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General Discussion / Re: Discussion about new trading fee schedule
« on: October 30, 2015, 05:59:06 am »
one question, how is the fee for partially filled order?

Extracted from BM comments on

There is a potential attack vector of someone crafting orders that fill 99% and then canceling them to avoid the minimum fill order fee. This will require adding a field to the order that tracks whether or not it has been partially filled. A partially filled order does not qualify for a refund.

"partially filled order does not qualify for a refund", then another trouble will come, suppose an order is filled 1% and then is cancelled, then the user need to pay as the whole order is filled

General Discussion / Re: Discussion about new trading fee schedule
« on: October 30, 2015, 05:07:32 am »
one question, how is the fee for partially filled order?

as I know, yunbi is still doing the necessary program change and test.
in 1.0 withdraw from yunbi are free, but now they need to charge from user for the current transfer fee in 2.0 for BTS, BitCNY and BitUSD. and seems the needed change in program is not so easy as they initially expected.


步骤一:从Bitshares 2 创世文件创建bloom 过滤文件
4.在该文件夹中执行 python -i ./genesis.json --o bloom.dat

1.执行“git clone
2.新开个窗口,进入刚新建的仓库文件夹“cd graphene-ui/dl/”并安装依赖项"npm install"
3.把上步骤生成的bloom.dat 以及旧的钱包文件wallet.json拷贝到“graphene-ui/dl/programs”
4.执行“cat OLD_WALLET_NAME.json | node ./bloom_filter_wallet.js > NEW_WALLET_NAME.json”,用你实际的旧钱包文件名和要生成的新钱包文件名替换前后两个文件名。

以上步骤是针对LINUX环境,若是在windows环境下使用,则需将最后一步的“cat” 换成“type”。
无论LINUX还是WINDOWS,都需要事先安装好git, python 等工具。
我在ubuntu 15.04下使用未获成功,但在win7下成功了。

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Commitee: mindphlux
« on: October 28, 2015, 08:25:46 am »

on windows the point is the last step: how to execute the cat command on windows?


thanks, I failed under Ubuntu but succeeded under windows.

中文(Chinese) / Re: 至今未能成功导入BTS,求助~~~~~~ -5%
« on: October 26, 2015, 11:09:37 am »





Instructions are for *nix/OSX

...can this be done on Windows? I have some basic CLI-knowledge, but not much beyond simply copy/pasting commands.
I think so, its just a bit more work to get git, python and node installed, but apart from that there's nothing stopping this from working on windows.
on windows the point is the last step: how to execute the cat command on windows?

General Discussion / Re: Discussion about new trading fee schedule
« on: October 26, 2015, 01:42:02 am »

this is a game, the fact is not that you set a high fee rate then will get high revenues, as the basic users  can select trade here or not to trade here.
it will be better to keep the 10 BTS fee and make the trade volume high enough first.

Technical Support / Re: My Committe Slate
« on: October 24, 2015, 12:12:38 pm »
can I join the Committe? I think I am also a good representative for Chinese community. :)

Technical Support / Why the order is not fulfilled?
« on: October 24, 2015, 02:52:06 am »

Lets assume you are a trader on BitShares and plan on updating your order often, so become a lifetime member.  The cost to place an order is 2 BTS or $0.01.

20k BTS for lifetime member is also a cost. Why don't we think about a normal user who is not a lifetime member?

I have paid more than $100 in fees to BitStamp and am a "normal" user.  Paying a lifetime membership fee makes sense and is still cheaper than paying regular exchange fees.   If I were an active trader on BitStamp my regular fees would be an order of magnitude higher than a lifetime member.   So I think it is safe to assume that anyone who will trade so much that the fees matter it is worth it to become lifetime members.  Everyone else it is still cheaper at the full rate.

It is all psychological.

Probably 95% of users don't pay $100 a month for trading fee. They only pay 0.1~0.2% of their order when it filled.

We have a high level of capacity (100 TPW atm). We don't have to be parsimonious. Why don't we sell our network resources at a lower price (with lower trading fees)? IMHO, trading fee at the initial stage of ecosystem expansion, in which attracting new users is the most priority, should be as low as to prevent spammy transactions. In BTS 1.0 with 0.1 fee, there were no spamming attacks. So I would suggest 2.5 BTS trading fee for non-lifetime members (and 0.5 for lifetime members as like a default setting of BTS 1.0).

agree 0.5 BTS trading fee for lifetime member.

the method to get money from customers' pocket really matters.
a good method can make the customers pay much with happiness.
a bad method always make the customers feel unhappy, and always decide not to buy.

now Bitshares looks like a restaurant that few people sit inside and enjoy food, but the manager keep on shouting "go out, poor guys, don't sit here without buying food!"

yunbi is free, btc38 charges 0.1%, polo charges 0.2%, bitstamp may charge more.

but why more users trade BTS in polo and btc38, not yunbi? yes, liquidity.

now the liquidity in DEX is low, either high or low fees, few trading chance here.

so the point is "how to make the liquidity grow?"

the answer is to attract market maker.

market maker update orders frequently, robot trading is always used. so if placing orders cannot be free, it should be low enough, if market maker always need to calculate the fees before updating orders,  they would not like to trade.

or maybe there can be a "market maker" membership for high trade,  low transfer demand users, an account can pay say 1000 BTS monthly, and then enjoy the counter spamming fee for each order updating.

General Discussion / Re: Let's Lower Trading Fee
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:32:47 am »
The trading fe is about 5 US cents atm which NO trader cares about! Traders have 0.1 % upwards on the volume of their trades (roughly) on centralized exchanges. On the other side these fees can be a substantial income stream to fund development.

Do you pay the fee on centralised exchanges like BTC38/Polo even if your order isn't filled?
I haven't paid attention.

no fee if the order is not filled for centralized exchanges, definitely.

General Discussion / Re: Let's Lower Trading Fee
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:26:48 am »
Currently trading fee is 10 BTS for each order and 0 for cancellation. It is obviously lower than transfer fee, only 1/4 of it. However, I want to argue for lowering trading fee for several reasons.

First, we can attract more users from centralized exchanges. "Almost zero fee" can be a good catch phrase. Our most important product is the exchange platform and we need to advertise it. Luring new users with lower fees first, considering a profit then (Just curious, how many BTS are reduced from trading?)

Second, lowering trading fees can lead to much frequent orders. Unlike transfer, people are more likely to do order when the fee is low. That is, lowering trading

Third, most importantly, we need market makers. In the centralized exchanges, they place orders several thousands times a day or even more, because the exchanges do not charge for "unfilled" orders (but we do). 10 BTS per filled order is not that bad. But for every unfilled order is horrible.

Lowering trading fees can be a temporary option, like only 3 months. When we have enough user base, then we can calculate the real numbers.

to make the market maker feel comfortable is important, as for an exchange, good liquidity is more important than lower fee for attracting users, we can see many proof, yunbi is free, btc38 charge 0.1%, poloniex charge more, but how about their volume?
IMO, for common member the trade fee can be 5BTS, it's OK, but for lifetime membership, the trading fee should be as low as possible. if all the orders will be charged, it would be better to keep the trading fee 0.1BTS, no higher than 1BTS anyway.

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