTC declined from the 400 levels to about where we sit today at the 230 levels accounting for about a 50% drop.
Then there were legal fees of course and plenty of consulting fees.
We also thought BitShares would be good enough for us to use this February… That delayed us quite a bit as well.

Luckily everything appears to be working out amazingly.
We hired Nikolai (Toast) a few months back and he has been a great help so far.
We have the PeerTracks CEO who’s always willing to throw in an infusion of capital if ever the need arises. Just like he did in Feb 2014 when he put in 50k from his own pocket! That’s how confident he is in the project. So rest assured that our finances can take us all the way to launch (:
And finally, more good news, Cryptonomex released Graphene with perfect timing and it appears to blow everything out there out of the water!
Issues just seem to work themselves out and we are much more robust and better off after every hurdle.

We also wanted to take this time to clear up any confusion regarding the scope of the project.  Hop on the time machine friends!
Before PeerTracks was even named, it was suggested that we get a consumer facing front-end built and use a simple fork of BitShares to plug into it. I fished out the thread and the exact post that kicked me into actually implementing the idea of doing something with BitShares and Music:

Ok... here's the deal, I want your site created and I want it to use my Radio DAC as the back-end. 

If you can find a team and start building the website I would fund the backend DAC.   This is actually a great proposal for a Shark Tank competition. 

You combine your website with the radio station / juke box and you will have a viral system that could give Pandora a run for its money.

Now the project has evolved (IMMENSELY!) since then; we are no longer simply forking BitShares but building a more music industry specific blockchain. Meaning there will be both a unique blockchain and a front-end website bringing it (and Notes!) value from launch.

So where does the music project stand now?

The blockchain that was originally referred to as BitShares Music is now called Muse.
The Muse blockchain will be released in stages.

Our private beta implementation is called Prelude. This is what the platform is connected to right now. It is invite-only to a small number of each type of user: artist, content manager, music listener, trader and advertiser.  We encourage any Note holders to submit bands or any performing artist for consideration.

Prelude is implemented as a dynamic contract system in Solidity, meaning it can run on any EVM blockchain. This approach allowed us to reach the prototype and testing phase much faster.
Notes are not on Prelude and the USDs are not actual BitUSDs, but merely crypto-tokens that represent crypto-USD for testing purposes. Also, Prelude is not scalable for millions of users.

Prelude is available NOW for developers only.

Muse will be the real deal. It will be built from the Graphene tool kit and so have all the features BitShares 2.0 will have; 100 000 transactions per second, scalable to millions of users, a web wallet from the get go and a solid market engine with it’s own USD smartcoin.
Notes are the underlying unit of the Muse blockchain. Muse is a system secured by delegated proof-of-stake, meaning there is a single global database state that is operated in a decentralized manner and is controlled by owners of Notes. Modifying the database consumes Notes, and so demand for Notes is tied to demand for being able to modify this database.

As far as timelines go, expect Muse to launch less than a month after BitShares 2.0
We will most likely be contracting Cryptonomex to make a few tweaks to Muse in order to take advantage of their expertise in Graphene.

During that time, we will have had 60 days of user testing on PeerTracks using Prelude. The basic front-end platform that is PeerTracks is essential to test out the blockchain and how non-crypto users interact with it. This basic version of PeerTracks is the springboard that will catapult Muse/Notes to the very top of It will also act as a use case for blockchains and be a model for other companies to plug into Muse.
At that point, Muse will be it’s own entity with it’s own delegates, witnesses and workers, totally in control of the Note holders.
PeerTracks wanting to stay competitive, will most likely seek funding through traditional methods and seek to be the most dominant music service on the planet.

It’s going to be a great summer!

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Where did Cob's PeerTracks post go???
« on: June 16, 2015, 01:59:01 pm »
Had to delete it yes!

Posting another one today.

Thanks for keeping yesterday's post to yourselves guy (:

Greetings everyone!
So the PeerTracks team is back from MIDEM, which took place in Cannes, France June 5th to 8th.
I had been invited to speak on the Digital Disruptors panel and so we decided to make the most out of it and sponsored the Billboard Breakfast honouring Doug Morris.
That decision really paid off!

