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General Discussion / Re: Some questions
« on: October 21, 2019, 03:21:46 pm »

1.) They were disabled as any other worker around the blockchain. For the current Marketing efforts, discussions and active participants - please visit (use VPN or Opera and web.telegram to access it)

2.) Question is ridiculous towards workers. Workers are already working hard for bitshares by their work. Their wages are being paid AFTER THE WORK is done. For the Committee - they don't earn nothing to hold, and many of them are holding some BTS.

3.) Each worker is proposal from a certain team and has its own manager when it comes to worker. Community who is literal in English (globally accepted language for international communication and business) can read proposal and vote for it - based on what terms, offer and actual worker does.

Witnesses are slaves ever since i joined ecosystem, and based they have under 1,000.00 USD salary with costs just to be a witness between 700.00 USD and 1500.00 USD (Assuming they are doing all pro style), i don't know what you want them to hold .

Nobody should "obey" anyone, but everyone should come to agreement based on proposed/accepted/ignored mechanism that works on BitShares for very long time.

4.) Nobody is boss of BitShares but participant in ecosystem and consensus. Chinese community had most witnesses since inception, promising a lot of marketing and bridging between west&east but this is result of all of them obviously.

Chinese did invested and lost a lot of money, since general tradition is prone to gambling (just look EOSIO, i mean no fud).

Nobody deserve any power but vote and voice in ecosystem. If you want to dominate - i suggest you don't try that here, it will backfire on you in legal terms (promise).

They did very inefficient work, but they applied for very high rewards.In the information displayed on and,There is no specific detailed publicity and marketing plan, most of the content is to apply for funds, money and money!Even in this marketing team's plan, many publicity volunteers in the Chinese community were included, and the volunteers did not know. Was they borrowing funds in their name?This is why their Worker should not be passed.

Some Worker teams neither announced the development progress nor brought about substantial results, but they continually collected BTS from the pool of funds and then sold them in the market. Are these people getting BTS like this? 0 cost acquisition? Is this the way they hold it?

Witnesses are slaves?What a ridiculous and ridiculous view! There are also many witnesses in China. I have also discussed with many of them, and the benefits far exceed the expenditure!Those who feel that they are losing money because they are witnesses can take the initiative to say that they will no longer continue to be witnesses, and many others are waiting to be witnesses!

Please take away your prejudice and misunderstanding. Not all Chinese are gamblers, and you can't consider investing in BTS as gambling. Many people, especially the core team, witnesses and workers, do not need to spend money to get BTS, but the members of the Chinese community are not, they are investing with their own money. Please don't say this again in the future.

有人愿意帮他翻译这两份文档吗,他悬赏 7500 BTS。

I wish to request Chinese translation support for the following documents: (except the preface section, that's part of an old steem post)

2 BTS per word sound alright? So approx 7500 BTS in total for the above two documents?

Regarding the Norns whitepaper, it references deities from Norse mythology using Wikipedia references, it'd be great if relevant articles within online Chinese encyclopedias could be referenced in their place if possible?

I'm looking for price feed publishers for the Norns & hertz:;all

Anyone interested in the translation?
Any update on translation? I could just use google & bing translate instead, that's good enough right?
I want to try to translate, but it is indeed a relatively large translation project.It takes  more time and effort.


General Discussion / Some questions
« on: October 21, 2019, 09:21:26 am »
Where is the bitshares promotion and marketing team? Is it not there at all, or are they hidden so well that no one can find them?

Why do many Members of the BTS Committee   and core team members do not hold BTS or hold very few BTS? If they are not willing to hold the tokens of their own projects, how can the community members believe that they are just trying to get the wages of the workers and not working hard to make the BTS better?

 Members of the BTS Committee , core team members, witnesses, and worker sponsors, are these employees or managers of BTS projects? Should they better obey the wishes of the community, rather than obstructing reform and development of bitshares for private gains?

What is DPOS? Are community members and ticket holders the boss of bitshares? So, as the largest and largest community of Bitshares, should the Chinese community and Chinese community members who have invested a lot of energy, money, and time deserve the power and respect they deserve?

Who will answer or discuss these questions?

General Discussion / Re: Committee Fund Operation Review
« on: October 21, 2019, 08:58:30 am »
so that means we need another BSIP to set the threshold feed price for eternity, or it can be increased but not be lowered?

0.202 bitCNY/BTS is cheap even when the market price is 0.19, we can buy at 0.22bitCNY/BTS when market price go to 0.22 without pay additional price , but I think it's not hard to tell which price is better.

Man, I really feel compassion for you. You have become an addict to gambling and now you are trying to gamble with committee's account, under the exact same strategy that got your ass burned. It doesn't matter at this moment if your strategy works or not. You have lost any sense of ethics or truthfulness.

it is just like in 1971, President Nikson announced to give up the peg of USD on GOLD.

it is irrelevant to ethics or thuthufulness, it is relevant to the demand of economy.

if you are not able to understand, I do not have time to explain more at this moment.

