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General Discussion / Re: New mechanism to handle bad debt (black swan)
« Last post by bench on Today at 02:40:32 pm »
The account with collateral under 1 gets a negative entry for BTS and will be balanced to 0, when price of BTS is high enough again?

Isolating the problem is the best way dealing with this problem, but we need to make the barrier as high as needed to not get a black swan.
This fits better in a different topic:
General Discussion / New mechanism to prevent bad debt (black swan)
« Last post by bench on Today at 02:21:30 pm »
In this topic I want to discuss different ideas to prevent bad debt.

One idea was to handle margin positions depending on the collateral ratio.

Creating three groups for different ratios:
- 1.75>x>1.5: normal call price
- 1.5>x>1.25: reduced call price
- 1.25>x>1.00: sell to highest call order and reduce liquidity

What do you think ?
I like the idea of not performing a global settlement if a very small amount is under-collateralized, maintaining the normal function of the bitasset, but it does feel like the individual debt holder in said position is getting off lightly given that they defaulted on their loan.

It'd be great if their account was partially nerfed until their under-collateralized position is bought off the market, like temp-disabling LTM (inflating their BTS DEX fees), perhaps disabling borrowing the same bitasset or even highlighting their account as a known "bad debt holder" within in the BTS DEX UI (similar to known-scammer account warnings)?

Do you not think that global settlement as it's currently implemented should trigger if a majority of a bitasset's supply have defaulted on their loans though? Or should the proposed mechanism operate for the full 100% of supply?



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