The logo was everywhere and the entire team (including Taulant from BitSapphire, which acts as our external CTO) had access to all the side events, which are VIP and invite only. Meaning we where mingling with the heads of the music industry for a few days.

The first day we arrived and mostly stayed at our Pod since tons of people kept stopping by and asking for more information.

One of the reason we got so much traffic at our booth is because we had invested in a greeter. She ended up being worth every penny! She basically walked around the entire event speaking to attendees and letting them know there’s a new service out there that lets you retain 95%+ of your sales earnings, pays you instantly and automatically pays out all rights holders… directly (without going through middlemen).
That got people’s attention.

Once at our Pod, we got to explain the entire concept in further detail.  The artists really liked the token creation / P2P talent discovery part as well.

On the second day, we attended the invite only, Pepsi sponsored breakfast where L.A. Reid and Frank Cooper spoke.

Once again, the PeerTracks guys were among giants of the business! Eddie got to reunite with some old friends from his days in the music industry. Here he is with Seymour Stein (they one that signed Madonna)

That evening, we were invited to a (you guessed it) invite only VIP cocktail and diner that had a strict (dark suit) dress code. The reason for the dress code being the president of Armenia was there and gave a talk.
Here are Eddie and I with Serzh Sargsyan:

On the third morning, we headed down to the Billboard breakfast honouring Doug Morris that PeerTracks sponsored.

This was also an invite only breakfast and only the big players were in attendance.

Here's Eddie at the breakfast with L.A. Reid and Doug Morris.

Eddie got to speak about PeerTracks before introducing the man, Doug Morris, himself. More then a few people appeared to be wondering “What the hell is this PeerTracks I keep seeing everywhere!?!”

You couldn't miss it haha

Right after the breakfast I had to race back to the Palais des Festivals since I was speaking on the Digital Disruptors panel.

The talk went well, even though it focused a little bit too much on payment for my liking (:
You can watch the entire 50 minute talk here:

On the final evening, we went out. All MIDEM attendees got free entry to an Irish pub, which was great since the networking took on a whole other level… Guinness assisted networking.

(sorry for cutting you out Charles! Best pic I could use)
Very fun and very promising since everyone was much more relaxed, open and friendly. The “work hard” part was done, it was “play hard” time for all. And that attitude actually made work (networking) even better.

I personally did not sleep that night. I made my way back to the Airbnb apartment around 5:45 am and was picked up a 6am and driven to the airport for my 8 am flight.

Quite an event!

Muse/SoundDAC / Back from MIDEM (pre-announcements)
« on: June 10, 2015, 07:18:48 pm »
Hey everyone.

I just want to say to those that are anxious about updates that I am back in Québec and am wrapping my head around everything that happened during our long weekend at MIDEM.
I have a ton of stuff to follow up on!

I'm writing this to let you all know that I will be writing 2-3 updates.

1. will be more general and fun. Just a "what happened in Cannes" type of post.
2. Will be the whole PeerTracks model. From fan to artist to advertiser. Just explaining to you guys how the whole thing works and why we chose this route, the problems it solves, etc.
3. The blockchain side. Where it we are at now and what the road map is for the next few months. Long awaited no doubt... sorry for the understatement...

There will be a few days between each one of these. The blockchain one might take a wee bit longer since BitShares 2.0 popped up... let's just say it changes the game a little and we have to re-examine a few things before I post anything.

June = forum info leak haha

Thanks for your patience!

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: Movement Fest Flyer Drop re-cap
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:03:38 pm »
Great weather, interesting people, and a diversity of music. Doesn't get much better than that. Throw a little covert ops spy action in the mix and you've got yourself a time.

Festivals are an AMAZING place to promote. I think Peertracks would benefit immensely to be an official sponsor for some fests when the service is live.

And even if it turns out not to be a good place to promote... I still might check it out just to be 100 sure  :D

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