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From the @1ghcom twitter feed it mentioned some ISP maintenance around 3hrs ago, is that still ongoing? I'm getting a ton of connect failures with rigs running Yam. ??? The pts-1gh linux GPU client seems to be ok.

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 07, 2014, 10:07:57 pm »
I need to redo mine, assuming it ok to still change our public keys if we already sent them to you?
I believe I read that the last one submitted up to Feb 28th would be your final for the Gen Block.

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 07, 2014, 05:06:08 pm »
I will have Stan prepare a AGS balance for every founder.    But we need to make sure you are registered as a founder before we can give you that balance.   

Anyone not registered by February 28 will be unable to claim the founders balance in bitshares XT. 
Thanks! Yes, I have registered all three at

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 07, 2014, 04:59:34 pm »
A minor correction to bytemaster's post: the points shown beside the founder's ID is the points donated to get the Founder's ID (it's the dollar equivalent of the donation). The points bytemaster is talking about are "repute points" which are related to blockchain mining (which currently isn't enabled).
Ok but is there a way to determine how that equates to AGS? This is what I'm trying to do. I have a spreadsheet with all of my PTS to AGS holdings. I am trying to add any additional AGS positions I may have acquired through my three Founder ID's submitted prior to Dec, 24th. Is there a way to find that out? Thanks. (Sorry, maybe this is the wrong thread to ask...)

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 07, 2014, 03:54:24 pm »
Points are just the number of times you have renewed or solved a block.  They are non-transferrable.

Just curious then, how do we know about this AGS distribution listed below? I looked through a couple pages but could not find a description.

This is a copy of BitShares AGS ("angel shares") announcement by Invictus Innovations Inc, discussion can also be found:

Merry Christmas Keyhotee Founders!!
The first 10,000 AGS are set-aside proportionally for Keyhotee Founders.  Invictus Innovations shareholders are not eligible.  Donations to Keyhotee after Dec 24, 2013 at Midnight GMT don't count.

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 07, 2014, 07:05:27 am »
Alpha 3 release for Windows is available at I expect it will be at least a week before we put up another Windows alpha.

I've also updated the Keyhotee Founder ID registration server with names collected from web form (if you registered via the web form in last 12 hours, your registration might not be there). You can check if your Founder ID is correctly registered by running Keyhotee and verifying that "points" are displayed in the contact records for your Founder identity.
I downloaded and installed, created a few profiles for my various IDs with zero issues. I have a question about the points, long term are those going to be BTS or AGS?

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:32:56 am »
Planning to release Windows alpha 0.5.3 tomorrow night, barring any issues popping up. Next major feature to implement is database versioning, I want to get this in ASAP to give us more flexibility with regards to profile data structures.
Good to hear, look forward to playing with it. Thanks.

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 02, 2014, 05:34:24 am »

If I were you, I'd say "January 31st - Fixing Bugs today, dealing with a bad one in linux dependencies.  Looking like we're on schedule to have the latest version out in a week barring show-stopping bugs"

Thats it

Maybe you're thinking I mean "Blog post" - I do not.  I mean an update so when something goes awry we see it that day instead of at some arbitrary point in the future you decide to publicly talk about it.
Two sentences per day, I now have some idea what's happening and I know that the schedule has not changed.  It also fulfills what Bytemaster publicly committed to.
Ok, here's today's post: We're currently planning to release a blockchain version around Feb 28th. We'll also be releasing a Windows alpha 3 release soon and very probably an OSX release, pending positive feedback on the Linux 3 alpha release from yesterday.
I think this is a great start. I know that it's hard to provide daily updates in layman's terms with all the intricacy of programming, but I think that short updates like this will go a long way. I can see that you are trying to convey your progress in the most efficient method utilizing a tool that you are most likely in a good portion of your day. I can respect that thought process and using the status updates on GitHub, while does provide the most accurate metric for progress, it does not give the distilled down one or two sentences that I think many would like to see going forward. I know I like to receive the email alert that there is an update to this thread, and for many, that is the extent they are wanting to go to get an update. Digging around at another location and having to translate progress does not have much appeal for the non-programmer types. This is not a slight or jab at you directly or programmers, I'm just providing feedback, another point of view. I'm more of the IT Manager/Investor type so I can see both sides. I think you are doing a great job, appreciate the work you are doing, and very excited to see the final product when released.

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: February 01, 2014, 04:39:10 pm »
Thanks for the update. Another suggestion on build releases would be to have the most recent version/build/platform with the released date linked in the OP. It makes it much easier to find and not have to dig through pages or be sent to another site. Keep up the great work, this is very exciting stuff.

too many idiotts on the pool, no profit. :o
That's not how it works. We need as many miners as we can get to solve as many blocks as possible. The more miners, the better that chance, it's a proportional payout of the work performed. Sure your payout might be smaller, but you would be getting more of them.
the point is you can only mine here with a (more) profitable gpu in comparison to scrypt
HD6990 - it makes 2540 cpm here  / 940 kH/s with scrypt / o.k. here
R9 290X - it makes 1350 cpm here / 850 kH/s with scypt / not o.k. here

BUT with the fast open-cl-miner my R9 290X makes 2530 cpm - this is o.k., but only at the beeeeeer-pool
hope NaN will implement other pool-support

when you mine at a smaller pool the luck-factor becomes bigger in comparison to mining at a greater pool(s)

Yes, it would be great to have standardized mining software, sort of like the cgminer/bfgminer in the BTC world. With PTS the majority of the good mining software is closed source and that is worrisome, i.e. no peer review. On the other hand, there does seem to be free market options at play. You sort of pick your miner based of the pool you want to support and how much tax you want to pay. (Pool tax + mining software dev tax)

Statistically variance balances out over time, weeks/month vs. hours/days with proportional payouts. You can see proof of this from BTC pools with PPLNS luck graphs. It's human nature to want faster rewards so they flock to what is paying out what seems like more on a daily basis. Over all, IF things were equal, i.e. the same mining software usable on all pools, it should average out over time. It's just math.

What is frustrating is this nebulous factoring you have to keep track of by gathering the yield not only from your total CPM, what you should actually be making with all your hardware by doing math, but the taxes levied from the pool and their supported mining software. The question then becomes where do I want to point my mining farm at based on the best pool/mining software combination after determining all the variables.

Ah good times, the life of a miner...  ::) There is no set it and forget it, but that is why we do it right? Tinker and tweak every last drop of performance out of hardware for the greatest yield.

Yea! #46355, keep em coming.  ::)

too many idiotts on the pool, no profit. :o
That's not how it works. We need as many miners as we can get to solve as many blocks as possible. The more miners, the better that chance, it's a proportional payout of the work performed. Sure your payout might be smaller, but you would be getting more of them. 

Are there any pool issues? I seem to be getting a lot of Failure and Reconnect messages.
Everything looks good on our side. Is it with stratum miner or old getwork one?

Edit: one of XPT ports really had an unusually high rate of reconnects, but looks like it was only you: other connections to that port stayed alive. However, reconnects have stopped now.
It was happening on all the yam(cpu) rigs, but at multiple locations/networks too, not just one rig. I checked all the pts-miner(GPU) rigs and they seemed to be ok during that time.

All is good now. Thanks, more of a sanity check if anything.

Are there any pool issues? I seem to be getting a lot of Failure and Reconnect messages.

Is it possible to use Stratum with yam or is that just built into pts-miner.exe? I tried the listed Stratum ports on the main pool page, but it did not connect. Are we supposed to use the Stratum Proxy? (the one from slush) Thanks. Just trying to cut down on the bandwidth for both of us. ;)

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