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Meta / Re: @Mods
« Last post by Customminer on October 20, 2018, 11:59:51 am »
On the topic of reporting/deleting spam, if these accounts are all inactive non-approved accounts from way back, perhaps accounts should be purged if they've never posted in over a year? Or perhaps if you've not logged in for a year you should need to confirm your email or something? These spammers are persistent  :(
Blockchain Solutions World is Over, Meet OpenLedger at Three Events Next Month

On October 16-18, the OpenLedger team took part in the Blockchain Solutions World. Numerous attendees from different countries arrived in Barcelona, Spain to join the event that focused on blockchain and the crypto economy.

World’s leading blockchain experts covered real-life use cases and voiced their opinions on the role of blockchain in different industry verticals: Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing and Supply Chains, and many more. Participants also attended engaging panel discussions, master sessions, and presentations, among other activities.

OpenLedger’s CEO, Ronny Boesing, presented his report “How Can Blockchain Help the UN Meet Their Global Goals by 2030”, and Yury Cherniawsky, VP of Business Development, spoke about OpenLedger’s DAO Space — blockchain at the core of business operations.

Thanks to the event organizers for great networking opportunities and very special thanks to everyone who came by to the OpenLedger booth to chat with us.

Mark Your Calendars
Next month OpenLedger is going to visit three other events:

* Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1-2 (Malta).
* Blockchain Life 2018 on November 7-8 (Saint Petersburg, Russia).
* Blockchain Expo North America on November 28-29 ( Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, USA).

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Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] 1.6.129 - zapata42-witness
« Last post by abit on October 20, 2018, 10:08:04 am »
@zapata42 USDT is now trading at around 0.991 USD. Data sources (direct trading pairs):

CoinMarketCap is reporting 0.9968 which seems a bit off.

Perhaps your script need to be updated.

It was already possible to configure the script to retrieve USDT price from Bittrex.
However, the Kraken source was not implemented, so I just added it.

As an example witnesses can add this configuration to the script in order to use Bittrex+Kraken sources for USDT:
Code: [Select]
        klass: Composite
        aggregation_type: 'weighted_mean'
                klass: Bittrex
                    - USDT
                    - USD
                klass: Kraken
                    - USDT
                    - ZUSD
                    ZUSD: USD

I have updated my script to use those sources.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that the PID formula implementation is also available if poeple want to practice with it.

I am also working on a tool to visualize witness pricefeeds over time:
(code is here) has some interesting data about USDT, perhaps we can use it or the way it calculates USDT price.
actually BSIP42 is already active on bitUSD, otherwise bitUSD would have a big premium as before.

BSIP42 is irrelevant to MCR adjusting, the new MCR-based solution should have its own BSIP.

yes we need metrics to evaluate the feed price, as a base I think we need a chart that involve feed price from all witnesses, median price, latest price and some other reference price, seems someone began working on this?

Who's working on it?
Zapata is working on this: (code is here)
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« Last post by Jeremygats on October 20, 2018, 05:54:42 am »
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中文(Chinese) / Re: 建议拿点奖励搞宣传
« Last post by Bangzi on October 20, 2018, 05:44:54 am »

发帖推广比特股记得用 cn 和 bitshares 两个TAGS!

General Discussion / Form miserly sldnfl no preparation
« Last post by Arnolddics on October 20, 2018, 05:25:30 am »
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中文(Chinese) / Re: 【讨论】坏账处理(黑天鹅)规则改进思路
« Last post by binggo on October 20, 2018, 05:11:25 am »





General Discussion / Re: suggestion on a bounty based marketing worker proposal
« Last post by bitcrab on October 20, 2018, 04:56:47 am »
Simply adding a smartcoin isn't that impressive a feat for a centralized exchange, I'd fully support these bounties for CEX which allow borrowing bitCNY using BTS from the CEX interface resulting in BTS returning from CEX to the BTS DEX whilst providing BTS buy pressure and bitCNY liquidity within the CEX. Alternatively, if these large exchanges are convinced to create a BTS DEX gateway or bridge, that'd be far more valuable than a single token being added to a CEX. Already covers this topic, no? "$50,000 worth of BTS in each case we convince an exchange (i.e. Kraken, bitstamp, coinbase, to list any asset (pair) that is primarily hosted on BitShares."

I don't think 'Bitfinex' should count, aren't they behind Tether & thus a direct competitor? If Tether collapses then won't Bitfinex too?

Binance doesn't charge for addition anymore, couldn't a community based application suffice?

it add much complex for CEXs to build a BTS DEX gateway or enable borrowing from BTS DEX, if some CEX are interested in this it can be handled in a single event.

bounty means "if you make something done, you will get the reward", so it doesn't matter if it is impossible for Bitfinex to adopt smartcoin, what happend recently to USDT hurt the reputation of Tether greatly, but I believe Bitfinex will continue be one of the most important CEX in this area.

the bounty is not for paying to CEX for listing, it is pay for the lobbyists that can make things happen, I believe CEXs like binance or huobi have some other concerns which are more important than charge: supply, pegging accuracy, remittence service..etc, the bounty is to hire salesperson actually.
中文(Chinese) / Re: 建议拿点奖励搞宣传
« Last post by zhouxiaobao on October 20, 2018, 04:55:27 am »
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