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中文(Chinese) / 喂价的本质是确定BTS的合理价格
« Last post by gghi on Today at 12:19:33 am »

      喂价应该回答BTS的价格是多少比较合理,喂价的高低实际上应该根据bitcny的需求确定。bitcny的需求决定了BTS的价格,而不是BTS 的价格决定BITCNY的需求。理顺了这个关系,那么问题就好办了,只要根据市场上bitcny的需求来确定喂价就行了。

中文(Chinese) / Re: 喂价的本质是确定BTS的合理价格
« Last post by gghi on Today at 12:18:14 am »

      喂价应该回答BTS的价格是多少比较合理,喂价的高低实际上应该根据bitcny的需求确定。bitcny的需求决定了BTS的价格,而不是BTS 的价格决定BITCNY的需求。理顺了这个关系,那么问题就好办了,只要根据市场上bitcny的需求来确定喂价就行了。


              I hope you can work hard for 1BITCNY=1cny.    and   work hard for  1bitusd=1usd
Stakeholder Proposals / Re: BSIP 40: Custom active permissions **discussion**
« Last post by Customminer on August 16, 2018, 05:08:16 pm »
I really like the idea of a price-feed only key, it would make running many price feed scripts on VPS far more secure!
Welcome on board!



I agree that the margin call as such is neither good nor bad. It is, however, an indication of a bad (read: dangerous) situation, i. e. short positions without sufficient collateral, which increases the likelyhood of a black swan.

The health of the system depends on shorters providing sufficient collateral. In bitCNY, shorters don't do that. They prefer being margin called. They even deliberately try to keep the collateral as low as possible, perhaps because only the least collateralized positions can profit from the 5% settlement offset.

IMO this is an indication of a very unhealthy situation. The settlement offset is an incentive for shorters to keep their collateral as low as possible, and the current MSSR isn't sufficient incentive for providing enough collateral. Your suggestion increases the likelyhood of a black swan, as you correctly pointed out above.

the "just 1.75" debt position is not relevant to 5% force settlement, as the latter seldom happen and are always in very little quantity.

they have their own logic, the logic is that "to be margin called as early as possible", this is one kind of policy of "stop loss", this logic does not always works well, some time they lose because of this.

anyway, they do not do harm to the system, actually they provide more liquidity. so just let them play like this if they like. in bitUSD market there is no such players, do you think bitUSD market more healthy than bitCNY market?

it's hard or impossible to tell what collateral is enough, when the market price is 1.05CNY do you think it enough to set the margin call price = 0.67?

maybe it's safe enough to set call price=0.2, but what sense does this make?

increasing MSSR really increase the likelihood of black swan, however at the same time it lower the shorting incentive, we need a balance here. for bitCNY thanks to the help of target CR and good market depth, I feel bitCNY has very very little chance to reach black swan even with MSSR = 1.05. I hope we can try this after sufficient discussion.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares Companion and Interactive Voting
« Last post by sschiessl on August 16, 2018, 03:40:16 pm »
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