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Random Discussion / Re: Quote of the day! Have a good day!
« Last post by vlad2323 on Today at 03:49:08 am »

Have a good day!
Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks.
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中文(Chinese) / Re: 名言和格言 😊
« Last post by vlad2323 on Today at 03:46:47 am »

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] Bangzi
« Last post by iamredbar on November 23, 2020, 10:11:08 pm »
Sad to see you go.
Best of luck to you.
General Discussion / CRUDE.LVRG and it's potential for profit
« Last post by chigbolu on November 23, 2020, 01:50:12 pm »
CRUDE.LVRG is a leverage token, that derives it's value from the price change of Bitshares, due to Bitshares high volatility, the price change is calculated weekly and multiplied by 5, the resulting price is then reflected on the order books.
CLVRG is a new form of derivative market different from the options and margin market and carries much less risks than both, because collateral is not needed to open positions, only initial capital is required, to invest in CLVRG.
Profit is earned by the severe price flunctuations generated by the asset, wild swings up and down even at little percentage changes, is the perfect haven for cryptocurrency traders, who wish to make more profit.
It is worth noting that assets like this are already existing on other platforms, they include btcup, btcdown, ethup/down, wavesup/down, adaup/down, etc.... and they have been very successful.
CLVRG follows thesame principle as the other leverage asset, each LVRG token created = 5x its amount in bitshares, so when 1CLVRG is sold whether at profit/loss, it is equivalent to 5BTS being sold on the market.
General Discussion / 2020-11-23 Old bitCNY parameters adjustment
« Last post by abit on November 23, 2020, 08:05:48 am »
to improve market liquidity.

ICR (Initial collateral ratio) adjusted from 240% to 210%
Maximum supply adjusted from 20,000,000 bitCNY to 21,000,000 bitCNY

Current parameters:

ICR (Initial collateral ratio) 210%
MCR (Maintenance collateral ratio) 160%
MSSR (Maximum short-squeeze ratio) 105%
MCFR (Margin call fee rate) 3%
FSFP (Force settlement fee percent) 3%
FSO (Force settlement price offset) 2%
Force settlement delay 24 hour
Maximum force settlement volume per hour 0.5%
Price feed threshold 0.12 CNY/BTS (temporary)
Price feed producers list: in.abit only (temporary)
Minimum feeds 1 (temporary)

Borrowing is enabled. The maximum supply is limited to 21,000,000 bitCNY.
Force-settlement is disabled.
中文(Chinese) / 2020年11月23日 老bitCNY参数调整
« Last post by abit on November 23, 2020, 08:03:27 am »
参数调整原因: 促进合理抵押。

初始抵押率(抵押线) ICR 从 240% 调整为 210%
债务上限从 2000 万 bitCNY 调整为 2100 万 bitCNY

初始抵押率(抵押线) ICR 210%
维持抵押率(爆仓线) MCR 160%
最大轧空率(爆仓惩罚上限) MSSR 105%
爆仓费率 MCFR 3%
强清费率 FSFP 3%
强清价格偏移(强清补偿) FSO 2%
强清延时 24小时
每小时最大强清比例 0.5%
最低喂价 0.12 (暂行)
喂价人清单 in.abit (暂行)
最少有效喂价人数 1 (暂行)

借款功能目前开放,债务上限 2100 万 bitCNY
中文(Chinese) / Re: 名言和格言 😊
« Last post by vlad2323 on November 23, 2020, 03:54:14 am »

Random Discussion / Re: Quote of the day! Have a good day!
« Last post by vlad2323 on November 23, 2020, 03:51:23 am »

Have a good day!
Either you run the day or the day runs you.
Jim Rohn
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