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General Discussion / Re: Bittrex Dropping Massive Amount of Coins
« on: May 24, 2015, 11:58:21 pm »
LOL - There's actually a coin called "RiskCoin"

I would be happy to. That would be BTS (4 USD) sir :)

You're obviously not following the 'electronic song about a gorilla who is very happy because his friends remember to bring a cake and some balloons for him on his birthday' market, that's over 4x the current market price!

low volume - hard to judge  :)

General Discussion / Re: Need brainstorming ideas
« on: May 23, 2015, 06:08:50 pm »
Tough on fraudsters, swindlers, and crooks - since 2013

This is the most unique set of talents I have ever seen  ;D

EDIT: Talking reason into monkeys, you say? That actually might be useful around here....

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: PeerTracks is going to MIDEM!
« on: May 07, 2015, 09:39:06 pm »
Great news guys!

If you can translate a small text file for me from English into your language, please take a look:,15840.0.html
I just finished the first subtitles, on the first video today and will try to do one video per day.


General Discussion / Re: Oh the Irony...
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:02:31 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Current plans on delegate pay?
« on: April 26, 2015, 04:16:20 am »

I remember Bytemaster said in the hangout something that the people making transactions should be the ones paying for the service and not stakeholders. Ultimately this is right, but I do think that stakeholders have a certain buffer role. There are times where expenses are going to exceed income, and yet it is necessary to spend those funds. Currently we are in this situation. If we had to cover all delegate pay with TX fees, they would be so high that no one would use BTS anyway.

I may be alone with this opinion but I still think that efficient, sustainable funding through dilution is a great idea and gives us an advantage over all the other crypto projects out there. For now growth is far more important than some percent stake. And once BitShares reaches a substantial size, and tx fees get adjusted we might be able to become deflationary.

...If we will not be paid to offer these services by the blockchain, we will be forced to form alliances with entities that do not necessarily have transparency for everyday investors as a concern.  That means that even if bitshares does well in marketcap, you will likely see the old system, only 2.0  the only media you will get will be paid by big players who see little players as sheep to be sheered.  Just like Fox news and MSNBC. 

I also share the above concerns.

My feeling is that we should preserve the 100%  paid delegate option, while introducing the referral system.  Shareholders can decide long term whether there is a benefit to delegates providing development and marketing services.

More fine grained voting systems can be implemented as development resources allow.

I think it would be premature to abandon the self funding model at this stage.  In the future it may not be necessary, but at the moment even this 'miniscule' dilution is providing the ability to seed efforts across a wide range of developments.  So I advocate for a 'hybrid' model until we are grown up enough to survive and thrive in the wild.

I have similar sentiments. It is possible we might cause irreparable harm to our reputation as a community if we decide to "flip-flop" on an already controversial system after only allowing, what, 5 months trial run in the middle of a brutal bear market? Sure, holding elections for business proposals is far from a perfect solution, but are we so shortsighted as to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", as DataSecurityNode put it?

It is already clear that the outright removal of delegate dilution would harm and probably destroy a number of fledgling enterprises that have, trusting in the stability of the protocol, begun to utilize this feature to bring value to the ecosystem.

I have yet to see a sound mathematical argument that delegate dilution has caused any major or even significant drop in share price. The percentages just aren't there. What we DO have at this time, however imperfect, is a number of trusted delegates (and by extension, their business proposals) that HAVE been democratically elected into place by stakeholders. Removing this feature, and thus overturning these votes, should require a true majority approval at the very least, should it not?

I agree with Bitscape. If the referral program ends up being our silver bullet, then what is wrong with just allowing shareholders to decide afterwards (through their up or down votes) whether or not we continue to allow high % dilution delegates. Meanwhile, would it really be that horrible if these features existed side by side?

After Party:  Hangout and Debut announcement for Cryptoprometheus and something pretty amazing.  Looking forward to it.

Mis-communication. Not scheduled for today.

Meta / Re: Where's the help wanted section?
« on: April 21, 2015, 04:39:28 am »
Jonathan and I talked about this, and we have decided to modify our proposal to include classified jobs listings as part of phase 1, rather than phase 2 of

If you haven't seen the plan yet, check it out:,15832.0.html

A jobs board on the Bitsharestalk forum might be a good idea, and perhaps the option we provide could complement this.

Great initiative guys! Do you have an MVP in mind or do you plan to flesh it all out at once?

I have never heard of DPOS not being in the future of bitshares.. actually it has been the rock upon everything else has tethered. Can you elaborate on knowing something rest of us don't? Or was it just a 'could be' commentary?

It's just a 'could be' I think. But if it changes we can say DPOS stands for Distributed Point of Sale :)

Our MVP is outlined on page 11

 +5% Excellent

Stakeholder Proposals / [PR Delegate Update Thread]
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:49:18 am »
BitShares Public Relations: Delegate Proposal & White Paper
Delegate: delegate.dposhub-org

Michael P. Maloney

Jonathan Baha'i

For the past three months, while the core devs have been working diligently to enhance, reinforce, and solidify the BitShares software protocol, my business partner Jonathan and I have been busy identifying and mapping a specific group of public relations and social media tools that will help support and strengthen the bonds of human relationships, both personal and professional, that are perhaps equally as vital to the success of BitShares.

In the following pages, we outline a plan for addressing some of the key difficulties our community has faced in attempting to generate PR traction both within and outside of the cryptosphere. We have identified three separate categories as they relate to the gathering and processing of information...


Thank you for all your hard work!

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