Mr. Liu Jialing, If you want to take the funds, please create worker on your own name so you can take full responsibility for actions with those funds. Leave the committee owned funds out of the pitch.

This was a friendly(soft) suggestion.

Mr. Digital Lucifer,If you are still stubbornly considering the bitcrab proposal is wrong, then investigate the community members' choices, hundreds of Chinese community members support bitcrab, and hundreds of millions of votes. Please respect the community, respect the votes, and respect those who work tirelessly for the development of BTS.
This was a friendly(soft) suggestion.
Digital Lucifer先生,如果您仍然顽固地认为Bitcrab提案是错误的,请调查社区成员的选择,数百名中国社区成员还有数亿票的票仓支持bitcrab。 请尊重社区,尊重选票,并尊重为BTS的发展做出不懈努力的人们。




Hello everyone,

Here's the latest status update for the Decentralized conference worker.

As most of you know, the Decentralized worker has been voted out for almost the last month. This, combined with the bear market has severely limited the worker's funding and if things remain that way, its effectiveness will be very limited minimising the value we can gain from the actual sponsorship payment (which has already been committed for the most part). Essentially we're co-presenting a conference and will possibly end up with little to no actual presence there. This will smear our public image once again.

So I would like BTS holders and proxies to reconsider their voting.

In order to recap, I will mention once again that this is no mere sponsorship but BitShares along with the University of Nicosia are presenting/offering this conference (the largest business-oriented blockchain conference in Europe and one of the biggest in the world) as co-organisers.

The sponsorship (apart from the actual conference) will provide us with a wealth of marketable information such as:

- 1-year's membership in the IFF (more details here: + )
- Ability to pay University of Nicosia courses tuition fees in BTS/bitUSD/bitEUR
- Dr. Philip Brown's presentation of academic research into bitAssets (which has been accepted for the Academic Track of the conference)

The BitShares and University of Nicosia powered conference will also be sponsored by the government of Canada, Whizgrid, Eurobank, OByte, Consensys, , and many many others.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Adam Back (Blockstream CEO), Bill Barhydt (Abra CEO), Perianne Boring (Founder of Chamber of Digital Commerce), Ian Grigg (ex-R3 and EOS/, Dr. Garrick Hileman (Blockchain - Head of Research), Marta Piekarska (Head of Ecosystem - Hyperledger), Tone Vays + individuals from MakerDAO, Consensys, Grant Thornton, Eurobank, Corda/R3, IEEE,  Trezor, the European Commission, Parity, UNICEF, Accenture and many european universities and governments.

Expected attendance is >2000 and judging by last year, a large percentage of attendees are businesses looking to adopt and integrate blockchain technology as well as European public officials.

I will once again express my belief that this is an amazing opportunity for BitShares to regain some of the spotlight as an actively maintained and progressing platform ideal for business integrations and can be heavily marketed and promoted.

This is also the reason I believe we must have a strong business, technology and community presence there in order to gain the most value from the worker. Remember this is no ordinary sponsorship/attendance where a handful of people would be enough but to the public eye it is a conference CO-ORGANISED by BitShares and as such it needs representatives from the whole ecosystem.

Depending on funding, the tentative speakers representing BitShares and businesses building on BitShares are:

Ryan R. Fox (Core Team)
1000 cities/100 cities project (Guoan)

Please vote and ensure the sponsorship is a success and we can get the necessary people there to promote BitShares.

Thank you.


cn-vote airdrop is coming!Let community members make history!
clockworker,People like you who don't hold BTS are not worthy of community members' trust.

you said that you are only holding bts 40k BTS

中文(Chinese) / Re: cn-vote积分公告
« on: August 30, 2019, 07:30:33 am »

Stop swindling funds from the pool of funds and squander BTS resources.

cn-vote airdrop is coming!Let community members make history!
clockworker,People like you who don't hold BTS are not worthy of community members' trust.

中文(Chinese) / Re: Calling all BitShares-based businesses.
« on: August 28, 2019, 09:04:42 am »

作为去中心化会议(Decentralized Conference)合作伙伴关系(的一部分,我们在会议上获得了4位发言人和一个主讲人位置。


到目前为止,三位发言人是OpenLedger,Everprove和BitSpark,我希望第四位发言人将来自于中文社区 / 中国的社区。 我们将为发言人提供2人参加会议的航班和住宿,并提供20分钟的演讲时间,以及在比特股展位和会议资料中提供营销机会。



附: 如果有人能将上述内容翻译成中文,那就太棒了。

中文(Chinese) / Re: 一个基于GDEX.BTC抵押的智能货币?
« on: August 28, 2019, 08:59:33 am »

General Discussion / Re: Huge spending will lead to the collapse of BTS
« on: August 27, 2019, 09:44:07 am »
Beos for many great project budget voted, but without the largest contribution to the voting BTS + purse, Beos option is really in BTS, better, or in order to maximize their own interests? I can't understand, in fact, Beos are doing the very harmful for BTS community!

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