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General Discussion / Re: Liquidity Mining(main thread)
« on: July 15, 2020, 05:55:16 pm »
BTS / EUR markets
--buys -------------------------reward(BTS)-
1.2.1599329                        3230.29202
1.2.17391                           102.91485
1.2.1061853                          17.54870
1.2.986139                            2.20817
1.2.764183                            0.39693
1.2.979913                            0.04407
------------                         --------
Traders: 6                         3353.40474

1.2.1599329 is  my account aaaa-bb, I used more than 27K bitEUR in mining, not only in BTS/bitEUR pair, but also in bitEUR/GDEX.USDT pair.
these 2 pairs are not in drastic competence so provide good ROI, I hope more people can join!

bitEUR is potential to become the widely used tool in BTS, it peg well but in low supply, it can be used for leverage trading and also borrowing, but need liquidity miners to provide more supply.

I will donate my mining income from BTS/bitEUR pair in the first 5 days to cn-fund2020 for BTS marketing:

中文(Chinese) / Re: 流动性挖矿
« on: July 15, 2020, 05:11:56 pm »
BTS / EUR markets
--buys -------------------------reward(BTS)-
1.2.1599329                        3230.29202
1.2.17391                           102.91485
1.2.1061853                          17.54870
1.2.986139                            2.20817
1.2.764183                            0.39693
1.2.979913                            0.04407
------------                         --------
Traders: 6                         3353.40474

我的账户,aaaa-aa, 一天挖3230,大约动用22000EUR,还得一直盯着。



中文(Chinese) / Re: 流动性挖矿
« on: July 14, 2020, 01:58:59 am »
从第一天的情况看,最大量的挖矿资金还是以bitCNY的形式集中在BTS/bitCNY交易对,感觉专业点的交易者可以去BTS/bitEUR, 以及USDT/bitEUR等交易对玩一玩,还是有很多机会的。



中文(Chinese) / Re: 流动性挖矿
« on: July 13, 2020, 03:12:21 pm »


中文(Chinese) / 流动性挖矿
« on: July 11, 2020, 03:39:53 pm »


活动的设计文档见这里,中文版本见这里: 下面做一个简单的介绍:



BTS / [gateways].BTC
BTS / [gateways].USDT
BTS / [gateways].ETH
BTS / [gateways].EOS


[gateways].BTC / bitAssets
[gateways].ETH / bitAssets
[gateways].EOS / bitAssets
[gateways].USDT / bitAssets

这里bitAssets包括 bitCNY, bitUSD, bitEUR 和 bitRUBLE.



## 审核过的网关资产和相应资产证明页面:##

另外,3 个交易对组买卖单奖励比不同,A组为7:3,B组为10:0,C组为5:5.

## 开始时间##
2020-07-12 00:00:00 UTC


General Discussion / Re: Liquidity Mining(main thread)
« on: July 11, 2020, 07:41:58 am »
in public chain code is law

1.14.200  BTS repurchase destruction proposal
567 million votes and voted in for months.

Start executing that law

You are a notorious cheater and nothing more.You used OMO fund to catch your own margin,you fucked the whole bitshares network with your BSIP42 and destroyed bitusd with no consent even promising to not touch bitusd only bitcny,you deny giving promise to bitassets back and made out of witness and committee a corrupt entity making everyone calling committee members scammers.
You destroyed with your cheats any reputation bitshares ever had.

The best result on your cheats and ignorance is GDEX.It has nearly 0 volume or participants.

There's always dogs shouting and biting in this world, hope they enjoy.

OK now let's discuss the "code is law" concept seriously, with the "1.14.200  BTS repurchase destruction proposal" as an example, to see what a governance structure the BTS code has built.

in current committee, the committee members that agree to execute 1.14.200 hold less than 50% voting power, not possible to execute it.

I am one of the committee members that is against 1.14.200, I respect the opinion of the stakeholders but I don't think a committee member is just a puppet to follow the stakeholders' opinion.

if stakeholders think the 1.14.200 is so important, please vote to replace the committee members to ensure it be executed.

so in the parameter management and committee-controlled funds management area, the execution of one proposal need not only enough voting power in poll voting, but also need enough consensus in the committee.

this is what the BTS code determine.

General Discussion / Re: Ordering Mining(main thread)
« on: July 10, 2020, 03:03:30 pm »
BAIP has a clear defenition anyone can read.
BAIP has no power over committee funds.Also MM contest is not a BAIP worker.

Your old manipulation habits are coming back.
Touching these funds will be with no consent and ilegal
Gateway assets same as MM contest have no relation to BAIP as BAIP is only about parameters for bitassets or informing about bitassets and NOTHING MORE.

MM Contest expacially with gateway assets included is a normal worker and nothing else.
Therefor this worker has never been approved as it doesn't fit the defention of BAIP based on consensus.

actually I am tired in replying these kind of words, perhaps this is the last time for me to reply.

in public chain code is law, specially in BTS which means stakeholders decide who are committee members and committee members do the defined governance  work with reference to the stakeholders' opinion.

here the "defined governance" include the management of system parameters and the committee controlled funds.
I have said several times, Committee is just like the Board of a company.

