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Technical Support / Re: CFScoin???
« on: March 29, 2016, 02:03:08 am »
This was a project that Rune and co. worked on last year or the year before. They got ripped off by bter I think and CFScoin are worthless. I sent them to someone else on the forum just to get them out of my wallet.

This was from the day of the BTS migration. He dumped BTS 1.0 on bter, who weren't honoring the migration yet and hadn't shut down BTS 1.0 deposits. He wasn't the only person who did it, just the only one dumb enough to mention it in a semi-public chat.


@fav , please move this to Random Discussion. BitShares is not mentioned substantively in the article. The post has no relevance on this board.

It is relevant because governance is one of the core VP of bitshares and that's the core of the Bitcoin crisis. I'm truly sorry that you are incapable of abstract thinking.

LOL. Couldn't resist being a dickhead with that last sentence. For all your brains you haven't learned how to control your massive ego, apparently.


merry christmas :D

i finally had time to pay the supporters of our signature campaign. Thanks for helping us.

In the future the payment will happen again monthly.

We had to change the payment rule, because the paying account is not a lifetime member, so 1 transaction costs 30 BTS. So the payment will only occur if you have 300 BTS to transfer.
The BTS who we are not transfering are going into the next periode and will be paid as soon as you reach the 300 BTS limit. Sorry for the change!

Thanks guys! Just got some BTS - hey, I'm willing to opt out of future payments for using the signature since I'm also holding some Metafees. I'm happy to advertise meta exchange and see Metafees grow. Happy Holidays!

General Discussion / Re: Against FBA
« on: December 24, 2015, 11:28:03 am »

I'm the only one that think this is bad idea? I mean, I very appreciate the BM try to find a funding solution for things but this is so bad for BTS that for the first time ever I have consider moving on of this project, In the past after search all crypto projects at the time I end up here thanks of our community and values, and I would argue that FBAs are against both.

1 - Community or comum unity, our community token is BTS, creating other tokens means divide the community, make us not one set of values and goals anymore, now BTS have someone name in the chain and are in debt with then. If our value is to create a fair system, the FBA makes no sense.

2 - What the problem with dilution? - I mean, even if (is a big IF) that means a little short term drop in the price, if you are like me and really believe in the project, whats the matter? You can even buy some more at discount.

3 - Promises - Each token is like a promise, we cannot go on forever making promises upon promises to people, I understand that CNX have now little stake on the project, but this is not excuse for trying to use the BTS for making profit like that, to be honest I think is even disrespectful to old holders like me that lost more then 80% waiting things get done, now that they are, because of lack of capacity to approve things democratically, try to compromise future revenue streams like that. This smells like FED.

As an old stakeholder that sincere belief on the values of this project I urge the community to vote against this type of thing, BTS 2.0 is here and is great, now is time to democratize things, if we need funds we dilute, straightforward if we make money we burn, as one community, one token, one set of values. If you no matter who want a feature, raise the necessary approval in BTS terms, Will be my pleasure vote for you.

Let's price things in BTS not USD here please.

I would like to candidate myself as a proxy voter too, if you agree, my bts is theredpill.

What particular values do you feel are not being fulfilled?

BitShares 2.0 is a superDAC platform for multiple profitable DACs designed to attract entrepreneurs with a profit motive.  This provides a magnet to bring more resources into the ecosystem.

The first DAC built on that platform was a decentralized exchange providing a set of backbone services and utilities for other businesses to build on.

Now we are into the phase of attracting more businesses - which will pay fees to use the platform's services making that platform more valuable.  The more businesses that "lock up" BitShares in their pipelines the fewer shares in circulation and the more valuable they become.  The more businesses that stimulate transactions the more fees and liquidity the platform earns.

Meanwhile, the STEALTH and Mutual Aid Society (MAS) functions start building up the capabilities we all crave for independence from The World System.

It the ultimate system, BitShares becomes an incorruptible alternative for much of that system.  But to do that, more businesses must be inside than outside the platform.

Ultimately, Fee Backed Assets are much more interesting to investors than User Issued Assets, so there are more reasons to get an account and trade here.

