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I just thought to start this thread for fun...

What do you think will be the highest market cap of BTS starting now until the snapshot is done as shown in coinmarketcap?

Place your bets. The winner will receive 2,000 BTS from me (others are invited to add some funds to that pot for the winner)

Last Bet will be accepted until 30 minutes after this week's Friday's Hangout!

My prediction $40 mil

General Discussion / Asley Madisson attack
« on: September 04, 2015, 12:19:25 pm »
I remember datasecurity wrote something similar about how BTS could prevent the hack and today I saw the below advertising Factom..
I don't know how I feel about this but it is a shame that our articles never get published..

Technical Support / web wallet access
« on: August 25, 2015, 05:54:52 pm »

I am trying to access my web wallet using another machine. If i put the password it says wrong password.If I press "recover " wallet using the recovery key it says afterwards to put a passowrd to create a wallet. Last time I did that I lost any access to my web wallet. I do not want to create a new web wallet. I just want to use my existing wallet in another machine. How do I do that?

General Discussion / BTS:bitusd wall
« on: August 13, 2015, 12:26:29 pm »
Can someone please explain since the peg is @ 210 why the expired shorts wall is at 230 and what this means? 

General Discussion / I want to buy BROWNIES.PTS
« on: August 08, 2015, 03:14:09 pm »
Here is the thing. I would like some Brownies.PTS but I can never participate in Friday's beyond.bitcoin (if I understand correctly you guys distribute Brownies depending on participation) hangouts since the time is not good for me.

I would like to buy some from the BTS exchange but for some reason BTS:BROWNIE.PTS pair seem to never work for me (the other pairs after a lot of patience I sometimes manage to work).

So other than the Brownies.PTS that BM sent me (for which many thanks) I have no access to get anymore if I want to..

To this effect:

If someone has spare Brownies.PTS and want to donate some please do @ BTS ID: mf-tzo  . I promise that I will never sell any donations. A gift is a gift.

If someones wants to trade some Brownie.PTS with me please pm me or post here your price. Ideally I would like 30,000 Brownies.PTS for 30,000 BTS. Brownies that I buy with my BTS I can not promise that I will not trade them in the future if they skyrocket in price..

Thanks :)

General Discussion / Bike Lounge in Athens Mall accepts biteur
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:32:19 pm »
I am happy to announce that Bike Lounge in Athens Mall is accepting bitcoin and for the members of this community accepts also biteur. Bike Lounge can deliver bicycles outside Greece as well.

Athens Mall is the biggest and most known Mall in Athens. Bike Lounge accepting bitcoin is a major step in attracting new people in this ecosystem. Whoever pays in bitcoin, I will make sure they know they have the option to pay with biteur.

It goes without saying that special offers will be made for members of this community  ;)

If anyone is interested please pm me and I will arrange accordingly you receive anything you need.

Emailtooaj has created a very nice flyer for the biteur (if you can please post it here)

OpenLedger / BitEuro withdrawal
« on: July 19, 2015, 06:55:30 pm »
I am really trying to bring some love to CCEDK exchange but you guys need to work out your withdrawals..BTS and bitassets withdrawals should be really fast..

I have been trying to withdraw bitusd twice and I had to email Ronny fot the withdrawal to be processed. By all means Ronny is amazing and very helpful and in both instances he has shorted out but I shouldn't have to even email and waste his time for such small withdrawals.

Now I am trying to withdraw bitEUR for the last 3 days and I get error message. I needed those biteuros to cover a short position and by now I think I may have been margin called. So please Ronny, have a look at this as well.

By all means I do not want to drive people away from CCEDK exchange. Ronny is very helpful and maybe most of this may not be his fault entirely but could you please look at your deposits/withdrawals speed and effectiveness to bring more users.

Thanks and please keep up the good work

General Discussion / Greek referendum
« on: July 05, 2015, 06:49:28 pm »
The Greeks have voted NO. Now it is not the time to sell your BTS!!
We need to ride BTC rally that is coming and not sell our BTS. People need to see what is BTS and why they are important..They need to see something else rising other than BTC and understand why it is rising.