BAIP fit this case enough, and opposition faction are given enough time to get enough voting power.

the approved proposal include payment to development and daily operation:

I have informed public here:

and also msged to wechat committee groups here:

right, I haven't msged that to the so called telegram Bitshares Committee group, I don't know why I need to specially msg to a group which has a name of committee but about half of the members are not committee members.

General Discussion / Re: Ordering Mining(main thread)
« on: July 10, 2020, 02:03:09 am »
I think it's better to call it "liquidity mining" directly since the name is already well-known in the industry due to DeFi. E.G. .

great, then from now on let's rename it "liquidity mining", and let's keep on optimize it and consider the possibility to put it onchain while running it.


1.committee-trade has been updated for coming tasks.

2. finished the development and test of the necessary scripts:

expense settlement for the development will be done in 1 week with

3.the Ordering Mining will start at 12rd, July, 2020, UTC 00:00:00:

General Discussion / Re: Ordering Mining(main thread)
« on: July 09, 2020, 02:38:51 pm »
First BAIP has no threshold.Its being used for manipulation.
Second BAIP6 even when being legit have clearly stated it has no rights to committee funds.
You have no right to touch committee funds without getting it approved with a normal worker.

Every committee member who allows committee funds to be used in a manipulative way won't get my support and i'm sure will lose support of many other people.
It was made clear in BAIP6 that the threshold is a joke,being manipulated and that BAIP has no power to claim any funds but can only be used for changing parameters of bitassets.
MM needs funding which is totaly out of scope of a BAIP even when the BAIP threshold would be legit.

Current BAIP threshold is at 350 million votes.Something like that can't be taken serious.

It's nothing else as a indirect money transfer to bitcrab.
Bitcrab doesn't pay a single cent for that shit and receives 80% of the collected fee's.GDEX is currently even not the biggest gateway with most volume.
Bitassets are irrelevant since they are still under thresholds value.
So all spending will mainly go directly to GDEX.

Clearly a conflict of interest trying to selfbenefit from reserve pool / committee funds .

BAIP has by defenition NO POWER to claim any funds to be used only adjusting parameters for bitassets

If committee uses funds for BAIP6 it will also need to fund any other worker which is above BAIP threshold on that logic.

worker proposal fit the case that need automatically transfer funds from reserve pool to applicant's account, not the usage of committee managed funds.

committee has the power to manage  committee-controlled parameters and use committee managed funds, based on necessary voting.

and this Ordering Mining is open to all gateways.

General Discussion / Liquidity Mining(main thread)
« on: July 09, 2020, 08:55:23 am »
The Liquidity Mining is the updated version of the previous Market Making Contest(, the contest is not for traders to compete who can get the most profit by trading, but to compete who provide the most liquidity/market depth for the markets. The contest is to incentivize market makers, and consequently encourage the liquidity and trading volume of the DEX, in some previous discussion and documents it has been called "Ordering Mining", "Ordering Mining" and "Liquidity Mining" refer to the same thing here, finally "Liquidity Mining" is adopted as it has been widely used and accepted in this industry.

Details of the poll voting on this activity can be found here:

The detailed design of the activity can be found here:,  here is a simple introduction:

##Markets and Gateways##
The Liquidity Mining relevant Markets are divided into 3 pair groups:

Pair GroupA:
BTS / [gateways].BTC
BTS / [gateways].USDT
BTS / [gateways].ETH
BTS / [gateways].EOS

Pair GroupB:

Pair GroupC:
[gateways].BTC / bitAssets
[gateways].ETH / bitAssets
[gateways].EOS / bitAssets
[gateways].USDT / bitAssets

Here the bitAssets include bitCNY, bitUSD, bitEUR and bitRUBLE.

Gateways who have interests in participating in the contest please reply to this thread.
Every gateway needs to prove that its gateway assets are fully backed by real assets.

As RuDEX and XBTSX announced that they will not participate the Liquidity Mining at beginning, at this moment the qualified Gateways include only GDEX.

## qualified gateway asset(s) and corresponding audit page(s):##

##Rewards and Rules##
Each pair will get reward based on the contributed market fees to system.
Pairs in the same group will compete each other to share up to 20K BTS every day.
Market makers place orders onto the order book.
The bigger the orders and
the closer the orders to the opposite side of the order book and
the longer the orders lasting on the order book,
the more rewards the owner of the orders will earn.
detailed rules please check here:

## Start Date
2020-07-12 00:00:00 UTC
End date not yet decided.

The Committee will manage the operation of this activity.

The on-chain governance structure (written in code) is as simple as that, if a voter disagrees with a decision that a committee member made, the voter doesn't vote for the committee member and/or votes for other committee members.

Other rules are all not written in code.

If to make a BSIP to change rules, please focus on the in-code part but not the non-code part.

correct, in public chain code is law, if anyone are not satisfied with the code, please suggest BSIP to do code improvement.


