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General Discussion / Re: Everybody shoud give favdesu +5%
« on: June 07, 2015, 05:03:38 pm »
It is very obvious to me that the monitoring and moderation efforts of favdesu are long overdue and welcome.

Please give him your +5% and personally thank him for his efforts to help keep things organized around here!

Agree +1

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: NOTES are listed ar CMC
« on: June 03, 2015, 12:42:18 am »
That would be worse. This is not only the way it should have been done, but after fundraising for a separate blockchain and spending all the money, you're suggesting they don't even build it and we all should have been using the original BitShares blockchain all along!?
If whatever PEETRACKS is doing with blockchain was already possible with BitShares I would agree ... But I don't think it is ..
Also, IIRC and they are going to offer streaming in the MVP already .. then they will need to do alot of development at the frontend and server tech too .. The Peertracks business is NOT just a blockchain .. it's more than that .. and does cost money to develop and maintain .. independent of the ACTUAL blockchain

Disclaimer: I am not defending the secrecy around Peertracks and MUSIC .. I'd rather point out to you that Peertracks is not just a blockchain ..

I'm not saying Peertracks is not just a blockchain, I'm saying the opposite. Peertracks not a blockchain at all.

In the April update Cob said

The front end (the PeerTracks web app MVP) is complete and is being readied to plug into the music blockchain. A few pioneer artists will be able to create their profile and token as soon as the blockchain is completed!
The blockchain itself is being built as you read this. Most of it is complete and we are approaching testing phase.

Great the testing phase must surely be here by now since that was almost two months ago. The front-end is done (that's the bit that is privately owned by Peertracks) and the Blockchain is "being built as you read this". Well I guess since we're still reading this it's still being built.

When will it be released? "When it's done". Can we see evidence of progress? "No". Can we have detailed info on the process or the work? "No." What about some hint about the way the money has been spent? "No."

The consolation prize is that people can "sell their notes". Well guess what? I happen to actually care about the purpose of the project, the creation of an alternative system for music distribution and commerce.

I'm not saying they owe me this. I'm saying my personal assessment of their prospects is based on a demonstrated record of software releases and their response to questions like these (or lack thereof) - not to the number of PR events they report.

Perhaps some more of you should consider this method of assessment for this and all crypto projects. Or perhaps you're blinded by sunk cost fallacy.

The only reason I'm posting this is because I'm surprised there is so little evidence-based appraisal of the health of this project on a forum that is totally dominated by this project's claims in absence of proof.

+1 +1 +1  I totally agree. Somehow I'm still believing in this project and I'm still trusting this team for now....
Without revealing any of the secret sauce, they could still answer a lot of questions, I'm not saying that they should spend their time in this forum, but some of the question raised are important and easy to address, why they are not doing it hard to understand it is pretty sad ...... I will add one more question to the list : Is Eddie Corral still on the team ?

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: What artist token are you most excited for?
« on: April 15, 2015, 02:08:44 am »
I think NOTES can gain value as long as its deflationary and the shareholders can set the fees for purchases etc.  For example if we charged 5% per sale thats still way better than any other music platform.  That 5% fee then gets burned.
I'm not sure If I'm reading right, but they talk about buyback instead of  burning. So they may use the same mechanism as for the artiscoins. So basically the notes will be buy back automatically by the blockhain and  then burned. One think they are not talking about is how they will pay the delegates?  Are they using the same inflationary mechanism as Bitshare or not?  So not sure if will be a deflationary or a inflationary model. leaves more questions than answer....

Moving away from the NoteUSD collateral model is quite a positive development, in my opinion. Under a collateral model, there would have been no guarantee that people wouldn't just move their noteUSD into BitUSD for increased safety or liquidity. Under the new model, the value of the underlying blockchain units (i.e., notes or their successors) now derives from the usefulness of the service to its users. If the service is really valuable to artists, listeners, scouts, traders, etc, this will naturally lead to high transaction volumes and create substantial value for the underlying blockchain unit holders. More importantly, the blockchain unit holders have control rights and thus get to set a revenue or fee model that will lead to the best mix of growth and long-term value. In essence, the new transaction-based model keeps BitShares and the music/entertainment blockchain largely separate and allows each to focus on what it does best.

I agree not bothering with NoteUSD is much better. It would have been much more complicated to recreate the bitassets market all over again.

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: What artist token are you most excited for?
« on: April 13, 2015, 08:13:53 pm »
I'm in several bands/ music projects some of which are on indie labels and work directly with international PR firms.  I'm very interested to see where this is going.. if done correctly it could be huge.  IMO one big challenge will be for Peertracks to make it easy for people to purchase NOTES.. if they can do direct purchases using Paypal or credit card through Moonstone that would break the barrier to entry for the non-crypto crowd and it could take off in a big way.