So we wind up with the functional equivalent of many interoperable blockchains.

Profitable, incorruptible, interoperable businesses with low barriers to entry and shared network effect all managed by its owners in a decentralized manner - just as the original vision in Bitcoin and the Three Laws of Robotics.

So, again, What particular values do you feel are not being fulfilled?

An actual user base?

Nanocard- doesn't work with CCEDK
Paypal- not integrated with CCEDK

Why do you continues to advertise things that don't exist?

Plus,  Whats with the hand drawing thing?  You can tell it's not drawing any of the images.

This is a usecase meant to be used, well, as a use case all year long as well as the year after.

You are allowed to  have your own opinion on what is happening on CCEDK, and I will keep saying what I believe is going to happen.

A use case is not meant to be exact here and now, but able to build momentum and create interest for the future.

You realize that when someone watches this, they will assume what you are promoting is already possible right? A use case is 100% meant to be: "This is what I want to do, can you do it?" If the answer is anything other than "Yes, we can do it right now" you should make that clear, otherwise people will think you are full of shit.

So apparently if you trade on Cryptsy, as of recently, you can't expect to withdrawal your wealth.

Poloniex, the second contender to Cryptsy is all about KYC and official status. I have no idea how they are fairing during this Cryptsy outage.

Here is where BTS and decentralized trading matters......

I have a huge holding in a major altcoin that I'd like to convert, but shapeshift and similar projects don't offer a conversion.

Since Cryptsy and Poloniex have basically been limited (and sold to the regulation devil)

..and BTC-E doesn't carry my alt-coin...

Are we stale mated here in the alt coin trading world?

Of course it had to happen. The owner of altcoin decentralized exchanges had to make a few million dollars before the industry was regulated, and they registered themselves as KYC to keep it going as long as they could.  However, they knew the moment they did that, it would create a problem for regular altcoin holders who just wanted to trade altcoins without all the red tape.

Then comes the flashlight in the dark.. people who have holdings in various coins, that need a decentralized exchange, with a decentralized network, to keep the system working that we've all known over the last 5 or 6 years.

Fantastic. I think I'm talking to the right community, maybe those that have been in it this long to offer meaningful suggestions, much like I would try to do..

However, why can't I trade my altcoin #1  for altcoin #2, and the people I'd like to trade with during this urgent moment, are not a participant in the BTS / decentralized exchange concept?

We have the medium, the technology, the concept, and idea. But during urgent times, we'd be trading with early adopters and early investors of Inviticus instead of attracting other people "today" and altcoins "created today"...

If you've read this far, then PLEASE REPLY. Say something. You should be as concerned as much as I am about the changing landscape. You get what I'm saying (Cryptsy Dead. Poloniex Dead, BTC-E kind of dead, and MT-Gox dead... we're running out of centralized exchanges, but the exchange 2.0 that should survive without centralized exchanges is half-dead and not adopted yet. so now what?

Should we all wait 6 months for something right to surface?

Or should we really be concerned that if you have a couple hundred dollars of an alt-coin to sell / convert, you are basically dead in the water like a leaky ship simply because all the major exchanges are F*'d?

As of right now Poloniex is alive and well with around 3000 BTC worth of altcoins traded in the last 24 hours. Crypto community obviously not that concerned with their efforts towards compliance. They also just released a really useful mobile version of their site. Until they get hacked good luck getting people to move away from it.

Here you go:

I would say this council knows more than everyone on this forum combined in regards to this topic. Just read the information in the link and then attempt to govern yourself accordingly in the future.

Lets kill the drama monster while its still small.

End this thread.

This. I don't know what spams this forum more. Sharebot updates or Fuzzy's nonsense.

Meta / Re: [POLL] Tipbot Yes/No
« on: December 13, 2015, 12:58:13 am »

The sharebot project is stupid.

"Roads are stupid"  he says :D

"Passing tokens outside our ecosystem in a way that could become viral is stupid" he says :)

I guess you could look at Changetip's success as an indicator of how successful it could be...then add to that it is the fastest bot in the world because of bitshares.  I guess all that is "stupid" though eh phillyguy?