中文(Chinese) / Re: BTS早晚会烂在国人手中
« on: June 23, 2020, 04:41:22 am »



You lost ten of millions of BTS from OMO fund and Spring fund and later lost it again because of your stupid BSIP42 making big part of community leave to uphold hard pegg at all costs because of what ?To get businesses ?

Now you destroyed all confidence in bitassets because of your inside deals corruption in committee and stupid idea again.
You claim to support legal and open a company in thailand (biggest stupidity i ever heard) so businesses will join bitshares.
You really think any business is going to join bitshares seeing the corruption you created in committee giving you power over their assets ?
You must be a fool thinking any business would be going to invest into an asset which is controlled by you 4 corrupt committee members.

You made the majority of community leave thinking your scammy behavior will never end.
Your gateway lost majority of it traders making a laughable 100-200k bts trading volume.

How much more are you going to destroy bitshares ?

Maybe till chinese see we will get kicked out sooner or later of a major exchange because of breaking US and EU regulations about security tokens which you guys keep ignoring.

You did nothing positive for bitshares in the past 18 months.All you do is based on greed and control freak destroying everything bitshares represented.

Where are your supporters left that they don't trade on GDEX anymore ?
You need to pay them so they will use GDEX or bitassets because you created something noone is willing to use otherwise anymore?

Does community from biki,xt or mcx which should grow bitshares based on your claim for which we paid a lot of money don't bring any volume and growth ?

Let me ask you something when people left bitassets (bitshares) because of depegg ,corruption in committee making bitassets high risk and broken governance,
what would be the first step to get them back ?

A dividend ?

MM contest ?

Btw did any of you chinese people visited bitshares telegram groups looking how they are doing ?
ALL of them are inactive nearly dead.
Bitshares had so many active groups which are all on silent mode now because noone is willing to participate activly in your garbage anymore.
That is the result of your great work and longterm ignorancy.

The only message you can read on chats and even on github also from many chinese people is "I don't care anymore"

What is the base principle of public blockchain? in my view it should be "code is law".

and in Bitshares scenario, the code lead to below rules:

1.Voters decide which witness node be active, which account be the committee member, which worker proposal be approved.
2.witnesses determine the block generation.
3.committee member technically manage businesses including fee schedule, bitAssets parameters and committee managed funds businesses. and is open to businesses like community organization, roadmap formulating etc.

If Voters find that any witness/committee member/worker proposal is evil/unacceptable, he/she can and can lobby others to withdraw the voting at any time.

For example,  technically the 6 committee members from China can divide/share the 5M+ BTS in committee-account to their own pockets, but I believe more than 99% of the BTS holders agree this is evil and it will not happen.

But the world is complex, it is not always so easy for community to reach consensus on whether one business is excellent or stupid or doing evil.
at this time we can only depend on voting.

take also BAIP6 as example, the current voting figure is as below:

1.14.260   Poll-BAIP6-Implement BTS-DEX economic model              485,752,952
1.14.236   BAIP-Threshold                                                              480,208,993
1.14.261   Poll-BAIP6-Do Not Implement BTS-DEX economic model    140,096,151

The FOR proposal is above BAIP Threshold and get much more voting power than the AGAINST proposal, why shouldn't we do it?

Someone said this proposal need to be treated as worker proposal, why? why we need worker proposal when there is no necessity to automatically draw funds from the reserve pool?

If this proposal is doing evil or unacceptable, why only 140M voting power is against it?

If committee get enough support to make this things done? why we need to make things more difficult?

Bitshares is special partly because the founding team left  and the community participate the governance at very early stage, regarding myself, in my view I have done something good but also something wrong/stupid, no need to talk more detail on this this time.

I understand that currently there's big gap between China and Western community, I think any committee member who value this role will pay more attention to where more voting power come from, definitely I hope Bitshares will always be globally welcome, and I am open to any topic, however I have no time or patience to reply on the insulting words.

If anyone think I am not a qualified committee member, please withdraw and lobby others to withdraw the voting on me, US people need to wait till Nov to withdraw Donald Trump but you can withdraw me at any time.

I know that we have several topics that need serious discussion, like legal issues, hope there will be good atmosphere for discussing that.


do not support this, it will hurt a big group one more time.
to optimize the system, firstly need to find a chance to lower the USD threshold to be equal to that of CNY.

Based on that comment we are going to hurt bitusd debt holders when lowering price feed of CNY.
Could you please explain how this would happen without touching the price feed of bitusd.

currently the USD/CNY market rate is about 7.06(maybe not exactly, but should be close).

at that rate, 0.22CNY=0.031USD.

the 2 threshold should be equal or as close as possible. but now  the USD threshold is 0.0345, as initially the 2 thresholds are set unequal due to some special concerns.

I said "lower the USD threshold", clearly said that it will definitely touch the price feed of bitUSD, the problem is to find a good chance to minimize the secondary hurting.

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