Notes are mostly for investors  but I thing even more important are the music fans and they do not need to buy Notes at all, what they need it to buy artistcoin  most of them will not even know what notes are for. They just need to deposit money easily so basically they will buy bitUSD. I think this part it is essential to the success of the project. I'm not sure how this is gonna work, but  fans should be able to use Paypal or credit cards for deposit and withdrawing. If this will not happen  then Peertracks  will be another crypto project and only a few will ever hear about it.

To be honest I'm not sure how Notes will gain value now I read the but I'm not convinced. Notes will not be used as collateral for notesUSD  anymore which is fantastic for Bitshares but I'm not sure how good is this for the value of Notes. One thing is for sure if Peertrack is a success this will help the Bitshare a lot.

General Discussion / Re: Notes are liquid and tradable
« on: April 11, 2015, 05:55:52 pm »
I never imported my AGS/PTS keys . In order to claim my Notes can I import  my AGS/PTS keys directly in the upcoming Music blockchain wallet or should  import them first in the Bitshares wallet ?


DACx project , I've mentioned several weeks ago . Crowd funding project for American stocks or equity in start up firms in China or other places . 
Sadly it allows everyone in the world to participate in it except US citizen ...At least that's the restriction for American stock crowd funding project , don't know what the rule will be for equity crowd funding project yet .

Any news on this project. It was supposed to start in March if I'm not mistaken?

the wallet is not ready to push to the general public in expected timeframe , so they're building a centralized order processing site to mitigate , takes extra time .

Ok thanks for the update.


DACx project , I've mentioned several weeks ago . Crowd funding project for American stocks or equity in start up firms in China or other places . 
Sadly it allows everyone in the world to participate in it except US citizen ...At least that's the restriction for American stock crowd funding project , don't know what the rule will be for equity crowd funding project yet .

Any news on this project. It was supposed to start in March if I'm not mistaken?

General Discussion / Re: What's happening with the price?
« on: April 03, 2015, 06:09:33 pm »

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with BM posting more however the loss of value is primarily due to the introduction of inflation & subsequent loss of crypto-currency status.

Bitcoin is an inefficient company that is wasteful and which can’t fund it’s own development and marketing. It doesn’t have any products on its blockchain.  Yet this ‘company’ is worth $3.5 Billion. Why? It is a popular crypto-currency with unchangeable supply rules. That is the product, a popular form of money with supply rules that aren’t changeable by man can become extremely valuable as Gold and Silver have shown.

BitSharesX was a Bitcoin challenger. It’s incredibly difficult to usurp the market leader but BTSX was on track to do it. With no inflation, more effective decentralisation and an incredibly fast blockchain that might also disintermediate centralised payment processors like BitPay, BTSX was arguably the strongest Bitcoin challenger on the market & was correctly valued as such. In addition it had a team of highly talented developers, money in the bank and was also developing the potential killer app, BitAssets which would allow people to move freely between a wide range of assets in a way that would benefit and generate revenue for holders of BitSharesX. It was also already hugely popular in Asia & growing in size by every community metric. It was amazing. The market correctly valued it at 0.00093 BTC and rising. It’s hard to imagine that with that trajectory and all the subsequent development we’ve enjoyed including web and mobile wallets and now a direct PM gateway too that BTS would be valued any less than $250 million at this stage and given the BTC capitulation at the beginning of the year may even as far-fetched as it sounds been in a much stronger position than even that.

Then the market realised the largest shareholder, main developer and overall leader was very serious about introducing dilution to turn BTSX into a self-funding competitive company to maximise our ability to develop BitAssets & other blockchain based products and services. BitShares has since lost over 75% of it’s BTC & $ value. It is now viewed as a company and the market is evaluating the development, progress and adoption of BitAssets as the key valuation metric. Currently I would say BTS is valued fairly by the market for what it is now at the current stage. This unfortunately puts a lot of pressure on developers to constantly deliver.  It’s quite sad because BTSX as a crypto-currency was already largely developed and generating a bigger following every single month as opposed to our current constant state of value and community decline.

There are positive developments coming along and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a small reversal, potentially a bigger one if BitAssets can attract a niche market or create a popular product which uses BitAssets.