General Discussion / Greek Marketing
« on: July 04, 2015, 05:05:57 pm »
With the current situation in Greece and the long queues in ATMs there is no better opportunity to advertise bitshares and bitassets. To this effect, thanks to "emailtooaj" who has created a very nice flyer I am starting the distribution of the flyer tonight.

The flyers' translation is as follows:

We do not need banks anymore to keep safe our money.
With bitshares we can be our own bank and save our money.
We can save with cryptography securely our cryptocoins such as biteur,bitusd,bitgold,bitsilver in a usd stick.
With bitshares and exchange we can withdraw unlimited funds from ATMs using a maestro travel card (nanocard)
Do you still hide your money under the mattress?

Visit the following pages:


I think this will bring a lot of new people in here. Greek people need bitassets now more than ever.
My financial situation is currently awful. I kept my BTS no matter what market cap and I am still holding no matter what. So tips to support this in BTS or bitassets are always welcome  :)

P.S.: Again many thanks to emailtooaj for creating the flyer within a very short notice. It would be great if someone can uploaded here so people can see it since I have no idea how to do this

Marketplace / Buy BTS-bitcoin
« on: July 02, 2015, 06:09:56 pm »
I am looking to buy some BTS or BTC. I can only transfer money via web banking within Greek Banks. If anyone is interested please pm me..
Please don't make ridiculous offers like in local bitcoins for +15% - 20% above market price. If I wanted to pay this margin I would just take the risk of a haircut by the


General Discussion / Missing opportunity for BTS
« on: June 28, 2015, 06:12:09 pm »
I know you guys are doing your best but I hope you realize the big opportunity BTS is about to miss with the whole Greek situation...Tomorrow Banks are closed and we have capital controls...Cyprus situation was nothing compared to what will follow..

I have been talking about this day for 1  year now..I was hopping that we would be ready for something like that by now but we are still far from ready...The GUI is not working at a time when it is most needable...People are asking me suddenly about bitcoin, I explain them about bitassets and then I have nothing that works to show them..That is sad...

Prepare your selves for huge bitcoin pumps!!Get ready for the thousands levels..BTS will be pumped as well but if we had stable user friendly clients by now we could have a chance to reach bitcoin market cap..This summer is going to get wild for crypto..

Technical Support / Do we expect a new client release
« on: June 28, 2015, 10:19:35 am »
Hi Guys,

The windows client is seriously unusable..I have been trying for at least 24 hours to synchronise, scan transactions history in 2 machines with no luck whatsoever..I just want to place an order since yesterday and I really can't...

I am very patient guy and don't get easily frustrated but seriously there is no absolutely way the average Jo will get bothered with BTS as its currently status...I know things will get much better with cryptonomex but by the time is released should we expect any 0.9.3 version to be released or not? I feel that I don't even own any BTS..I can't do anything with them.I can't trade, I can't vote, can't transfer them..nothing...

General Discussion / Bitassets trading
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:11:37 am »

I know that you know what I am about to say but still that is not good. If we don't change that then the whole bitshares project won't survive. We do not need to wait for Bitshares 2 to happen in order to change that..We can do that now as long as the bitassets holders put some limits in their greediness...I know that liquidity is an issue but still..

I think it is unacceptable to demand 10%-15% above the peg to sell your bitusds...I am all for trading within BTS exchange but seeing that just makes me want to transfer my BTS to an external exchange, convert to BTC and get normal USDs..And I do not want to go to any external exchange or get usd but rather prefer to stay in our internal exchange and get some bitusd and cover my position..

Demanding so much premium for bitusds just kills liquidity and drives people to trade in external exchanges..Just my 2bts anyway.. doesn't even make sense to ask so much premium for the bitusd since one can buy very cheap bitusd via CEEDK now..We shouldn't drive people from the internal exchange to external exchanges..It just doesn't make sense..

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