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General Discussion / Re: accidentally sent 10000 BitCNY to death account
« Last post by armin on February 14, 2019, 06:16:38 pm »
It's impossible, consider the tokens destroyed. Any attempt at centralized theft of bitCNY destroys the credibility of bitCNY.

Yeah, it just adds additional risk to bitassets, which can deter people away from it

We are trying to get adoption of bitassets, instead of of spreading fear
General Discussion / Re: BTS volume on Binance...
« Last post by armin on February 14, 2019, 06:11:22 pm »
Interesting, keep us updated
General Discussion / microDEX <-> metaNODE <-> manualSIGNING
« Last post by litepresence on February 14, 2019, 05:29:58 pm »

I have set out to ensure UI buy/sell/cancel ALWAYS works when I push buttons and never have to think about which node to pick, slow connectivity, idiosyncrasies of graphene speak, or the bugs of "full featured software". 

Just on demand buy/sell/cancel.

Go to my github repo...


You get copy of each of these and plop in one folder

each script is about 50kb; 1500 lines; very small, quick/easy to read

all dependencies are `pip3 install` the stack does NOT require pybitshares

Code: [Select]
linux / python3


is statistically curated public api data
you run this in a separate terminal before launching microDEX

is your private authenticated ops api
microDEX imports the broker(order) method from manualSIGNING to sign transactions with a WIF key.  manualSIGNING is a purpose built fork of pybitshares for signing limit orders about 1/40th the size of the full package.

is your buy/sell/cancel user interface
built on tkinter, it communicates with metaNODE at nanosecond speed and places orders via manualSIGNING to the fastest nodes in the network.

it runs 24/7 maintaining 100ms response time on button clicks
all buy/sell/cancel ops occur in timed out parallel process to the UI process; nothing can get hung
extremely reactive, 99.99% uptime, never rogue or stale; statistically curated public api data
when new version is available microDEX will inform you at startup and allow in script update

I maintain a "heavily commented", "minimal dependencies", "minimal viable product", "pep8", and "procedural-style" script.

you can demo the platform without providing any acct details

there is also metaNODEwhitepaper and manualSIGNGwhitepaper in my repo

enjoy, pro bono

crypto long, moar coinz short!

-uncle lp


YES! this stack does take your wif key, and performs ECDSA. 
Scammers can use these methods to take all ur cryptoz!!!
You should NOT blindly trust ANYONE to write a GUI wallet for you. 
You should read ANY script with access to your funds before giving it your keys!
Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] Core Team 2019
« Last post by Customminer on February 14, 2019, 05:27:49 pm »
$125-$150 per hour for C++ developer?!?! seriously?!
An average wage is $42/hour. The highest is $96/hour.


You're looking at salaries, not contractor rates. I've known of people on $1000/day when contracting.

Your proposal is very inadequate. It needs to be revised.

It's now actively voted in, it doesn't need to be revised, technically.
General Discussion / Re: "Blockchain Activity" Google Assistant agent published!
« Last post by Customminer on February 14, 2019, 05:23:06 pm »
This looks very cool. I wish I had a device that it worked on. The list of supported currencies is great, hitting all the major ones.
Thanks, yeah it's available on quite a lot of devices, especially as the Google Assistant continues to support lower versions of Android. Moving onwards I'd like to support more languages so that the Blockchain Activity reports (and Bitshares) can get shown to more people around the world, not just those with English supporting phones.

If users use the bot then leave a honest review that'd also help the bot get more traction 👍
General Discussion / Re: Review of OMO
« Last post by Customminer on February 14, 2019, 05:20:28 pm »
How will this second OMO operation succeed where the last one failed? How do you plan on improving this time around?
General Discussion / Re: API Node Latency Map
« Last post by litepresence on February 14, 2019, 05:17:34 pm »
What does the large pulsating circle around geographical points indicate? Activity?

the bigger the circle the faster the response time to USA east coast
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