Welcome to the BitShares Forum - a place for could be, would be and should be, plus a heavy dose of Fuzzy's undeserved ego. Fuzz - rub something in my face when you contribute something that actually gains some network effect. This forum is dying a slow death.

Meta / Re: [POLL] Tipbot Yes/No
« on: December 12, 2015, 08:55:35 pm »
The sharebot project is stupid.

Random Discussion / Re: (Poll) Does a Town Need Roads? Yes/No?
« on: December 12, 2015, 08:55:12 pm »
The sharebot project is stupid.

You guys have no idea about the hyper-dimensional optimization problem we are always juggling.

Don't you think we know when the limits of time and space prevent us from maximizing our performance along every axis?
Don't you think we hate having to make compromises along one axis to achieve a merely tolerable result along another?

Well those drifters days are past me now
I've got so much more to think about
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave in, what to leave out
Against the wind
I'm still runnin' against the wind
I'm older now but still running
Against the wind

Perfect execution means limiting the size of the problem you attack to the point where you can overwhelm it with available resources.  We believe that "a man's reach should exceed his grasp" and we will always byte off more than we can chew.  It's what we do.

So we will always be running against the wind.


We have an idea. It comes from experience in high tech startups and from watching others figure out how to manage their crypto projects. Everybody is trying to figure it out, some seem to have a better handle on it than others.

Mostly what I hear from you Stan is defensiveness, not openminedness or explanations for why suggestions can't or won't be considered or put into practice. Perhaps I'd have more sympathy for your plight if you provided a glimpse of the pros and cons you seem to be trapped by. Then perhaps a path out if the hyper-dimentional cognitive dissonance could be explored and plotted.

Since when has Stan ever answered questions? he's the noise guy. Lots of empty noise, obscure references to things to come, "just trust us" or "do it yourself", blah blah blah.


worthless sharebits fun tokens that I can pass around for shits and giggles.


I believe the fact that people have paid BTS for them makes them not exactly "worthless".

I could be wrong, unless you consider BTS worthless as well ... and if that's the case, then you're just wrong.

#sharebits "phillyguy" 1 FUCKYOU

LOL. Thanks for proving my point.


Has there ever been a share drop by an outside entity on the BTS community? Or just needless circle jerking?

by an outside entity?  as soon as they sharedrop they are no longer "outside entities"...

to name a few of these "outside entities":

As for target audiences...we have a GREAT one: Brownies.  in fact, while sharedropping on bts mostly means sharedropping on a few whales and centralized exchanges these days...brownies have been very solid target.  :)

*p.s. brownies was likely just the very beginning. I have BTS and brownie.pts. How can I claim what's already been share dropped?

Are you seriously mentioning Identabit!

Fuzzy - I appreciate your passion but come on man, try not to be so full of bullshit.

thank you for appreciating my passion, but to be honest it is not bullshit.  All of these chains have different teams working on them...though they also consult with bm and their team if/when needed.  Sharedropping is multifaceted...and is the beginning of the sharing economy.  You don't have to believe me today...but someday you will.   :)

Who said anything about believing you? I asked two questions and you provided a bunch of white noise instead of answers.

Has any group from another coin or project that was previously unrelated to BTS come to our community and said "we want your support, here's a sharedrop" and then it actually happened? Answer: No

Ok, So I have BTS and brownie.pts, how can I claim what's already been dropped? No answer from you, just garbage "if you don't believe me, someday you will"

Tuck Fehman atleast answered and said I can register my forum name and claim some worthless sharebits fun tokens that I can pass around for shits and giggles.

So, the point I was trying to get across with my original post is: Why are you starting a discussion about sharedropping fees when we can't even get anyone from another REAL crypto project to look at BTS and this community as an option?

Random Discussion / Re: Pseudo Motivation Monday
« on: December 04, 2015, 02:30:20 am »
Blah. I'll get excited when we have a product that people actually want to use.

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