I see your points there, but there is no proof of what you are saying. NXT at one point had a market cap around 100 million there was not any major change since then and they are at 10 millions right now. No proof that  the inflation change created the decline. There are many factors that cause it, like  "pump and dump", btc price, poor marketing, not any major business deal, bad PR, bad wallet etc. I for one  thing that the self-funding model invented by Bitshares will be the used in every DAC in the future, I think it is absolutely genius. You forget also that if the market cap is big enough the dilution could practically disappear, in other word this could only be temporary on the startup phase of a DAC, the time where money are most need it and hard to come by. Even if Bitshare will not be the DAC that we all hoped it would be , they introduce so much innovation in the space that I'm pretty sure will stand the test of time. 

General Discussion / Re: Staff Meeting Notes - Monday, March 31, 2015
« on: April 01, 2015, 05:30:24 pm »
Thanks for the update. Notable absence  Toast ?!

Hello. I need help. My computer crashed (power failure, I think) and now my Bitshares client and wallet software is locked. It will not accept the correct password and open. I am, without doubt, using the correct password, which worked fine less than 24 hours ago. I wrote down the password when I installed the client software, 0.6.1, I believe.  I also made a wallet backup, a .json file, at the time of installation.

So could someone kindly walk me through the recovery process? Do I assume that the client has become corrupted and un-install the client and then re-install and import the wallet backup? Is this the recovery procedure, or do I need to do something else? As I said, I'm definitely using the correct password...its just no longer accepting it.

 I have a significant amount of Bitshares that I recently got back from Bter Exchange, now they are in limbo again....Please advise. Thanks very much for any help.

Until this bug is fixed you can work around this by installing 0.5.3 to import the backup, then upgrade it to 0.7.0. 

Yes I don't think I recommend this to anyone anymore either...Have asked a question 6 days ago and never got an answer
Can I exchange HLP for BTS or not yet?

Last time I played the system also accepted a bet when it shouldn't (bet twice on small). An error message was poping up but no funds were returned. Ofcourse the result was Big. Actually whatever I was betting I wasn't winning anything...And I mean anything...The results seemed manipulated..Statistically I should have won 1 bet. In the first days of launching beggining I seemed to be winning often and the last couple of days literally nothing...

It was a nice attempt though to create a fun, easy lotto game..

Not sure about the results don't think they are manipulated, this could be easy verifiable I guess. I was up 10000 BTS when they quietly change the betting limit, I stop playing shortly after this. I would definitely stay away for this site.

I see that you changed the amount of betting without announcing from 10000 BTS you just quietly change it for 1000 BTS. Also on the website is says :   "[Guess Size]:You can only bets Big or Small one times each period ,max bet amount is 1000BTS.If exceeded, the bet fails.".  The problem is the bet did not fail. You accept the bet and keep the difference. And you don't even bother to fix  this problem.
So unfortunately I will not recommend . Don't play on this site you could lose your money not because of the game but because the rules can change and in case of bugs don't expect things to be fixed.

Hope the Chinese community see this and not use this site.


Technical Support / Re: Bug 0.7.0 Unknow asset bug
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:09:07 pm »
you can check your details in the console (advances) using

.. do you see your funds there?

Thanks for your help. The funds are not there. It looks like the problem is on part. It looks like they well receive the transaction so my wallet did in fact send 1250 BTS(transaction id=2070105) to btsgame account so it is normal that the missing funds ae not in my wallet But still this does not explain the error showing in my client.

@kinglaw0577 Some problem I have with the Guess game :

1. I bet 1250 BTS, the draw was M it only returned 499.99 instead of 624.9
2. I bet 2000 BTS the draw was B( I won) it only return  1999.9 instend of 3999.9
I  lost a total of 2165 BTS

Here is the print screen :

Technical Support / Bug 0.7.0 Unknow asset bug
« on: March 19, 2015, 04:16:28 pm »
I lost a small amount of BTS on this one.What happened :   I send 1250 Bts to bitsharegame address but it only receive 1000 BTS and my 250$ are gone. I have this error in my client :

 ○ request@app.js:89963:33
 ○ transfer@app.js:91456:30
 ○ yesSend@app.js:84433:48
 ○ ok@app.js:82255:15
 ○ $parseFunctionCall@app.js:17784:36
 ○ callback@app.js:24930:21
 ○ $eval@app.js:19337:32
 ○ $apply@app.js:19361:32
 ○ app.js:24935:31
 ○ dispatch@app.js:3208:103
 ○ handle@app.js:2980:115
35008 unknown_asset_symbol: unknown asset symbol

    bitshares  chain_interface.cpp:245 bts::blockchain::chain_interface::to_ugly_asset

    bitshares  chain_interface.cpp:247 bts::blockchain::chain_interface::to_ugly_asset

    bitshares  common_api_client.cpp:3966 bts::rpc_stubs::common_api_client::wallet_transfer

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